#AltheaTurns1 and you’re invited to the party!

Althea is this crazy amazing website that sells just about all your favourite Korean beauty products!

I’m in love with Althea because they bring whatever I want from Korea that isn’t available in Singapore – right to my doorstep! And it’s always nicely packed up in a stellar-looking box. 📦 😉

On top of that, the stuff you find on Althea are all super reasonably priced with free shipping! Most sites actually charge you (albeit minimal), but nothing beats FREE!!!

However if you ask me what is the ONE THING I love most about Althea, it would be that I can be 100% assured that I get the real deal.

I cannot begin to tell you how important this is to me. I wanted to try out this facial wash and bought it from another site, which sold it pretty cheap… And when I got it, I noticed some dodgy signs. Like the font and some minor details, which were already red flags! But I used the product anyway (idiot is me) and then suffered a minor breakout on my face.

So I went down the store in Singapore to do a comparison of the packaging and realised… I BOUGHT A FAKE!!! Honestly, if I bought a fake bag or whatever – I won’t be that upset. I can probably just demand a refund. But when it comes to stuff that you apply on your face… They won’t be able to ‘refund’ your face! Seriously cannot be too careful. 😫

Okay, I digressed.

But basically this is why I think Althea is simply awesome!

Aaaaaaand this sweet site just turned a full ONE-YEAR-OLD!


And when Althea celebrates, boy do they celebrate. Tonnes of amazing promotions and discounts!!! It’s impossible to not want to shop right now.


Here are some of their super awesome birthday promotions:
(ends 31st July 2016)

#1 Get your purchases in their pretty Limited Edition Birthday Gift Box + DIY Party Kit
I find this pretty cool on its own, but it honestly pales in comparison to the rest!

#2 First 1,500 Shoppers get Free Goodies!
Okay luh… Not my favourite part yet. Because I always take my own sweet time picking out stuff, I’m never one of the first 1,500 or even 5,000 shoppers.

#3 Pick out 3 Bestsellers and get 100% Rebate!!!
This one is pretty good because that essentially makes your product free!!! The rebate will be credited to your account.

#4 Win prizes total worth up to KRW10,000,000 to be won with the #AltheaTurns1 Instagram Content!!!
(ends 15 August 2016)
Omgomgomg!!! Can win a tonne of awesome prizes like Macbook Air, Galaxy S6 Edge, iPhone 6S… but deep down in my vain heart (that is probably wearing April Skin BB cushion and 3CE blusher with Laneige lipstick), I wish for the iPad Air 2, Canon EOS M10 Selfie Camera or even Althea credits will be nice! 😁
Plusssss, 15 August is super near my own birthday. So I’m going to wish I get something! *fingers crossed*


Okay – I need to stop gushing over a website. It’s a tad embarrassing. 😳

I’ll end this post with this Instagram post of mine!

Happy 1st Birthday, Althea! Keep being amazing ❤


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