My Annoying Boyfriend: Beauty & the Beast 

It’s quite literally a ‘tale as old as time’… And I was super excited about the movie

Right from the cartoon version back in 1991 till this new one starring media’s darling Emma Watson in 2017; one thing was a constant fave – the rose in a glass jar. 

And with every popular movie, they made it a point to suck as much money as possible – by having cool merchandise. 

So many boyfriends were buying their girlfriends that Enchanted Rose and I thought it was super romantic & gorgeous. 

Me: Y’know the Enchanted Rose in Beauty & the Beast? So many boyfriends bought it for their girlfriends… 🙄 It’s so pretty!! Can I have one too? ☺️

My Annoying Boyfriend: You know that that rose was given as a curse, right? So you want me to curse you now, is it? 




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