Mario Badescu Drying Lotion Product Review

PRODUCT REVIEW: Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Whoever said that pimples go away after puberty clearly didn’t know what he/she was talking about. 😑

I’m one of those unfortunate souls that get an RSVP note from my monthly Aunt Red (a.k.a. menses/period, in case it wasn’t clear enough), to tell me she’s definitely popping over for a few days.

And the notes come in (very aptly-coloured) red lumpy dots on my face. 😫 As if those raging emotions weren’t enough.

One time the crazy emotions hit me soooo hard, I literally ran to the washroom to cry for the dumbest reason ever. Legit – very dumb. I was craving for a particular dish that day and specially took a taxi down during my lunch hour at work to satisfy said craving… Only to go to the stall, queue up for about 5 minutes and was told that he just sold out. 😭😭

And I swear I started tearing up a little on the spot.

Hawker uncle must’ve thought I was crazy. 😰
orrr could’ve been crazy flattered at how upset I was that I couldn’t have his food… 🤔 Can really go either way, y’know? (Albeit more likely the former lah)

Okay, I digress.

So anyway, while my complexion is pretty alright on on other occasions… If I comply to basic H2O requirements and catch a healthy amount of winks – I’ll always have a few pimples sprouting out pre-period.

In my years of menses-ing, I’ve used my trusty Mentholatum® Acnes Sealing Jell and to help curb the situation. 😌 (Read my previous review here)

However couple of months back, I had the worst outbreak. The pimples were larger and definitely more painful. 😖

The thing about these pimples is – they’re not your regular pimple that can just be conquered with a dab of your friendly drugstore pimple gel.

Noooo~ 🙅🏻‍♀️
These monsters are a whole other ball game altogether.

Doesn’t help I have itchy fingers 😅 – I kept on meddling with them till they started bleeding. So they didn’t go away even long after my period ended.

A couple of my friends recommended the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, so I popped over to Sephora to grab myself a bottle.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion Review

And here’s what I want to share with you guys ☺:

Definitely more expensive; but lasts a while

Don’t expect this to be priced anywhere like the other pimple creams/gels you see in drugstores – this product goes for S$36 (29ml) at Sephora.

However I’ve been using it quite frequently to help with the extremely stubborn pimples and it looks like one bottle can serve you for quite some time! ✌🏻 Albeit this is, of course, depending on how much you use each time.

Prepare for a sting!

It’s super chemical-y.  So if your pimple is raw, you can definitely feel a sting!

I dabbed some on the bleeding pimples and it huuuuuurt… 😭 So be mentally prepared! This product is definitely not gentle.

You’re going to need cotton swabs 

So like I said above, ‘I dabbed…’ You’re going to need to stick in a cotton swab into the product, pick up some of that pink powder and gently dap on your pimple.

Don’t stick the same cotton swab into the bottle twice!

You’ll practically ruin all the remaining solution! Every time the cotton swab runs dry of the product and you need more, use the other side or a brand new swab.

You just sprung the cash for a premium product – don’t ruin it by being a cheapo and saving on cotton swabs.

Put on hydrating skincare in the morning

True to its name – this lotion is indeed very drying. And the skin around where you dabbed the solution will get affected.

So in the morning, slap on some hydrating serum/ampoule/moisturiser! It’ll really help the other parts gain back the moisture they lost.

You’ll look like you have pox… 

Here’s what it looks like with the product on my face.
Excuse my makeup-less before-bed appearance. 😬

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

So needless to say, it might not be the sexiest look to pull off if you’re planning on getting some action that night. 😏 #ifyouknowwhatimean

Pimples dry up and heal faster! 

But does this do the job?

Hell, yeah. 👍🏻

It’s definitely a lot more potent than the regular pimple solutions – so there are times when I know there’s a pimple incoming on a particular spot, and I’ll quickly dab some there the night before! Sometimes I avoid the incoming pimple altogether, other times the pimple isn’t as bad as it usually gets.

So either way, the product definitely serves its purpose. 😍

You can pick it up a Sephora here!

Hope you guys enjoyed this entry! 😘 Stay happy.XOXO, G. 

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