Thinking of a SecretLab Chair too?

Everyone’s talking about it; everyone wants one – are you thinking of buying your own SecretLab chair too? 😁

You have to admit – it’s pretty tempting, isn’t it? 😏
Heck, otherwise you won’t even be reading this. Hehe!

For me, having a SecretLab chair was always regarded as a ‘good-to-have’ item. And while I often fantasized about having one, I never had enough reason/conviction in me to actually purchase one…

Till now.

So, what happened?

COVID, loh. 😞

Before COVID, I barely spent any time on chairs at home. I’m mostly either lounging away on the sofa or snoring away on my bed. My weekly average butt-to-chair time was pretty negligible; definitely not valued higher than >S$500. πŸ˜‚

Why? Because my highest butt-to-chair time was spent in the office.

Now with COVID, my home is my office! And my furkids have become my co-workers.

It’s a catty work culture, not a fan.
But the worst part was, my butt and back was killing me because of my co-worker…

When I’m working
When I return from washroom

So then I decided for my birthday present to myself in the unprecedented year of 2020, I’ll finally gift myself my very own SecretLab chair.

Was my SecretLab chair worth it?

Yes! I have zero regrets buying this for myself. πŸ₯° (Goes in line with my attempt to do more self-love after an abusive 2019)

Overall, here’s the structure of questions that I went through before I actually finalised my purchase:

  1. Am I looking for a quick-fix for this WFH arrangement, or a long-term investment?
    Answer was, I wanted to invest in the happiness of my butt.
  2. Just how badly do I want need a comfortable chair?
    Using that as a gauge to how much I’m willing to spend on one (AKA budget).
  3. What are the options that fall into my budget?
    Did online research, asked a bunch of close friends, hunted for sales etc.

I think if you’re able to give yourself satisfactory answers to these questions too, then you’re much less likely to regret any purchase decision.

So why do I love my SecretLab chair?

  • I can actually sit more comfortably for much, much longer. 😌😌 But isn’t overly comfy that I feel lazy while doing work.
  • Feel happy just seeing a design that I like! 😁
    (Reduces the level of sian-ness that my home is now also my office. They have a few variations you can pick from.)
  • Extended warranty that came with posting a picture of my chair on social media
    (great work to their marketing team πŸ‘)
  • Singaporean company~~ ❀️ #supportlocal

Situation with the co-worker hasn’t changed much though.

When I’m working (on SecretLab chair)

Well, at least one thing we know for certain…

When I return from washroom (to my SecretLab chair)

The comfort of SecretLab chair transcends the human species, apparently.

Purrito loving the 360Β° of comfort

Personally I love my SecretLab chair, and it’s honestly quite reasonably-priced for what you’re getting.

Some things to look out for though:

  • It’s not super space-saving, especially so if you order the larger sizes
  • You need to top up S$30 for assembly services if you don’t want to fix it up yourself
  • Visitors seem to love touching/sampling it (haha); people living with you might attempt to steal it (I had to chase M away several times)

Hope this post helps your purchasing decision in whatever way and may your butt & back be well-supported, whichever product you choose! πŸ€—


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