Words to the Haters of the LGBT Community

Just recently Singapore celebrated Pink Dot, an event for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual) community. Which is actually quite a considerable feat but my little island!

And after the event, some friends shared how some ‘haters’ came and tried to discourage them from “being gay”.

Then there is a certain dude who said he wants “permission to open fire” on them

Then there was the shooting at a gay club in Orlando – resulting in a loss of 50 precious lives because one person couldn’t respect the free will of others.

Why are people being like this??? 😭😡

I better make it clear early in the post – I am pro LGBT. I’m straight and in love with an amazing man – but I believe that everyone has the choice to love whoever (or even ‘whatever’) they want.

So many of them keep on saying, “God created Adam and Eve! Not Adam and Steve!”

Sheesh. While God is at it, could He create a mute button on such wankers as well?

Alright then, since they want to put it that way… God also gave us freewill, did He not?

Then if God has granted freewill, they can do and therefore love whoever/whatever they choose – because they have freewill that God granted. Who the hell are you to dictate otherwise then?

Bloody contradictory. *roll eyes*

And to those who are expressing so much hate & anger over the LGBT community – I can only say this, I feel utterly sad for you that you’re so bitter and negative inside. Because while you’re going around showing your hate & anger, the LGBT community are celebrating their love & practicing patience with you.

Does this somehow scare and anger you even more? That the group of individuals you so clearly despise behave like better human beings than you do?

They’re not doing anything wrong.

Instead of fighting them and trying to bury them under your idea of a ‘clean world’ – realise that there are actual monsters out there. Monsters who are actually destroying the lives and inflicting fatal wounds onto other innocent people. Why are you hurting people because they love?

You want to protect our world from such unholiness? There’s an endless list of people that need protection from actual monsters – like child rape, domestic violence, foreign labour exploiters… Those are the ones who are really hurting our world. But you choose to kick a fuss over someone making a choice about his/her sexuality that doesn’t go in line with your expectations, biological organs and societal standards.

Very good. Very nice. Come, I clap for you.

It just seems like you advocate such crimes over the expression of free love. #justsaying

To all my LGBT peeps out there: Keep being strong and amazing! ❤ You possess such courage to love and I admire that. 😊 Don’t stop loving because of another’s hate; keep being you!


3 responses to “Words to the Haters of the LGBT Community”

  1. Slight niggle here: you’re operating under the assertion sexuality is a choice, when it is not.

    Otherwise your intentions are in the right place


    • Looking back at the context its seems pretty clear that the idea is people should be left to themselves to decide who they love in terms of who they fall in love with, rather than people themselves being able to choose their sexuality. Perhaps the most challenging choice is regarding whether or not to come out, a decision that will depend a lot on how supportive and loving one’s family and friends are, not to mention society in general.


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