3 years ago, I had a dog…

He was an amazing dog.

He made me laugh with his adorable antics. He made me angry when he did his business all over the place (once he actually pee-ed ON MY BED). 😱

But mostly he made me a very happy human being.

And it was something special to me; because before he came along, I was a miserable person. Suicide clouded my mind endlessly; and it was threatening for me because no one knew or could believe that someone who seemed so cheery on the outside, had such a bleak inside.

People tend to not want to believe what’s inconvenient.

But Baby didn’t. He sat by me when I cried. And often he stood guard at my room door; as if to guard me from anymore monstrous attacks. Whenever I was standing by window, he would stand next to me and start whining loudly as if begging me not to leave him – and that really made me stop.

Baby came to me when he was old and I have always hated myself for not being strong enough to stay till his last breath.

I’m so sorry, Baby. Thank you for all the amazing experiences and unbelievable happiness you gave me. ❤️

See you again in Heaven. 🙂

5 years ago in Botanical Gardens |Photo Credit: Geradine Ker

…or I’ll be going to hell, at the rate I’m going. But regardless, I hope you’re in a happy place with all the free flow milk and goodies… And boundless love you can get!


Update: Thanks to those who dropped such concerned messages about me when reading this! I had no idea I’d make people worry like that… 😔 I’m doing much better now. I’ve been genuinely smiling because I have a someone like Mark who fiercely loves and protects me. And actually a very, very blessed girl. So no worries! I’m all good here. ✌🏻

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