Life is a Gamble

Lately I’ve come to realise that some lessons in life are plain mandatory.

Without those times that really bite you, you’d probably never realise you weren’t bitten all along. Without actually running to the other side and take it in, you would’ve kept on thinking, “What if the grass is greener on the other side?”

Well, it sometimes is – it sometimes isn’t.

You might not call yourself a gambler, but we all are in this journey we call ‘life’. Whatever decisions you make at every moment is a gamble that it will be a better bet than other decisions.

So I was miserable at my table; the odds seemed to have mounted against me and before losing everything, I decided it was a better bet to end that game.

Other games seemed a lot more desirable; made me smile more and piqued my interest in rather unexpected ways. Enormously tempting, I tell you.

When you’re without a table that ties you down, the other tables start hollering. Didn’t even look at most, some made me look again – but only one got me to sit and play.

It was a brand new gamble. And of course I hoped for better odds.

However you’d soon realise that the grass on the other side might seem greener because you’re looking at it from afar and were too blinded to actually see the obvious issues.

And it slowly started to click – this game definitely isn’t mine to win. There’s another player in the shadows that has been well-concealed from me. Call it female instinct or pure logical observation – but some moves were not made by anyone else I could see at the table.

At any gamble (or decision in life), you play because you know you have the chance to win. However at this gamble, I knew the chance was a mere illusion that acted as a bait – probably because the dealer was feeling little greedy.

At this gamble, I realised after a few rounds that my chances were none. I was just another filler of the seat for a bit – the real player was the one seated in the shadows.

And to think I used to play this so well.

Call it karma. I finally got mine. So back to my own game – I’m bruised, but I’m alright.


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