KnocKnocK! Who Would’ve Thought Laundry Could Be So Easy!

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Let me show you this cool new app I have on my iPhone. It basically does my laundry.

KnocKnock Laundry App
My KnocKnocK app!

KnocKnocK is Singapore’s first on-demand laundry app!
You place the order, they come when you want them to, do your laundry and return it to you when you want them to.

It’s a friggin’ godsend for busy people like me! It’s AMAZINGGGG!!!

For a number of years I’ve been living independently and my biggest problem has been… laundry.

After work, I really have no energy, time or mood to do anything other than nua. During weekends, all I really want to do is nua also. Or there was once our washing machine was down… The backlog of laundry was insane!

actually had NO clean clothes to wear for the weekend. Legit. I actually walked around the house in my underwear just doing laundry that weekend. 😩

Imagine if I had KnocKnocK back then, life would’ve been so much easier!

Just by tapping on the KnocKnocK app, my laundry backlog would’ve been easily cleared!

And maybe it’s just me, but I like the whole personalised service everywhere I go.

With KnocKnocK, you get to create a personal profile that’s owned by just you.

KnocKnock Laundry App
Used my favourite pic taken in Otaru! πŸ™‚

Maybe I’m just being narcissistic, but I like seeing something like, “Hello, Geraldine!” Really beats something that goes, “Hello, customer!”

So even though you’re using a machine, it still feels personable somehow.

KnocKnocK is all about making it super simple for customers to get their laundry done. πŸ™‚

You, as the customer, really only have 4 steps to worry about.

Step One: Enter your pick-up address, date & time!


KnocKnocK has pick-ups/deliveries from 9AM till 9PM, at 2-hour slots.

Step Two: Choose the items you’d like KnocKnocK to clean for you!

I found the app to be extremely intuitive and what’s more, scroll down and see the very comprehensive range of items they can handle for you!
KnocKnock Laundry App KnocKnock Laundry App KnocKnock Laundry App KnocKnock Laundry App KnocKnock Laundry App KnocKnock Laundry App

Plus you’ll also find that they have quite competitive pricing as well! Check out their price list here.

Step Three: Do your payment!

The cool thing is, I wasn’t asked to pay when I placed my order… They asked me for payment after the inspected my item! So no paying for service that I’m not going to get. I only pay for it when they know they can deliver it.


Their payment system is super convenient as well, because you get to store your card details. Meaning after you’ve keyed in your details once, you don’t have to keep on pulling it out again.


And it’s even better that they have ultra secure payment systems as well! πŸ˜‰

Step Four: Get your stuff ready for collection

KnockKnock Laundry App

A super friendly and smiley gentleman showed up at my doorstep that morning, ready to do my laundry! What a beautiful world this is. πŸ˜„

Another thing you’ll love about KnocKnocK is that it always keeps you in the loop, without being too spammy! I got comfortably regular updates on how my laundry process is doing.

KnocKnock Laundry App KnocKnock Laundry App

And as if the updates weren’t enough to appease you, the app has a tracking process. So you can see immediately at which stage your laundry is at! It’s almost like real-time tracking. πŸ™‚

KnocKnock Laundry App

Here’s another thing about KnocKnocK – they listen to what customers need/want!

So while we cannot deny the convenient mobility of our cell phones; it cannot beat the view of a desktop screen. Now you can order your KnocKnocK on a desktop too!

Check out:

KnockKnock Laundry App

And for those of you point-collectors, you can earn LinkPoints on KnocKnocK too! πŸ™‚

KnockKnock Laundry App

KnocKnocK app is available for download on both the App Store and Google Play! 

This has all saved me an immense amount of time – especially with the winter coats Mark and I wore to Japan. The trip was about 3 months ago and we still didn’t bring our coats to the cleaner.

Why? Because we work long hours and bringing the coats to the cleaner is actually quite inconvenient. But KnocKnocK comes to my stated address and time to pick my bulky stuff up! And brings them right back. If you bring your laundry to the shop yourself, you have to take a million things into consideration. Packing them up into a sturdy bag… Getting a car/taxi to bring your bags to the shop… Then filling up all the endless forms! (Another thing I love is that the entire KnocKnocK process is paperless!)

And that’s only half the journey! You still have to go back again, to bring your clothes back again in a car/taxi! KnocKnocK takes away all that headache for you. ✌🏻

Imagine not having to work your hours around the opening hours of the cleaners – you have it your way with KnocKnock! Simply get the app and place your order anytime. πŸ˜‰

You can choose the “Normal” way, which gets your laundry done in 5 working days. Or “Express”, which is at a super speed of 2 working days!

No time to waste! The mountain of laundry isn’t going to do itself. Time to get someone to KnocKnocK!

And to sweeten the deal a little bit… Get S$5 off your first KnocKnocK! Enter code: WELCOME5 😁 (Limited to first 200 users)

KnockKnock Laundry App
Thank you, KnocKnocK!


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