Weight and Waste Management, with Chocolatey Goodness

Imagine what a wonderful world that’ll be~ πŸ’•πŸ’•
One where your tummy feels good and your taste buds love it too!

I’m blessed to have some very loving and caring people around me πŸ₯° One of whom is Siti, who is a colleague-turned-friend-turned-sayang. Haha! Yup, she got promoted twice.

She was always like a big sister to me; nagging me to take care of my health, giving me herbal drinks for my bad gut, putting little surprise gifts on my desk and always being there to ensure my sanity. ❀️

One day I saw her promoting this Nurraysa Choco Miracle drink and thought I’d just buy some to support her. (Plus I really love chocolate~)

Gera Shen Review on Nurraysa Choco Miracle
Disclaimer: Siti did not push her products or even ask me to buy from her. All purchases were done entirely out of my own will. Heck, she didn't even ask me to write this post. Haha!

But I’m doing it anyway, because I really love the product and want to share awesome stuff with my readers! πŸ€—

What’s Nurraysa?

I’m not familiar at all with Nurraysa and the other products it offers. It’s a Malay brand and the website is entirely in Malay… So there was no increasing my understanding there. πŸ˜… (If you understand Malay, do check out the website then!)

The only way I know about anything is I see Siti sharing something and I ask her what it is. Not bad, eh? My own personal consultant. Hehe 🀭

More About Choco Miracle Drink

I was sold on the idea of buying chocolate drink from her anyway. She’s my good friend and I love chocolate drinks. Total win-win! Haha.

But there’s actually a list of benefits to this drink:

  1. Waste Management; Makes Pooping Easier πŸ’©
  2. Helps to Curb Your Hunger and Make You Feel Fuller πŸ‘πŸ»
  3. Removes toxins and ‘air’ in your body πŸ’¨

How Choco Miracle Worked for Me

From what you could tell on top, I’m loving the product so far!

I drank Choco Miracle twice a day (1x before breakfast, 1x after dinner) over a period of 7 days.

Here’s a look at the promised benefits and how they worked for me:

  1. Waste Management; Makes Pooping Easier πŸ’©
    βœ… The experience was definitely a lot smoother and faster~
  2. Helps to Curb Your Hunger and Make You Feel Fuller πŸ‘πŸ»
    ❎ This one didn’t happen for me, I was still craving for beef burger and truffle fries…. Or durian! Sometimes XO fish noodles soup too. 🀀
  3. Removes toxins and ‘air’ in your body πŸ’¨
    βœ… Honestly felt a lot lighter. I personally lost 0.5kg over that week, but the sensation was awesome. Overall felt less tired out, found it easier to focus and generally just ‘cleaner’. 😎😍 This one was amazing for me!

Anything I Didn’t Like?

  • The Packaging
    Honestly the packaging was quite sianOne of these boxes only has 6 sachets inside. So since I was taking it twice a day, one box is only good for 3 days… πŸ˜“
  • Hard to Mix
    Typically when I make hot drinks, I’ll use 1 chopstick to stir gently.

    However with this drink, I found that lots of the chocolate powder clumps together and you really need to stir hard! The chopstick didn’t work anymore for this, I had to use a tablespoon (not teaspoon) so that I could really mix it up nicely.

Overall I really liked the drink and even went ahead to order 10 more boxes from Siti! 🀩🀩

Can’t wait to receive them~ hehe!

Hope you guys liked this post. 😊 In the meantime, please continue to stay safe and stay home!


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