What you must do with toxic wankers in your life

Like it or not – your life inevitably has at least ONE toxic wanker. In fact, if you only have one – you’re leading a great life! 😄

I call them ‘wankers’ because I think people who even bother being so toxic to another person, is often lonely and/or satisfied at night when they go to sleep.


So they often have to DIY – aka ‘wank’. Thereby making them ‘wankers’. 😁

That being said; not everyone who wanks is a bad person!

Sure – wankers is a term typically for men. But in this post of mine, we’ll make it a unisex term. 😉

#1 Realise they’re toxic


This might sound like common sense – but many times we fail to actually do it.

You might hate whatever the wanker just did/say; but you you need to actually know for certain that the wanker is toxic, therefore you shouldn’t be consuming anything from this wanker.

Everything toxic wankers spew out is just poisonous sewage brewed from the depths of their pitiful, insecure and shallow excuse-of-a-heart.

So don’t take it personally. 😉 It’s not you; it’s that bloody toxic wanker.

#2 Remember you’re human

Now the next common sense move.

Being human, you need to give yourself the space and permission to be upset about what the toxic wanker did to you. It’s only natural – it’s only proof that you care about yourself and you possess a decent amount of faith in humanity.

So be sad. 😢
Be angry. 😡
Be disgusted & appalled at how toxic some people can be. 😱


Then time to get over it!

Cry a little if it makes you feel better. Rant and vent to someone close. Then it’s time to move on.

Because, baby, that wanker isn’t worth too much time. The time you spent being upset was for you to heal; no amount of time should be spent exclusively for that wanker.

#3 Auto-correct whatever they say/do in your head

Our smartphones are doing splendidly well in this area – sometimes too well. 😒


So we need to have the same feature!

Whatever they say/do in future just becomes corrected into their true intentions!

Example: a toxic wanker says, “You’re so ugly.”
It corrects to, “Let me put you down so I can feel like I’m better-looking; because my mirror doesn’t agree with me.”

Example: toxic wanker goes, “Whatever you’re doing isn’t appreciated!”
It corrects to, “I need to put you down so I can think more highly of what I do!”

It’s really not too difficult.

But remember though, there’s a difference between constructive feedback and destructive comments.

You’ll come to realise that a toxic wanker never provides constructive feedback because they only care about themselves – so there’s no way in hell they’d give you any way to improve.

Therefore whatever they say isn’t of any value at all.

#4 Actually feel sorry for the wanker

After you’re done with all that and look at things in retrospect, you’ll sometimes actually start to feel sorry for the toxic wanker.


Because this wanker had to go to such low levels to just attempt to make himself/herself feel better.

And if you really think about it – you have to be of higher standards than a wanker for the wanker to want to feed you toxins.

#5 Be a classic bitch about it (not applicable to all)

Well, apparently many people end at #4. But I somehow will stop feeling sorry for the wanker in about 2 minutes – then just feel like such filth should be wiped off the face of the earth.


Such people really shouldn’t exist. Ugh.

Be happy, guys! 😃

Till next time.


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