Sorry, I’ve Been Soooo Busy…

I’ve really been neglecting my blog… And pretty much many other aspects of my life, actually. 😔

Don’t worry, guys. I’m very much alive!!! Albeit dying more quickly than planned…

Things at work have gotten a tad insane…

crazy snow white disney

I’m at my very first agency job. I was super excited to get started on a new experience and I have absolutely no regrets!

I’ve been told that an agency job can practically take over your life – and they’re right. I already work long hours… And when I’m out of the office, my brain is constantly trying to brew something for the projects I have on hand.


It’s actually quite crazy of me. I actually hardly have anytime for anything other than work and Mark. Honestly if Mark and I weren’t cohabiting, I might not see him at all. 😐

Work can get chaotic – but I’m not complaining. 😃

And I’ve come to realise that it’s because of a combination of two things.

  1. My colleagues are an amazing bunch
  2. The sense of achievement I get when a project is well done is better than anything I’ve had before!

Colleagues; the people you work with, are crazy important. You cannot expect to work well in an environment, when you cannot find people to work well with!

And I like to think I’ve achieved quite a bit through my working years… But the sense of accomplishment when a project is done well when you’re in an agency… The best.

It’s not easy; it’s hardly ever easy.
But nothing worthwhile ever came easy.

Otherwise why would it then be worthwhile?

Alright, going to end here for now. 😘


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