Introducing Purrito: Round 1

Just last Thursday evening, I found an injured kitten outside my home. (Read the blog post here!) And just today she was discharged from the animal hospital and we brought her back home! 😊

We foresaw a number of obstacles with adopting Purrito.

Mainly three obstacles – Oreo, Milkie and Meowster.

Honestly, we never thought we would have adopted another cat. 3 was enough to handle. But it was like Purrito was sent to us… And it broke my heart just with the thought that she might be unloved and left to fend herself with 3 legs.

A cat with 4 legs already has it rough – what’s more 3.

Well, a little background knowledge to other unfamiliar with the feline world – cats are highly territorial creatures. Which is why you’ll realise you usually see only 1 stray in a specific area; because it technically ‘belongs’ to them.

And it’s also why cat owners usually don’t have play dates.

Because cats cannot just meet other cats and go, “Omg lets be friends and go prance around without a care in a world, while our humans pay the bills! Yay yay yay~”

No. Cats hiss at other cats, or sometimes just any other living matter that enters their area.

Oreo, Milkie and Meowster have had the room as their territory for about a year… So we knew introducing Purrito into their social circle would be a challenge.

Well, we are isolating Purrito in another area for now – till her stitches properly heals. And also slowing weaning her into the other 3.

It was not good. 😔

First time I carried her in, all 3 of them looked utterly petrified with their tails between their legs. And then they started turning away and refusing to turn around when I called their names.

Milkie didn’t really hiss at her, he just decided to hide among my bags. Oreo and Meowster started hissing so much at her, Meowster broke into hiccups… 😑

When we put her down on the floor, she immediately went to their food bowls and started munching away… 😱😱😱 No fear on her part; joys of ignorance.

After putting Purrito back to rest, we decided to give a peace offering of yummy wet food! And they just weren’t as excited… And they didn’t even finish the food!

I know it can be really stressful for them to have to accept a new cat in their area… But I’m optimistic that it’ll go just fine! It’s only the first encounter! 😁 When we first introduced Meowster to Oreo and Milkie, they weren’t very happy either.

Some people were saying that I should just return Purrito back to the streets.
No, not happening. Buzz off.

Some others say I should give her up for adoption.
Well, we did consider that option – but very quickly I grew very attached to Purrito and she constantly calls for me too. I cannot just give her up like that without even trying to give her a loving home. Heck, I’m confident I can give her a loving home.

It’s not that I don’t regard what Oreo, Milkie and Meowster feel; it’s that I have a sense of responsibility for that creature I decided to take compassion and pity on. And I also take on the responsibility of integrating her slowly with them.

It’s not going to just take a sense of responsibility alone – it’s going to take a lot of patience, love and even more compassion.

But I’m sure Mark and I will handle this well. 😉

Hope the next round of introduction will go better! Wish us luck!


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