The 4 Kinds Of Friends You’ll Keep When You’re Almost 30

Yes, it has finally come – I’m quite over the mid-twenties mark… 😩 So I’m weaning myself into accepting that I’m hitting a new decade-number – 30.

And while my mind is changing drastically, so is the company I choose to keep regularly. Now, it’s nothing like those “Facebook friends” who you greet ‘happy birthday’ once in a while – it’s those people who you’ll actually miss very much should you not be in contact for over a month.

I say a whole month – it might sound long. But honestly, at this age… Alone time is appreciated like never before. 😁

#1 The “Hidden” Best Friend


Already have this person in my mind as I type this. ❤

Basically someone whom you wouldn’t have guessed initially that you’d be so close to! Probably you guys were just normal friends at first and both of you had closer friends back then, or both of you probably hated each others’ guts… but somehow as time goes by – the both of you just start slowly & steadily building your friendship, while the others just fade away into an abyss of memories.

#2 The One That Loves You Even When You’re Drunk


By this age, you probably would’ve gotten hammered more times than you can boast about.

Now, I’m a happy kind of drunk – I just start blabbering nonsense and am in an excellent mood, while still pointing my middle finger at guys who try to hit on me. I’m my own personal cock-blocker.

But I have some friends who are positively awful when they’re drunk. They start throwing up, start hurling painful insults at everyone… but I take it upon myself to take care of them, because of their alcoholic disability.

And I think having a type of friend like me when you’re drunk is pretty awesome! 😄 Totally shameless.

#3 The Stormy-Weathered Friend


They’re always the ones that are all geared up and ready to take on your shit with you.

Truth be told, they’re not always the funnest people who constantly bring laughter and joy with sprinkles of sugar. As time goes by, you realise there are tonnes of fun people around – and that’s awesome! But when things happen, you can only count on your memories of them to cheer you up.

By this time, you’ll thoroughly appreciate having someone who will stand by you in person when you really need a hand to hold. The others were fun to have for a while, but you don’t need them in your life. And gradually you’ll realise you no longer even want them in your life.

And that’s the truth.

#4 The Bitch/Jerk You Love


There will be this one person who is a reeeeeaaaal bitch/jerk – at least it’s a general consensus.

However you love him/her because they don’t treat you that way. They can be really mean to others (often they deserved to be mistreated anyway), but they protect and love your friendship fiercely. And that’s what makes you love them.


At this point, you realise that one dime is indeed worth more than ten pennies – or even a hundred pennies, actually. 😉

I’ve lost friendships through time and some I regret for not trying hard enough, some I regretted for even bothering – but regardless, at this point… My friends are like the family I chose for myself. And they’re amazing; I love them very much. ❤


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