Moving House with 4 Furkids in Tow

Spent the past 5 days with zero makeup, dressed in sloppy/comfy home wear and hair perpetually up in a trusty bun.

This moving house thing is crazy exhausting!! 😰 It’s not my first time moving house – but this time there were added complications.


Four added complications, to be exact. Namely, the 4 furkids I have in tow.
😺 😸😻 😽

Don’t get me wrong – I seriously love them. And have never for one second regretted adopting them. 🥰

Albeit sometimes I wonder who adopted whom… 🙄

Our new home is amazing. It’s a small apartment, but just big enough for our little family. ❤️ And I’m endlessly glad the hardest part is over…

Let me tell you how crazy the past 5 days were – especially when you’re moving with 4 cats.

(How did I end up with 4 cats? In a nutshell – I was devastated when my dog passed away and wanted to adopt another dog from the shelter. And somehow that became 4 cats. ☺️ It’s a long story, but I’ll tell you guys another time! Hehe.)

But just for context – we have Oreo, Milkie, Meowster and Purrito. 😍

Getting 4 cats out of the way = Mission Impossible

We hired movers to move the bed – but we didn’t want the cats to be running out and wreck havoc when they see 3 big strangers in the room.

So it was part of the plan to move them out into another room.

We started with Oreo – he’s the fattest (whopping 8kg of tabby) and slowest. However he’s also the loudest and whiniest. 🥴 So once he started meowing bloody murder, the others became harder to find. 😒

Then when we finally grabbed Meowster (full black kitty, looks like Toothless) and put her in the other room – Oreo somehow bolted out and went back to the bedroom!

Then he ironically panicked when he saw 3 large men in the room, and he was processing in his little head what to do – thankfully that was long enough for me to grab him again.

Milkie is a big and strong boy, but once you catch him – he has no other defense mechanism, except shedding. I swear it’s a talent my boy has. It’s almost like he’s hoping to drop enough fur, so you lose grip of him or something.

That boy doesn’t just shed, he molts.

So after what felt like forever – Oreo, Milkie and Meowster was in the other room. A little rattled already, but still okay.

What about Purrito?

Purrito climbed INTO the space, behind the drawers

Not just the drawers – that would’ve been easy.

Noooo. The tiniest furkid managed to squeeeeeze into the little gap between the drawer and the furniture itself.

So how? We had to dismantle the drawer to pull her out. 😫

Might I add – that while pulling her out, she gave her usually big-angelic-eyes to the movers. Like she did absolutely NOTHING wrong – outside wasting everyone’s time.

Driving them was like having the cast of Cats on-board

Except my cast isn’t as Broadway-worthy.
And this is probably the cattiest cast.

There wasn’t much storyline or plot to their performance… just a lot of random not-so-melodious meowing. Sometimes road bumps help them achieve a higher pitch.

And no matter how much I raved about the new apartment being gorgeous and more spacious, they didn’t seem receptive. 😟

They spent the next 24 hours not eating/drinking

It was hard lugging them all up to the apartment. 🏋🏻‍♀️ Let’s do some quick math!

Oreo (8kg) + Milkie (8kg) + Meowster (4kg) + Purrito (3kg) = 23kg!!

However I think they might’ve lost some weight since they were too anxious to eat or drink anything.

Spent most of the day just lying in front of their carrier – singing, watching Netflix on my phone, having one-way conversations and occasionally dosing off.

Broke my heart to see my babies trembling in fear. All 4 of them were adopted and each have their own traumatic pasts – so I was crazy worried they would’ve thought I abandoned them in an unfamiliar place.

On the 3rd day…

Today’s officially Day #3 in the new place. And good news is – the furbabies are beginning to settle in!

Here they are~ 🤗

4 cats on the bed
Left to right: Meowster, Oreo, Milkie, Purrito

I’m crazy exhausted… But somehow looking forward to head back to work tomorrow. 😀

Special thanks to RENTALORRY for helping us with the move! They totally handled the furkids’ situation well, despite having a total shock at how many I had (and how big some of them are). 😛 With so many moving parts on that day, their service was the most fuss-free and literally made me feel less stressed about the move. 👍

Can’t wait to make new memories in our new home. 🏡 Wish me lots of love, guys!


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