The Leather Care Product You Ladies Need


Hello, guys. It has been a while! And I’m back to share something that has been sitting on my work desk for a few months now…

GeraShen: Saphir Leather Polish Review

Alongside the other things that make my desk like home (😌 fuzzy-warm feeling inside) – sits the new family addition… my own jar of Saphir Renovateur Leather Cleaner & Conditioner.

Before I go into sharing my thoughts on the product, I really want to tell you guys how awesome the ShoeTree Project people were about doing this sponsored post with me.

The first time they reached out to me to write something was in late May, which is a good 4-5 months ago! And they were totally cool with me taking my time in actually experiencing the product so I can share my own honest feedback. 😍

I crazy appreciated this about them because when it really comes down to it – some products work nicely during the initial use, but then that’s just a very small part of the user’s experience.

So with this review, you guys can know that I’ve used this product for a few months now. Not on a daily basis, I’ll shamelessly admit. 😬 But every other day (maybe once a week?), I give my leather bag a little pampering with this.

SO LET’S START! *excited!*

For a few years now, I’ve been carrying my trusty calfskin Prada to work every single day. So to me, maintenance is crucial.

And because I use it every single day, leaving it at one of those bag care parlours is super inconvenient for me.

Didn’t fancy leather polishes either, because they were always so greasy on the hands, hard to wash off… And made my hands smell like a Mister Minit for a good few hours. 😣

So, dear friend, I had a real problem.


And honestly, not like I’m super gentle with it. Sometimes I’m totally okay with putting it on the floor, until someone literally yells at me, “B*tch! That’s a PRADAAAAA!!”

Ok, can.

But, now how?

When Sydney from the ShoeTree Project sent over the product (hi, Sydney! 👋🏻), I was crazy eager to try it out. In her email she was raving about how great the product was, but as a professional marketer myself – I was honestly quite skeptical about it, till I had the chance to try it out myself. 😉

Since then, I started slapping on a bit of the Saphir Leather Conditioner once/twice a week on my calfskin Prada and here’s my verdict…

You guys need to get your own jar!

Okay, unless you probably intend on changing your leather stuff often and don’t see the need to invest in maintenance… then no, you don’t need it.

After I’m done with this sponsored jar, I’m definitely restocking on my own anyway.


01 Smells & feels AMAZING on the skin

I actually braced myself for those shoe-shine smells when I first opened the lid, but was pleasantly surprised at how nice it smelled!

And what made it even better? It wasn’t overly greasy on my hands!! 😍😍 Crazy love!

Felt like my hands were getting moisturising as a bonus feature for showing my bag some love. ☺️

Nowadays I wash my hands before I apply the product, instead of after. Muahaha.

02 Only S$28 and can last a looong time

I’ve already spent a bomb on my leather item, so preferably the maintenance won’t kill me as well. 😌

Because you only need to use a very modest amount each time, one full jar really lasts for quite a while.

I’ve been using it once/twice a week for about 4 months and it still looks pretty full!

When I used it for the first time, I made the mistake by being a tad too generous on the scooping. I typically use about a 20-cent coin size (for one side of the bag) and good to go!

Tried it on my wallet and a 5-cent coin size was enough. 👍🏻

03 Crazy easy to apply

Now, this is when it’s important not to be too generous on the amount you slab on.

The really interesting thing is, this product has slower absorption. With other leather conditioners, it seeps in too quickly for you to actually rub around to give an even coverage.

So it’s really cool when you can take your time to rub around and move more product to areas you think need extra loving.

But like I said, don’t be too generous! When you have too much product on your leather, it becomes a classic #firstworldproblem of too much of a good thing. That was when I scooped up the extra product to apply on my leather wallet. 😛

According to the instructions on the jar, you’re supposed to give another wipe after 3 minutes… but I’m quite lazy. So haven’t really been following that and still works well for me! Haha.

Although I do notice that over the next 10-15 minutes, the leather appears to be shinier and softer. Could be my own biased opinion because I just rubbed the conditioner into it… who knows? Heh.

So yes, totally giving my thumbs up for the product! 👍🏻

I’m not going to go on describing the details of the product, you can read it up on its product page here. 🤗 But overall, my personal experience has been polished (pun intended).

GeraShen: Saphir Leather Polish Review

Thanks to Sydney and the other awesome people behind ShoeTree Project! You’ve made showing love to my leather items affordable, fragrant and easy. 😘 If my Prada bag could, it probably would be sending kisses over by now! Haha.

Even just browsing through the ShoeTree Project shop, I think I want to try the Saphir Mirror Gloss Wax Shoe Polish on my Prada too! Now it’s all soft and shiny, but maybe with this it will have a glossier sheen to it. 😍

It’s the least I can do for it, considering how much abuse I put it through. 🤭

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know your feedback in the comments section below! 🤩


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