Are You Gobbling More Calories in Subway than in McDonald’s?

On the conquest to eat healthier and hopefully shed some pounds, many of us choose to eat at Subway versus other fast food outlets like McDonald’s or KFC.

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BUT!!!! Did you know that sometimes you actually gobble up more calories at Subway than you would at McDonald’s

😱 *GASP!* Say whaaaat?? 😱

Y’see the thing about Subway is that – it gives you choices to make. And this often ends up with us unknowingly piling on the calories! Why am I suddenly caring about calorie intake, you ask? Well, I’m engaged now and need to get ready for a wedding. SO MUST DIET PROPERLY! NO MORE HALF-ASSING THIS SHIT. Muahaha.

Okay, so here are some SUPER IMPORTANT tips when trying to cut your calories at Subway.

#1 Choose Italian or Wheat Bread!

The Italian has a damage of 200kcal, while the Wheat goes at 210kcal.

And the wrap is a huge NO-NO. Believe it or not, the Subway wrap does a calorie damage of a whopping 310kcal!!!

Feel this need to somehow puke out all the wraps I’ve ever eaten at Subway.

#2 If You Can, Forgo the Cheese…

I know it isn’t easy… 😩 When I want to reward myself, I just agree to the cheese. Otherwise, it’ll be better without.

Basically in Singapore, they give us the sliced cheese – which goes for about 50 calories. Might not sound like a lot; but remember, the real culprit of making Subway fattening is bad choices!

#3 Don’t Get Fooled By “6 grams of fat or less” Label

If I may say – that’s hardly true. While they indeed are lower in fat, they’re crazy high in their sodium levels. And that “6 grams of fat or less” doesn’t include cheese.

Sneaky, sneaky!

#4 Pick The Right Filling

To be honest, most of the sandwiches have a substantial calorie amount – averaging about 350-400kcal.

If you really want to cut down, go for the Veggie Delite® which is the lowest at 230kcal.

The popular Cold Cut Trio does a 360kcal damage. I personally go for the Turkey Breast these days at 280kcal – tad higher than Veggie Delite®, but I get my protein! ✌🏻

The ones you really need to avoid are Spicy Italian, Meatball Marinara and Tuna (480kcal each). But the real killer is the Chicken Bacon Ranch at a whopping 610kcal.

Yikes! 😰 You’ll have to skip your next meal to make up for that calorie damage.

#5 Watch Your Sauce

Ah, the sauce is another huge killer! Dum-dum-dum-dummmmmm!!

Opt for Honey Mustard (60kcal) or Sweet Onion (80kcal)! Both quite flavourful without shocking your weighing scale too much.

I personally love the Red Wine Vinaigrette (30kcal), but somehow the sauce isn’t available at every outlet. 😔

You really want to stay away from Ranch (220kcal) and Chipotle Southwest (190kcal). I also found out that Oil & Vinegar, as healthy as it sounds… Is actually 190kcal too! 😱

#6 Vegetables are a MUST

Your fibre intake has got to be one of the most important things your body needs – don’t deprive it.

So this is a form of calorie-intake you cannot skip. Lets say you take all vegetables (cucumbers, green peppers, jalapeno, lettuce, onions, pickles, olives and tomatoes), you will take in about 102kcal.

#7 Skip The Extras

Meaning just a 6-inch sandwich. Get a bottle of water to bloat yourself, so you won’t get hungry too soon later on.

And absolutely NO COOKIES OR CHIPS! Each cookie is about 210kcal, while chips are about 200kcal as well. Soft drinks are always a diet-killer, everyone knows that. Drinking up all those calories just for a few sweet gulps that’ll get you thirsty soon… Just not worth it.

So this is how your calorie intake at Subway (the super healthy way) looks like –

Italian Bread (200kcal) + Veggie Delite® (230kcal) + Honey Mustard (60kcal) + Vegetables (102kcal) = 592kcal.

If you want to make it even healthier, take out the bread and you’ll get 392kcal. Significant difference!

If you want to be a tad nicer to your tastebuds… Add the cheese (50kcal).

Hope this was useful to you guys! 😁


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