Found an injured kitten outside my home 😢

Everything went along as usual tonight – Mark picked me up after work, we went for dinner and drove home.

Then after I alighted from the car… At that very instant, my bladder decided to fill right up! I needed the loo. FAST.

So I started brisk walking in my heels – which I hardly ever do. On a normal basis, I walk like I have no concept of time. Which is why every time I add about 10 minutes more to whatever walking time Google Maps gives me.

Even Mark was amused at how fast I could actually walk when I need to walk fast.

Then just as we were both speed-walking (to Mark with his long legs, probably normal-walking), we saw a little white creature limp cross our path and into the drain. Initially I thought it could be a giant rat… We have a rat problem around our estate.

But no! It was a little kitten! 😱  And it’s obviously injured!

So needless to say, she’s in my home right now as I type this. 😁

Her right leg is broken and Mark thinks an amputation is required, but I’m just more optimistic by nature. And she has other random abrasions around her body. She is super tiny and probably barely even a full month.

It was really amazing, because everything happened in such a timely fashion. And just 15 minutes after we brought her in, it started to rain really heavily and she started trembling. I reckon she was swept away by the current – it has been raining very heavily past couple of days and she’s so small!

She is in one of the washrooms with her very own small litterbox, fuzzy towel and water. She almost finished an entire can of wet food all on her own!

Left the light off for a while and just went in the check on her – she’s sleeping like a little baby… 😊

It seems like she had lost sensation of her right leg, which means she’s no longer in pain… Which is a good thing. But it could also really mean that she would have to amputate it.

We’ll see how it goes tomorrow morning.

My super sweet manager, Eden, allowed me to bring her to the vet in the morning before reporting to work. So first thing in the morning, Mark and I are bringing her to the vet when it opens.

This is her!

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Mark and I were walking home and saw this little precious one limping into a drain. As you can see, her right leg is injured & broken.. 😢 She also has abrasions on other parts of her body. Poor baby was mewing in the drain. Judging from her size, we reckon she's barely a full month. The rain has been pretty fierce these couple of days and we also reckon she was swept away in the water and that's how she got injured. Mark continued walking around our estate to see if her Mom might be looking for her, but nothing. 😔 Little girl is here right now with me – in a shower area, fed her… She almost finished an ENTIRE can of wet food. That's A LOT for a little kitten. Poor baby must've been so hungry. It's starting to rain again 🌧 So glad we found her soon enough! We have to bring her to the vet for the leg (most probably will have to be amputated) and other wounds. Really hope she will be okay… If there are any people willing to help out with the vet fees, that'll be really awesome. Mark and I are seeing how we can bring her down first thing in the morning tomorrow! Really swear it was like fate… Suddenly after alighting from the car, my bladder decided to fill up instantly! And we walked home super fast; bypassing shops that we initially wanted to get to at first. And JUST as we were there, we saw her limping quickly right in front of us. Thank you, God.. For sending us to help this little one. 🐱 #cats #singapore #sgcats #igsg #PurritoSashaGoh

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We have named her Purrito!

Really hope all goes well for Purrito at the vet tomorrow. And if all goes well, Mark and I plan on adopting her as well. ✌🏻

That’ll mean we will have 4 cats.


Really didn’t see this coming. Funny how life just happens.

Some people might think we are some cat fanatics. I really don’t get it – if someone has a lot of dogs, it’s somehow quite cool. But when someone has a lot of cats, it makes them socially inapt?

I don’t get the logic.

In simple terms, we are both animal-lovers. If I see an injured animal, I’m not the sort to just turn a blind eye and walk away like nothing happened. I simply am incapable of doing such a thing, and I despise all those who are.

Meh. Vet tomorrow morning. Must sleep NOW.

P.S. I’m having lots of financial commitments right now – so, really… If any animal-lovers out there might be willing to contribute a little bit for her vet fees, that’ll be simply amazing. I swear I won’t keep a single excess cent to myself (if any), I’ll donate it to an animal shelter. If you’re willing to help out, please drop me an email at ❤️ Thanks in advance!


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