Private Pool Room at Lexis Suites Penang!

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“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous


While I rather enjoy my work, the feeling of having a ticket to a whole new foreign experience is simply too amazing. In my Outlook calendar, I have a whole line-up of meetings blocked in blues – then planned holidays in a pretty shade of pink!


And it comes to a point whereby travel has become a mandatory part of my life. Simply because every single day at work I’m too busy fulfilling my responsibilities to earn my keep – I find I forget to live life.

And that’s quite the basic fundamental of being human, isn’t it?
We need to LIVE our lives.

Albeit reality dictates we also have bills to pay… 💸😩
And lately my life has started growing up a little faster than my wallet.

So to sate my travelling appetite, I’ve started exploring more on travelling to my little island’s neighbour – Malaysia 🇲🇾!

And if you’re looking for some awesome accommodations, check out Traveloka Malaysia!

Traveloka is a spanking new website that allows you to search for a whole bunch of hotels and flights – at really competitive prices! And Traveloka boasts about having the most extensive search results. 👍🏻

You’ll also see that hotel listings on Traveloka have TripAdvisor reviews conveniently embedded right inside them! So this means – we no longer need to manually search for the hotel name on TripAdvisor to see what other fellow travellers have to say.



Because this just makes it soooo much easier for you to know which hotel will give you a legit great holiday experience AND is worth your hard-earned moolah.

And honestly when it comes to getting quality advice on my travels, TripAdvisor is my go-to. No doubt there.

One pretty cool hotel I think you’ll love is the Lexis Suites Penang!

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 11.00.53 pm
Check out the hotel’s listing here!

This hotel is crazy cool. Okay – the pictures of the hotel at night kind of looks like a Genting hotel… but it’s the inside that caught my eye.

For starters – they provide something intangible in the air that simply makes the world a better place… 😌


Now, don’t ever discount the importance of Wi-Fi. I’ve been to a few hotels that charged about that price range, and didn’t have the courtesy of having free Wi-Fi. Apparently all part of the ‘zone out’ experience, and if you really need Wi-Fi… you can pay for it at the business lounge.

No – I don’t ‘zone out’ when I don’t have my Wi-Fi.
If anything at all, I go into panic mode because every second I’m unable to check if any important emails came in, I think my work is imploding.

NOT a desirable feeling while on a holiday, I’ll give you that.

And you might say this isn’t healthy. No, it really isn’t. But that’s the lifestyle I have currently whereby I need to check my messages and emails every once in a while, just to make sure things are going well.

The rooms also have bathtubs – which are amazing. If I had room to install one in my bite-sized Singapore apartment, I’d LOVE to have one. Even just a basic soak tub will rock my world.
I had no idea about the wonders of that bathroom feature till I stayed in Japan AirBnb homes – where practically every home came with a small soak tub.
So I went by the convenience store, bought about 10 sachets of bath salts and every evening I was humming while picking one out to soak till I became a human raisin.
It’s great for the skin. No wonder Japanese women have such gorgeous skin! 😫 It’s a clear advantage! And you can really feel the tensions in your muscles just melt away~~ as you lie in there.
Ahem – but back to the hotel.
The ultimate cool thing is…. THE PRIVATE POOL!!! 
No need to waddle down in your swimsuit to the hotel pool where other hotel guests are! (Unless you worked super hard for that super hot bod; then sure, you just waddle right down there and show your stuff off! You earned it.)
But a private pool is great. You can soak with your travel companion at practically any time of the day! And imagine all the awesome pictures you have the luxury of taking without public judgement/intervention. 👍🏻
Everything sounds super amazing! ❤️
Life is incredibly stressful for each & every one of us – we are all fighting our own battles. And in no way should we ever think that we should stop fighting our battles.
Continue being strong, live your life – and award yourself every once in a while. 😉
Be it a spa retreat, shopping spree, drama-binging, hibernation or travelling; go live & be happy. 😚

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