Joey D the Goldie: ALWAYS Hungry

The thing about goldies – they’re mostly human sluts. With my beloved nephew Joey, he’s also a food slut.

You’re a human?? Joey already loves you.

You’re a human with food??? You can practically take the boy home.

I always knew Joey was a sucker for all things edible, regardless of delicious or not. But it was only when I lived with the boy for 2 full weeks that I officially realised… Joey has a bottomless pit for an appetite and hip issues that won’t allow it.

JoeyD the Goldie
“Me? The bottomless pit with non-compliant hips?”

During my 2 weeks with Joey, I actually lost weight. Other than him walking me about 4-6 times a day, 15-30 minutes each time – I even ate less because eating at home was a chore…

And I’m the kind that typically prefers to just chill at home and eat. It’s my comfort zone. 🤗

So why was eating at home a chore?

Because this adorable face pops up every single time there’s any sound that might or might not be the sound of you opening a packet of food.

JoeyD the Goldie

Opening the fridge? 🐶 : FOOD!! FOOD!!

Opening a packet of tissue? 🐶 : OMGOMG!! FOOD FOOD!!

Just randomly arranging zip-loc bags? 🐶 : AHHH!! FEED MEEEEEE!!!!


It got to a point I always thought twice about every single movement I had to make… 🤔

Is it likely to trigger Joey?
If yes, is it worth to fend off 35KG of slobbering fur for?

And Joey has tactics. He might not even realise he does… but the boy has some game.

Round 1: The ‘Look, I’m So Cute!’ 

JoeyD the Goldie

Round 2: The ‘Me So Poor Thing…’ 

JoeyD the Goldie

Round 3: The Stare Down and Nudge

Round 4: The Cutie Winky

(Or maybe was the ‘pray 姨姨 looks away long enough for me to steal a bite’. 😋)

JoeyD the Goldie

And on days when I totally ignore him (breaks my heart, really)… Joey also has the grumpy pouting carpet feature.

JoeyD the Goldie

But he goes back to default ‘happy boy’ setting once he knows you’re cooking his dinner.
JoeyD the Goldie

The boy is crazy high maintenance and like I always tell him, “Lucky you cute!” 😍

Sometimes when I see myself gain a couple of KGs, I secretly wish his furparents will ask me to babysit him again. 😋 So far he’s the only one that can drag me out for so many walks and make me willingly give up snacking at home…


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