Lash Lift at Dreamlash (Premium Korean Eyelash Studio)

Since getting older, I’ve broken up with eyelash extensions (we still have the occasional affair when I go travelling though 😌) – and have been pretty committed to being kinder to my natural eyelashes.

Not to boast (which means I’m going to boast lah), but I’m blessed with relatively longer eyelashes for an Asian girl. 🀭

Shamelessly bats relatively-longer-but-still-not-that-long lashes

While they’re relatively longer, they’re also crazy straight. So it’s not very obvious that they’re long, plus they’re also inconsiderate; poking into my eyes sometimes or brushing against my spectacles. Tsk~ πŸ˜’

So that was when I decided to look out for eyelash perming services in Singapore!

While there are tonnes of places that offer eyelash perming, I eventually booked an appointment Dreamlash for their Lash Lift! And boy, did I get lucky~~ 😍😍

3 Reasons Why I’m in Love with Dreamlash’s Lash Lift

#1 Comfortable, Non-stinging Solution πŸ₯°

If you’re like me, with these crazy sensitive eyes that either go red or tear up over anything/everything – then you’ll absolutely love this! πŸ€— I’ve done eyelash perming at a few other beauty salons before and none of them were as comfortable my experience at Dreamlash.

Usually I can expect a slight burning/stinging sensation when they apply the setting solution on my lashes. And usually when it’s done, my eyes are a little sore and red for about an hour.

However I absolutely didn’t feel any discomfort at Dreamlash and eyes were all bright and comfortable when I was done! πŸ‘

Honestly – this reason by itself is actually good enough reason for me to return.

#2 Friendly Staff with ZERO Hard-selling

I was running really late for my session πŸ˜–… but they still did what they could to accommodate me before their next appointment! 🀩 #touched

But what was an awesome HUGE plus was that they did not hard-sell me any products, upgrades or packages. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

All I was asked if I wanted to book my next appointment. And when I declined, there was nothing after that. I was legit appreciative of that!

More beauty salons need to learn this – if you’re good, your customers will know and they’ll come back. The harder you push your customers to buy when they’re not ready, the harder you push them out the door to your competition.

#3 Amazing Skills; Even My Facial Beautician Agrees!

I’m sure all my ladies agree – when it comes to beauty services, you don’t care too much about the brand or the place. You care about the skills.

During the process, my Lash Artist was really gentle and it was impressive how quickly she got all my lashes nicely fanned out.

As if this wasn’t enough to impress me – while I was getting my regular facial, even my beautician commented this Lash Artist has good skills! 🀩🀩

Want to See How it Looks?

Lash Lift (lash perming) definitely doesn’t ‘pop’ as much as eyelash extensions; it’s just be an enhancement.

Before Lash Lift

After Lash Lift

And y’know at the end of those days when you look like someone that really should get some sleep?

Lash Lift (sorta, kinda) helps with that too! 😁

Here’s a look at my lashes at the end of one of those days:
Apologies for how ghastly I look here.

When your pimple start popping and skin looks little sullen, but at least your lashes are perky.

Overall, I just love the experience and end-result I received from Dreamlash! 😍

Pricing is definitely higher than most other salons, but it’s absolutely worth it. πŸ‘ If you’re on the look-out for a good place for eyelash perming, you should definitely check it out.

Where? Dreamlash at CityLink Mall
(there are also outlets at Compass One and Guoco Tower)
How much? S$68 for Lash Lift + S$38 for Tint
(tip: If you already have black eyelashes, tint doesn’t actually do much tbh)
Who? I was blessed to have Vicky as my Lash Artist! Would recommend her to you too.

Thanks for checking out my post and just because I’m loving my new curled lashes…

Here’s a little annoyingly cheeky one! 😁

XOXO, Gera.

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