Electric toothbrush: Zenyum or Oral-B?


For about 10 years now, I’ve been absolutely sold on electric toothbrushes.

My very first electric toothbrush was an Oral-B and have been using that brand throughout the decade! Each one lasted me about 1-2 years and I typically picked a new one up at any of those regular Watson’s sales.

However lately there have been a few different brands coming up and I was actually getting bored of my Oral-B… (Not that I’m actually expecting my electric toothbrush to amuse me somehow).

So I did some research and was weighing between Oral-B, PomaBrush and (you guessed it) Zenyum!

But I eventually bought a Zenyum!


  • Recommended by a couple of friends! 👍🏻
  • Very affordable 💰
  • Local Singaporean company! #supportlocal 🇸🇬
  • New colour – a pretty pastel pink~ 😍

I’ll be honest – the new colour really made a sucker out of me. Lol.

So, I was pretty excited when it arrived in the mail!

I really liked that it came in a pretty pink box and a card that concisely told me all the important info I needed to know about my new toothbrush.

So, what’s my verdict?

Note: I’ll be comparing a lot of it with Oral-B, since that’s the only other brand I’ve used.

  • Has a very shrill sound
    One of the most obvious differences I experienced was the sound. The Oral-B toothbrush was quite a low machine sound, but the Zenyum has a higher pitch almost like some sort of dentist drill.
  • Good grip!
    Really appreciate the texture and structure of the product! Feels comfortable on my hand.
  • Helps you stick to the recommended 2 minutes
    Not only does it stop after 2 minutes, it also gives out micro triggers to alert you every time 30 seconds has passed.
  • Super strong vibrations
    Probably also why the sound is so sharp and shrill, the Zenyum toothbrush has really strong vibrations that you could practically feel in your ears. And leaves your teeth feeling really clean!
  • No variations of brush heads to choose from
    One thing that I definitely miss is being able choose from different brush heads like Oral-B has. However that could be a good thing, since I always can’t make up my bloody mind.

So, Oral-B or Zenyum?

Hmm, do I regret choosing Zenyum? No, not at all!

Which one do I prefer? Currently, it might really be too early to say for sure. I used to be plenty happy with my Oral-B. However as of now, I prefer Zenyum.

Overall my teeth seem to feel cleaner, versus using an Oral-B. Albeit this could be due to the fact that my previous Oral-B was old and due for a change… So maybe it just wasn’t as powerful as a brand new machine.

And as a consumer, I also feel happier because the Zenyum is really affordable (especially when compared to Oral-B). For the price of a Zenyum, you’d only be able to get the lower range of Oral-Bs, which doesn’t make you feel very swanky when brushing your teeth.

(Honestly, I might be having unrealistic expectations of my electric toothbrush)

But that’s my take on my Zenyum electric toothbrush!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and have a good one, guys. 😊


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