Product Review: Dr. wonder Wonder Patch

Dr Wonder Wonder Patch - Product Review by Gera Shen

Have you ever wondered, about Dr. wonder’s Wonder Patch?

Teehee~ 😜🀭

Don’t know about you… but I still suffer from those pus-filled popups that make their uninvited visits every now and then – pimples. 😣

Dr. wonder’s advertisement was flashing persistently on my Facebook and Instagram feed; so being like the true marketer I am 😎…
…I caved in. πŸ˜…

So enough jibber jabber from me – you’re here to find out:

  1. Does this product actually work?
  2. What’s awesome and not-so-awesome about it?
  3. Should you buy it for yourself too?

So let’s get to it!

First off – just want shout-out how lucky you are (as my reader) that I somehow had consecutive pimples over the course of 2-3 days. 😟 So you’ll get to see how it performed on two different pimples.

On the website you’ll see the option to pick out 3 different types to choose from: Mint, Pink and White.

Dr. wonder Wonder Patch Product Review by Gera Shen
Screenshot taken from Dr. wonder Wonder Patch page on 14 Jun 2020

Personally not 100% clear on the differences of each type, but I bought the Wonder Patch (White).

Inside the Box

When you open up the box, you should find a total of 60 patches broken down into 2 sets of sizes:

  1. 10mm (36 patches)
  2. 12mm (24 patches)

And what I found really awesome about the product packaging are these perforated lines that make it soooo much easier to take the patch out.

Perforated lines right in the middle of the patches!

It might seem like a small thing. But for me, it’s a huge win over other competitor products – because:

  1. Easier to remove the patches from the plastic sheet
  2. More hygienic as you’re less likely to have to touch on the patch so much

Patch Use on Pimple #1

Introducing Pimple #1

  • Tiny (and annoying) white head – was impossible to capture it on a front-view/selfie camera
  • Ready to be popped!
Important note: this was taken with my iPhone’s back camera, because couldn’t capture it on the front camera. So the following pictures might look like they’re on the opposite side of the face – but be rest assured we’re looking at the same pimple!

Patch Application

The first thing I really loved about the patch is how natural it looks!

The texture is very matte and smooth, felt almost velvety~ Plus it’s also very thin.

I typically only use pimple patches at home, because personally don’t like wearing them out in public. But these look nice and natural enough to use outside as well! πŸ‘

Patch Removal (Product #1)

So I was pretty excited about removing the patch first thing in the morning~~ 🀩🀩 And I have to say I was pleasantly surprised!

Actually captured a video of removing the patch, but because the pimple’s white head was so tiny… really couldn’t see anything at all on video. πŸ™„ (Time for an mobile phone upgrade, maybe?)

Anyway here’s a look at what the patch pulled out!

Dr wonder Wonder Patch Product Review by Gera Shen
Tiny white head officially yanked out!

What I also loved was that the pimple looked quite ‘subdued’. The white head was definitely pulled out, but I still had that red lump on my face.

With the white head gone, it gave great headway for me to use my Mario Badescu Drying Lotion that night!

Now let’s move onto Pimple #2.

Patch on Pimple #2

Introducing Pimple #2

  • Redder, larger and painful
  • Had a bigger white head sticking out

Patch Removal

Pimple #2 wasn’t as exciting as Pimple #1; the patch didn’t yank out the white head like it did before.

Was hoping to capture it on video, but you can see my look of disappointment at the end… (totally candid lol)

With that being said, the pimple (again) seemed more ‘subdued’ and it went off faster than pimples before it.

Here’s a look at how it covered up Pimple #2!

My Verdict

So after about 3 days worth of testing, here’s my verdict:

  1. Does this product actually work?
    It works great for ‘calming down’ your pimple and reducing the redness. I did notice that the pimples disappeared much faster than they usually do without the patch.

    So in that sense, I say it does work. πŸ‘
  2. What’s awesome and not-so-awesome about it?
    Awesome – love the matte coverage and how comfortable it feels on the skin. Actually forgot I had it on at all! The perforated lines on the plastic (product packaging) is also a huge win for me! πŸ‘

    Not-so-awesome – doesn’t seem to extract pus out as much as promised. So it’s not a stand-alone pimple solution for me. It more like ‘helps things along’. I’ll use it to apply on pimples with their white-pus heads ticking out (ugh) for one night, then the following night I’ll supplement it with Mario Badescu Drying Lotion or Mentholatum Acnes Sealing Jell.
  3. Should you buy it for yourself too?
    I’ve used some pretty bad pimple patches that felt uncomfortable, stuck out like a sore thumb and did absolutely nothing for me.

    Dr. wonder Wonder Patch actually does a pretty decent job!

    In my opinion, everyone should have at least one box of pimple patches in their stash (just in case). And this one seems like a reasonable choice. πŸ‘ (Even more reasonable when it’s on sale!)

So that’s it for today’s post! πŸ’› Thanks for taking the time to read my blog~

Till next time, peeps!


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