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  • Electric toothbrush: Zenyum or Oral-B?

    Electric toothbrush: Zenyum or Oral-B?

    NON-SPONSORED PRODUCT REVIEW For about 10 years now, I’ve been absolutely sold on electric toothbrushes. My very first electric toothbrush was an Oral-B and have been using that brand throughout the decade! Each one lasted me about 1-2 years and I typically picked a new one up at any of those regular Watson’s sales. However…

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  • Hi, I was a COVID Bride! Here’s how I did it…

    Hi, I was a COVID Bride! Here’s how I did it…

    Many called me impulsive, overly-ambitious and basically downright insane to plan my wedding during COVID-19. “You realise we’re smack in the middle of a global pandemic? Aaaand you’re also juggling getting your masters degree and a full-time job?” “And you think NOW is a great time to get married?? In 3 f*cking months?!” “OMG, GERAAAA!!!”…

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  • Lash Lift at Dreamlash (Premium Korean Eyelash Studio)

    Lash Lift at Dreamlash (Premium Korean Eyelash Studio)

    Since getting older, I’ve broken up with eyelash extensions (we still have the occasional affair when I go travelling though 😌) – and have been pretty committed to being kinder to my natural eyelashes. Not to boast (which means I’m going to boast lah), but I’m blessed with relatively longer eyelashes for an Asian girl.…

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  • Thinking of a SecretLab Chair too?

    Thinking of a SecretLab Chair too?

    Everyone’s talking about it; everyone wants one – are you thinking of buying your own SecretLab chair too? 😁 You have to admit – it’s pretty tempting, isn’t it? 😏Heck, otherwise you won’t even be reading this. Hehe! For me, having a SecretLab chair was always regarded as a ‘good-to-have’ item. And while I often…

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  • Sweet Stranger on the Train

    Sweet Stranger on the Train

    I want to share a funny story with you! Okay, actually it has a bit of a dark side to it too. You’ve been warned – so here goes~~ 😎 Just the other day I was onboard the train with my AirPods plugged in, listening to 那女孩对我说 (Rachel Liang’s cover) with both my hands resting…

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  • Product Review: Dr. wonder Wonder Patch

    Product Review: Dr. wonder Wonder Patch

    Have you ever wondered, about Dr. wonder’s Wonder Patch? Teehee~ 😜🤭 Don’t know about you… but I still suffer from those pus-filled popups that make their uninvited visits every now and then – pimples. 😣 Dr. wonder’s advertisement was flashing persistently on my Facebook and Instagram feed; so being like the true marketer I am…

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  • 3 Things I’ll Miss After Circuit Breaker

    3 Things I’ll Miss After Circuit Breaker

    While I’m definitely not celebrating the Circuit Breaker, I’ve also grown quite accustomed to this ‘new normal’ and found ways that helped make it much more tolerable. 😊 It’s going to be great getting to leave my house and go beyond the supermarket again, but here are some things I’ve totally started loving during this…

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  • Weight and Waste Management, with Chocolatey Goodness

    Weight and Waste Management, with Chocolatey Goodness

    Imagine what a wonderful world that’ll be~ 💕💕One where your tummy feels good and your taste buds love it too! I’m blessed to have some very loving and caring people around me 🥰 One of whom is Siti, who is a colleague-turned-friend-turned-sayang. Haha! Yup, she got promoted twice. She was always like a big sister…

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  • Me and My Lazy Colon

    Me and My Lazy Colon

    Yes, out of all things to be lazy. My colon is. This is going to be a pretty shitty post… 💩💩 So if you’re the sort that’s easily repulsed, I strongly suggest you turn away from this one. Most people might be shy to share about such a thing in their life, but I’m not. 😂

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