Healing Touch MLD Massage and Touch Detox & Slim Therapy Review

Hello, beautiful people! 😘

Don’t know about you – but I think of massages as an occasional necessity. I attribute it to our urban jungle and the endless hours spent on not-so-ergonomic chairs.

So today I’ll be telling you about two different massages at Healing Touch Spa.

Healing Touch Spa Novena for Massage
Healing Touch Spa @ Novena

*Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. 

I initially chose Healing Touch Spa for 2 simple reasons:
1. They won a heap of awards from brands like CLEO and Women’s Weekly.
2. They have a super convenient online booking system!

They’re not competitive on their locations, I must say… but I was willing to make the journey down!

Touch Detox & Slim Therapy

Lets start with this one first.

I might be wrong – but I think that this is probably the only massage in Singapore that focuses mainly on slimming. Please let me know if you know otherwise!

I went there for about 2-3 times for this treatment. The entire session is quite comprehensive and thanks to the little sauna machine they put you in – you can actually really feel your fats burning.

Which feels amazing! 😍

There’s a coffee scrub which is great for cellulite! I saw a bit of improvement on myself there!

And yes, I always lost some weight after each session… But I swiftly put back majority of it in a couple of days. Because it’s really just water weight.

So will I return there for this treatment for weight loss again?

Plus it’s actually pretty pricey! 💸💸💸
(1st Trial @ S$94.16 w/ GST, Normal Price @ S$141.25 w/ GST)

But I really love how smooth my skin feels after the coffee scrub! Plus my cellulite becomes less obvious. ❤️ So if I were to go back, I’ll probably just opt for the body scrub that goes for about S$35 odd for 30 minutes.

Still not exactly economical, in my opinion. But wayyyy cheaper than pulling out S$141.25.

What’s more, they recommend I go back monthly for the Detox & Slim Therapy for good results!

Pai seh ah. As much as lao niang is losing weight for my wedding… I also need to save money for my wedding.

You can read more about Healing Touch Spa’s Detox & Slim Therapy here!

MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) Massage

I opted for this because I was having severe breakouts on my jawline and neck area – which are signs of a clogged lymphatic system.

And these breakouts don’t just go away with some powerful pimple solution. They need their own sort of treatment. *roll eyes*

So anyway, I must say that I was massively disappointed with Healing Touch’s MLD massage. I’m a sleeper – and I always sleep in massages because they help me relax… but this one was like,
“Okay… Relax… 😌 …Okay… Well, this is not working for me. 😐”

Last time my ear candling treatment (at another place) came along with some lymphatic massages and that felt like something.

For my session at Healing Touch, it was abysmal. When she told me the session was over, the first thought that went through my mind was, “Well, that’s 60 minutes and S$70.62 w/ GST I won’t be getting back.”

You can read more about Healing Touch Spa’s MLD Massage here!

To be honest – Healing Touch Spa isn’t exactly the spa to go to for me anymore. I’ve been there for a promotional massage about a year back and loved it! That’s why I tried out other services.

But now… 😞 Nope. And I’m not the only one. Another friend who went there a few times also noticed their sharp decline in quality massages. The thing about massages is that it isn’t tangible – therefore customer experience is key. And it seems like Healing Touch Spa has lost it.

Oh well.

Time to scout for a new place to frequent! Anyone have any suggestions? 😁


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    • Hi! Hmm, I actually don’t remember much anymore as this was years ago. But I just remember I didn’t have a positive experience with Healing Touch, unfortunately. 😦


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