MKUP Dewy Glow Glass Coating Cream – Product Review

Hello again, everyone!

Indeed has been a chronically long time since I’ve last blogged. 😓 Have absolutely no proper excuse – except for the fact that I’ve been very tired adulting. 🚇💼🧹💸😴👻

(Notice how I put all those emoticons of taking the train, going to work, doing housework, money flying away, sleeping and dying? Hehe~)

So lately on Facebook, I keep on getting bombarded with all these crazy whacky/funny and really alluring advertisements from MKUP! They have tonnes of cosmetic products and you can find them in Watson’s too.

However their stand in Watson’s is always so unkempt 😕… if it wasn’t for their social media advertisements, I really wouldn’t give them a second glance.

They’re quite known for their Real Complexion Cream (the lazy beauty hack), but today I’m going to be talking about something relatively newer!

Dewy Glow Glass Coating Cream

MKUP DEWY GLOW Review_GeraShen(2)
MKUP Dewy Glow Glass Coating Cream

What is it supposed to be awesome for?

Well, the one selling point that really sucked me in was its promise to give you a dewy radiance~ 😌 And supposedly help with retaining moisture in your skin!

Now, that’s crazy important in Singapore’s weather. And top it off with spending at least 10 hours a day in air-conditioning.

Was it really that awesome?

Hmm – to be honest, yes and no. I’m really sitting on the fence with this one.

Does it give you a dewy glow? It’s actually more of a ‘polished’ look, in my opinion. It’s not really healthy-radiant glow, but more of a glossed-over look.

Does it really retain moisture? Didn’t really feel like my skin was very hydrated… in fact, sometimes it felt quite taut instead.

Some things to note!

It’s not super blend-able… So take very, very little of the product first and add on later if you should need more.

The first time I used it, I dapped my fingers in like I normally do with my other jars of moisturisers – and was really too much!!

Even after spreading it around my neck area, it was really too thick and felt quite uncomfortable. While it does give a nice sheen (polished look) to your skin, it also feels a tad filmy

So I actually had to wash my face again and restart my entire skincare routine because didn’t feel too good. 😫

And don’t apply it if your skin is feeling dry!!

So there was one day my face wasn’t feeling its best and pores were enlarged! 😲 With this cream, the dryness was emphasized and almost looked flaky.

However when I did put it on right – I received a couple of nice compliments~ 😍😍 People said my skin looks nice and bright, which is always awesome to hear.

At this age, skincare is so much more important to me than cosmetics. 🤩 Teehee~

It’s a good daytime cream that you can use for days when you’re just going to slab on some sunblock and head out. (Which is currently most of my days) This way, your skin gets that minimal boost in ‘glow’ so you’ll look more refreshed!

What’s the $$ damage for this?

I got my jar on discount at S$35.90 – normal price is S$49.90.

For the price of S$49.90: I’d tell you – babe, save your money for other products.

However for the price of S$35.90: it’s a good option to have in your stash for a day when your skin is nicely moisturised and you want a nice natural sheen. ☺️

You can check out more details about the product on its MKUP page here!

Hope you guys enjoyed this one~
(And I promise I’ll put in more effort on my blog 😘 thanks for everyone’s encouragement)


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