ALTHEA Petal Velvet Powder ❤️

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Do you know what I love about a great face powder? 😍

  1. Really keeps your makeup together for longer 
  2. Helps with all the oil secretion; especially in our tropical weather

I feel that a great face powder is one that isn’t too messy and non-cakey. What really annoys me are those that pile up and make me look like I put a thousand layers of foundation.

Face powders after foundation/BB creams are amazinggg. 👍🏻
BUT! ☝🏻 Only if you have a great face powder.

So, dear reader, here’s a little something for you!


ALTHEA’s Petal Velvet Powder

althea-petal-velvet-powder-1 (1)

As of right now, ALTHEA is easily a mandatory fix for me every time I need a cosmetic refill.

From basic skincare to makeup products, ALTHEA always had my back.

And now they’ve kicked in something of their own too! ❤️ Was crazy happy when I received my very own Petal Velvet Powder in the mail!

Now, I’m going to be entirely honest here even though it’s a sponsored post. It’s what was requested by ALTHEA’s Pixie! (Another reason why I love them)

It’s really quite a great product – and I’ll give you 3 reasons!

1. It smells SUPERB.

Largely thanks to the Althea flower, I suppose. The powder doesn’t just feel soft, it smells soft too. It leaves your face with this lovely hint of floral smell, so it’s really not too much.However if you’re someone who just doesn’t like floral scents – this might not be a favourite for you.


2. It’s light & covers up pores!

I have pores that are large and aren’t afraid to show themselves. It’s annoying. With this powder, it really helps to cover them up. Even tried this powder one day without my usual BB cream fix. After my usual skincare routine, I patted some of the powder on – and it gave off a clean and refreshing look.

althea-petal-velvet-powder-1 (1)

Now, the powder IS NOT going to make you look glowy and shiny. In fact, it’s actually quite matte. And it doesn’t cover any blemishes whatsoever. It might help to lighten it a tad… but that’s about it.

Cannot deny. S$6.00 for quality, nice-smelling powder is really quite a steal loh. Go Sasa also cannot find.

And it’s so cute and small – it’s perfectly-sized to carry around for a quick touchup!

Just a quick tip, you really don’t want to pile on too much. Like other powders, pat it in moderation. When using it the first time, tap off the excess and pat lightly onto your face.

It’s always easier to put on more than to attempt to wipe off some! ☝🏻

It’s not something that’ll improve your complexion drastically, to be honest.
But it definitely helps with making your skin look smoother and cleaner.

Try out the ALTHEA Petal Velvet Powder today!

Gera's Althea Petal Velvet Powder


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