Must Be the Age

Sorry I’ve been pretty much dead to my blog… 😔 Not that I have a fantastic excuse of any kind, really.

To be honest – I’ve just been too busy adult-ing.

Mondays to Fridays I’m literally swamped at work. And it’s not really about not having the time – because to write a blog entry doesn’t take that much time.

It’s really the mental + physical energy to turn on my laptop, sit down somewhere where no one will bother me too much and start writing.

Must be the age.

But don’t get me wrong – I still write. Just that it’s mostly on WhatsApp to my close friends about how our days went and if any one of us had a bad day… the amount of content generated wayyy surpasses an average blog post. Haha! 😂

Then Saturday & Sunday, I’m spending quality time with friends and family. ❤️

Must be the age.
…but suddenly some people have become immensely important in my life.

Really, just some. A small handful that I can list out for you on the spot.

And while there are other people whose company I enjoy; I have this small handful whom I love being around and cannot imagine my life without.

There comes a point in your life whereby you realise some people who have made defining impacts in your life – that you would be a different person with/without them.

And it makes me just so happy knowing that I’m lucky enough to have people like that by my side.

Y’see, for someone like me – I don’t expect people to stay very long. If anything, I expect all relationships to have a self life; simply because of how I grew up. If the other party doesn’t leave, I leave anyway. Because it only seems natural.

However over time I’ve met people that insisted that they stuck around; that proved to me they’d never walk away by choice; that showed me there are relationships in this world that can go on without an expected deadline.

And to think I’ve only come to learn this at this age.

But I’m grateful. ☺️


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