Behold The Ogress of Singapore

This video of a woman berating a cleaner has been going viral in Singapore, taped by Euphemia Lee:
Love her name, btw! 😀

Basically the video is this crazy woman screaming shrilly at a meek older man who is a cleaner at the food court. She was angry that he had cleared her food even though she didn’t want him to.

This was a recount from Euphemia Lee:

The cleaner misunderstood her grunting when he asked if he could clear her tray for affirmation. She abruptly exploded into cursing and violent upper body actions. She then told him that he should go and die and should not be given a coffin. She then continued eating until her husband returned, after which she insisted her husband drag the old man back to their table to APOLOGISE to her.

It was then that the manager of the cleaning company stepped in to explain that said old man was BOTH DEAF AND MUTE. In the video is what ensued… In a nutshell, her saying that old and disabled people should not be given employment nor forgiven for their mistakes. And that they should just be beggars and wait for the government to feed them.

Ahem. I don’t mean to sound mean or anything…

But honestly… When you look practically deformed outside, you shouldn’t be so ugly inside as well. Now you just seem like you have nothing going on for you – which probably explains why you’re so angsty!

The most beautiful smile will eventually look ugly when there’s an ugly heart. The scariest sneer becomes kind when there’s a kind heart. Simple theory, woman. You should try it some time. 😌

Honestly, watching the video Euphemia caught really got my blood boiling! 😡 How can such monsters still be alive?

Cannot tahan that my country has such idiotic wankers.

#1 She screamed, “I don’t want to understand! My food leh! I want him to apologise!”

HELLO, BITCH! Didn’t you see him bowing his head? He’s dumb, of course he cannot verbally apologise to your sorry fat arse. But he was clearly apologetic.

The very fact that you didn’t regard that as an apology, clearly states that you weren’t looking for an apology. You were just using the poor man as your own personal punching bag!!!

#2 She continued screamed, “If you’re deaf don’t work, go home and sleep. That’s for the Government to feed him. Go and be a beggar! I don’t care. He took my food!”

Well, if you’re so ugly and rude – don’t exist.

Go and be a swamp ogress! I don’t care. You made me angry!

😒 Sickening bucket of lard.

#3 She still continued screaming, “Are you telling me that he is old, he is deaf, he is dumb, I must give in? I must understand? Are you trying to tell me that?”

We’re saying that he’s obviously your elder – RESPECT THAT. Especially since you’re Asian.

We’re saying that he’s deaf and dumb – RESPECT THAT. Especially since you participate in charity events, at government-related charity events to boot. If you don’t respect yourself enough, at least respect the government’s image.

#4 Then she goes on to give lame excuses. “At that point, I didn’t even know he is deaf”. Then saying that she was unwell with a flu and the medication caused her to be unable to think straight.

Excuse me. My bullshit mentor is going off the roof!!!

You CURSED the poor man for just being deaf and dumb. Now you want to play the ignorant card?? Don’t you realise you just contradicted yourself? Seems like you’re sicker than with just a flu, my dear.

And I simply don’t understand.

If your medication was that strong to make you actually unable to think straight… (Although I very much doubt your initial ability to even think in the first place) Then how are you so full of life in the video? It’s just yet another contradiction.

#5 “I couldn’t tell if he was disabled as he was not wearing a tag.”

No, he didn’t have to wear a tag.

YOU should be the one wearing a tag saying, “Disabilities: Lack of compassion, humanity and possibly mental wellness.”

In some latest news, she said she’s thinking of making a police report about all the lashing she’s getting online. *roll eyes* Saying, “Singapore has laws.

HA! Please. It’s because Singapore has laws and those laws are enforced; that’s why people like you are still alive – walking the streets, making lives for the rest of us miserable. People like you are still alive because it’s illegal to kill. And I think for that, the law has done enough for you.

Ugh. And what’s this about she and her husband also terrorising property agents? This couple is just out destroying people trying to make a living!

Omg. Keep on seeing her annoying face on my feed. Excuse me while I barf.


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