#JoeyDoesntShareFood Moment

So that day Mark and I were walking around in a pasa malam (it’s one of those street markets we have in Singapore that have loads of food, clothes and other cool stuff to buy), and I happened to see a stall that was selling churros!!!

Suddenly all my dieting went out the window… and before I knew it I was, “Cinnamon sugar, please!!! 😬” 

Mark went over to some other stall… So as soon as I got my churros, I happily trotted along to find him. 

Then when I met him…

Mark: Ooh, can I have one of your churros?

Me: Oh… *thinking: please say you’re kidding… Please? PLEASE?? Okay, just waiting for me to give it to you eh??* Okay… 

And I apparently had this face…

singaporean girl eating churros
Classic face of mian-qiang-ness (reluctance)

Then he knew I was VERY unwilling to share.

And suddenly I realised, I had a #JoeyDoesntShareFood moment! 😳

It’s not that I don’t love Mark… Or that I love Mark more than churros… God, no! If I did, it’s a clear indication to rethink my life choices.

But I haven’t had churros in like… Forever!!! 

And I got a tad possessive. 


Not really sorry, actually. 😄


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