Sweet Stranger on the Train

I want to share a funny story with you!
Okay, actually it has a bit of a dark side to it too.

You’ve been warned – so here goes~~ 😎

Just the other day I was onboard the train with my AirPods plugged in, listening to 那女孩对我说 (Rachel Liang’s cover) with both my hands resting comfortably on my bag.. when this auntie next to me tried to get my attention.

She had such deep and concerned eyes. 🥺 As soon as I pulled out one of my AirPods, she looked at this scar on my arm and told me, “It’s not good to hurt yourself.”

The cut she was referring to

I wanted to burst out laughing.

But as I said earlier, her eyes were really filled with concern. And I wasn’t sure how to tell her the culprit was actually…

My little furkid – Meowster Duchess Goh. 🐱

The culprit behind the scratch (not cut)

Meowster didn’t mean it… she was all tucked into bed with me and getting her tummy rubs. But then got startled by a loud car screech, panicked and scratched me while running off.

These kind of things are expected, especially when you adopt furkids with traumatic histories. Meowster’s family got knocked down by cars before she was found, so she gets extra jumpy over loud car noises.

Okay, sorry I digressed… Back to the concerned stranger on the train!

Even with her mask on, her eyes were filled with concern and her forehead muscles seemed to clench a bit. It’s like she has a personal history with self-abuse scars, be it on herself or others.

She touched my hand (totally against current social-distancing protocols… but okay…) and she went on speaking.
I didn’t say anything back, but my brain was really having its own conversation with her. Couldn’t help it.

🧓: You’re a beautiful, beautiful girl.

🧠: I’m wearing a mask… actually everyone seems to look better with masks on. So this might not be a good time to gauge anyone’s beauty. But yes, every girl is beautiful. Even the ones with very ugly hearts are beautiful; it’s just harder or impossible to see.

(Not even sure if I sound bitchy or nice here)

🧓: You have no need to hurt yourself, no matter the situation.

🧠: Okay, yes… Now, I agree with that. Maybe I need to stop her here. It’s getting deep.

🧓: Please continue living.

Then she squeezed my hand and alighted at her stop.

I was left feeling guilty yet incredibly touched.

Guilty because it seemed that scratch evoked some sad memories, emotions or thoughts – enough for her to actually have the need to voice out herself to me.

But at the same time touched that even a complete stranger was able to express such unconditional concern, when she doesn’t even know my name. 💛

Dear Stranger on the Train, please don’t worry about me. I’m actually a real tough cookie and am blessed with some of the greatest people in my life. I hope whomever you thought of when you saw my scratch, would also eventually emerge victorious against his/her own wars in life. Remember, it’s always through the toughest times that the toughest are born.


P.S. Yes, I sanitised my hands.

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