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  • 3 Things I’ll Miss After Circuit Breaker

    3 Things I’ll Miss After Circuit Breaker

    While I’m definitely not celebrating the Circuit Breaker, I’ve also grown quite accustomed to this ‘new normal’ and found ways that helped make it much more tolerable. 😊 It’s going to be great getting to leave my house and go beyond the supermarket again, but here are some things I’ve totally started loving during this […]

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  • Weight and Waste Management, with Chocolatey Goodness

    Weight and Waste Management, with Chocolatey Goodness

    Imagine what a wonderful world that’ll be~ 💕💕One where your tummy feels good and your taste buds love it too! I’m blessed to have some very loving and caring people around me 🥰 One of whom is Siti, who is a colleague-turned-friend-turned-sayang. Haha! Yup, she got promoted twice. She was always like a big sister […]

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  • Me and My Lazy Colon

    Me and My Lazy Colon

    Yes, out of all things to be lazy. My colon is. This is going to be a pretty shitty post… 💩💩 So if you’re the sort that’s easily repulsed, I strongly suggest you turn away from this one. Most people might be shy to share about such a thing in their life, but I’m not. 😂

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  • MKUP Dewy Glow Glass Coating Cream – Product Review

    MKUP Dewy Glow Glass Coating Cream – Product Review

    Promising to give your skin a dewy glow while retaining moisture – this new release from MKUP looked really promising! 🙂

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  • Joey D the Goldie: ALWAYS Hungry

    The thing about goldies – they’re mostly human sluts. With my beloved nephew Joey, he’s also a food slut. You’re a human?? Joey already loves you. You’re a human with food??? You can practically take the boy home. I always knew Joey was a sucker for all things edible, regardless of delicious or not. But it was […]

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  • Moving House with 4 Furkids in Tow

    Moving House with 4 Furkids in Tow

    Spent the past 5 days with zero makeup, dressed in sloppy/comfy home wear and hair perpetually up in a trusty bun. This moving house thing is crazy exhausting!! 😰 It’s not my first time moving house – but this time there were added complications. Ahem. Four added complications, to be exact. Namely, the 4 furkids I have in […]

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  • 4 Life Lessons in a Decade

    Recently everyone was doing the #10YearsChallenge, and I just pretty readily hopped on the bandwagon as well. 😋 View this post on Instagram A post shared by Geraldine Sim (@gera.shen) Wasn’t sure of the exact original intentions of this challenge, but when I saw the old picture of me 10 years ago – it was […]

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  • Today I was Grateful

    One of the most important and hardest things to do in life, is to be grateful. Grateful to others, yourself, circumstances – and most importantly, to life in itself. It isn’t always easy; especially when you’re someone as overly-independent as me. 😛 Someone who doesn’t like the idea of actually being reliant on anyone or anything else – […]

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  • Love this Good and Affordable Eyelash Serum!

    Hey there, guys! Today I want to share a little rave about this eyelash serum/essence I’ve been using for a few months now – the M Lash Boosting Ampoule by Missha. I’m one of those that think that one of the best features to have is gorgeous eyelashes. 😍 And drives me a taaaad jealous whenever I see […]

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