Today I was Grateful

One of the most important and hardest things to do in life, is to be grateful. Grateful to others, yourself, circumstances – and most importantly, to life in itself.

It isn’t always easy; especially when you’re someone as overly-independent as me. 😛 Someone who doesn’t like the idea of actually being reliant on anyone or anything else – simply because we know how volatile and dangerous it can be to be too invested in someone or something else.

And I know this all too well. Yet, lately I’ve been learning to let it go – and accept that it’s okay to be comfortable relying on other people.

So the story for this one goes… I just started a new job! 🤩 It’s at a great place with really friendly people, and whilst I’m crazy stressed by the super steep learning curve combined with stuff to do – it honestly has been a delight to show up for work so far.

One of the things that added to my stress (alongside things to do), was that a third-party vendor we engaged didn’t really deliver up to standard. 😕 To put it plain and simple, it was quite a nightmare for the team and myself. Instead of actually relieving us of the task, they somehow made it even more stressful… 😱

I’m not going to call out directly which vendor – simply because they might have really just had a series of bad luck or something with us, and it’s just not nice to throw dirt on other people’s names like that. To be fair to them, they did try in whatever ways they could to make small amendments here and there.

However because of a screw up, I basically had 100 boxes to open up… repack… and tie ribbons around.

And the amazing thing was, it didn’t even cross my mind to ask my teammates to help out. I just saw that everyone was already busy as it is – I want to try my best too! 💪🏻

So that Monday evening, the original plan was to meet my beloved cousin for dinner. But I asked her to reschedule as I expect that I need to work late to do all that manual labour.

And without hesitation, she said she wanted to come help me out! Even when I told her I’m not paying her. So much looooove!! 😍 Suddenly the entire process seemed a little chirpier – because Kath and I used to do this a lot together in the warehouses when we were little, helping out our aunt’s business. She even planned to order food delivery and we can have dinner while packing.

Then on Monday itself, the team and I just so happened to be doing other stuff in the room with all those boxes… And again, when they knew my plan was to stay behind later to open up… repack… and tie ribbons on all of those 100 boxes… Without hesitation, they said, “Think we better help you lah!”

Honestly for a few seconds, it didn’t register properly in my head.

Because I’m just not used to people wanting to help willingly – especially when they’re already so swamped with their own things. I’ve gotten so used to never calling out for help, I forgot it’s actually perfectly normal to ask and want for help.

Y’know what was insane?

Even while they were helping me, a part of me was half expecting them to drop halfway and return to their own stuff to do. But not at all! 🙅🏻‍♀️ They stayed throughout until we were done with all 100 boxes and said, “Omg, good thing we helped you loh! You and your cousin do, do until midnight ah??”

It all seemed a little strange – but a good sort of strange. ❤️

And because of them, Kath and I got to enjoy our cousin time as initially planned! 😃

And to be grateful, you need to first open yourself up to allowing others to do things you can be grateful for. ☺️

For Kath readily wanting to help… I’m grateful.
For my team jumping right in and not even asking if I needed help, they went ahead anyway… I’m grateful.
For my team sticking it out till the very end with me… I’m very grateful.
For getting to spend time with my cousin whom I can never chase out of my life no matter how I try (don’t ask me why, that’s another story)… I’m very, very grateful.

For being able to experience all that myself, I’m beyond grateful. ❤️

While growing up, the world was this horrendously ugly and scary place that would swallow you whole at the slightest sign of weakness. And don’t get me wrong… the world really is like that at some point.

However now that I’ve grown older, I’ve oddly come to encounter these random bits of kindness that I’ve hardly noticed. 🤗

I know I’m still going to have lots of nastiness and mean people around – but it’s heartening to know that there’s some sort of beauty left in the humans of the urban jungle. 🙂


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