Customised Cakes from HEiBaker!

Hello, awesome people of Singapore!

Anyone here loves customisable pastries? I know I do! 😁

So when my friend at HEiBaker offered to bake me a birthday cake, how could I say no??

The thing about ordering from HEiBaker is that you know heart is poured into it; and that isn’t something you can order from just any other place. 😉

I loved their cookies with Shaun the Sheep! So cute!!!

Speaking of cute, what is cuter than these Disney Tsum Tsums?

And this minion cake!!!

They have a tonne of stuff for you to see – check out their Instagram (@HEiBaker) 🙂

HEiBaker knows loads about what to do when it comes to the world of baking. And I’m not saying this just because HEiBaker is my friend! …Or that they gave me an awesome birthday cake… 😌

Oh, yes my birthday cake! *squeals*

So it turned out to be a lot bigger than I expected…
Well, that’s something you don’t hear a girl say a lot. #ifyougetwhatimean


Okay, need to stop with the dirty talk. My HEiBaker friend always says I’m very naughty.
Ooh~ naughty… *spanks*

Okay, Gera. Stop. She’s going to kill me.


So HEiBaker wanted to bake me a birthday cake and asked –

HEiBaker: So what flavours do you like?

Me: Hmm, I like cookies & cream… Oreo… That’s why one of my cats is named Oreo!!! 🐱 And I like those 3D cakes!

So they did their magic, and here it issss~~~

Oreo/Cookies n Cream cake by HEiBaker
My birthday cake – compliments of HEiBaker

They were really super generous in her ingredients! And plus I loved how they really gave me the flavour I liked!

Honestly, how much more Oreo/Cookies & Cream can a cake get?? This is probably the maximum, okay!

Oreo/Cookies n Cream cake by HEiBaker
My birthday cake – compliments of HEiBaker

And the layers were fluffy and moist!

Oreo/Cookies n Cream cake by HEiBaker
My birthday cake – compliments of HEiBaker

 Crazy love my birthday cake!

So if you have any upcoming events whatsoever, show HEiBaker some love and support! ❤️ You can drop them an email at or a Whatsapp message at +65 9222 8865. 💌

Check out some of their amazing work on their Instagram (@HEiBaker), or Facebook!
You can also visit their website here.

This year’s birthday has been pretty awesome so far – and HEiBaker’s cake is clearly one of the reasons why! 😄


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