April Skin Magic Stone Facial Cleansers!

April Skin is probably one of the most popular Korean cosmetic brands around – at least in Singapore. 😉 They carry a super wide range of products which answer to pretty much all your beauty wants/needs!

And even though they don’t have a physical shop in Singapore, we Singaporeans are saved by the grace of April Skin’s own site, or other sites like Althea or Hermo. ❤️

Well, one of the products April Skin is most proud of is their
Magic Stone Facial Cleanser!

Images Credit: http://en.aprilskin.com/
Images Credit: http://en.aprilskin.com/

I’ve been using it for about 2-3 months now and I absolutely love it!!

The only thing I don’t like is how I need to cater to its storage – because when you buy it, it just comes along with a cardboard box (like you see in the image) and you definitely cannot store your soap bar in there.

And because it’s for the face! Cannot anyhow just put it on a dish, OUT IN THE OPEN!!! 😱 😱 The atrocity!!

So I actually went out to get those soap casings for travelling. Me so smart. 😬 But the problem is, being a soap bar… It sticks onto the casing. Which gets really annoying and sometimes it’s just not-so-convenient to even get some lather going.

However, don’t just get a closed case alone! It was a mistake I did… 😞

Get those casings with a sponge. I tried it on other soap bars and it really works well! This way, the entire soap bar doesn’t stick onto the casing. And it holds your soap nicely together.

My personal favourite is the one from Muji!
Cannot seem to find it on the Singapore online store though – but bought mine at the ION branch retail store.

Image Credit: http://www.muji.eu/
Image Credit: http://www.muji.eu/

Love walking around Muji anyway – even without a designated purpose. I love just browsing and finding something I might need in future, or someone else might need… Or I like and can buy…

Okay, I digress.


Now here’s something SUPER IMPORTANT to note:

highly recommend that you purchase both soap bars.

The black one is for the morning, the marble one is for the evening.

They work differently y’see. The morning one is like a great perk-me-up and is moisturising! While the marble one is very cleansing; especially useful when you sweat a lot or wear makeup.

If you don’t want to commit to 2 soap bars, you can go ahead with just the black one first. Just don’t go solely with the marble one! A lot of people don’t read the differences between the two – and the marble one is advertised; so this girl I know bought only the marble one and used it both day & night.

Her face very quickly started flaking and drying up!!! 😱 She swore against the Magic Stone Cleanser after. However she eventually realised it was her mistake – because the marble one has deep-cleansing properties which therefore make it quite drying.

So using it as your only cleanser is a strict no-no!

But some girls I know use just the black one – and it works fine. I personally use both, and am crazy in love with the combination!

My skin doesn’t feel pulled, my pores have shrunk (yay!) and overall my complexion seems to have improved as well.

Each one will cost you about S$20? Depending on which site you go to and whatever discounts there are. So I spent about S$35, I think, on the both of them…

And 2-3 months later, I’m just about halfway through. So it’s actually a really economical buy too!!

Remember – taking care of your skin is wayyyyy more important than covering up your flaws.

Because when you take good care of your skin, your flaws slowly fade away and eventually you might not need anymore covering up! Just maybe the basic sunblock. ☀️ And covering up only lasts you 12 hours tops – while skin well-taken care of lasts you a lifetime. 😉

Thanks for reading! 😘 Till next time!



2 responses to “April Skin Magic Stone Facial Cleansers!”

  1. Hi, may I know what’s your skin type? I’ve seen a few other reviews that this product has left people with breakouts and tight skin, which means that it doesn’t complement their skin type well. Hope to receive your reply soon(:


    • Hi there, Amanda! My skin type is combination – normal + oily. 🙂
      Hmm, the night one gives me a bit of a tight sensation if I don’t apply moisturiser pronto! If you’re worried, just stick to the Morning one (black one). It’s not as harsh, I feel… And I use it at night for days when I didn’t up on makeup.
      Or ah, if you’re very concerned right… Just go for the Khiel’s Ultra Facial Cleanser! Haha


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