Pre-Birthday Celebration

Time sure flies.

A blink of an eye; and I’m another year old.

Sigh. *sulks*

Isn’t it odd how when we were below 12, we would try sounding as old as possible?

Once we hit our teens, we just name out our age freely.

Then comes adulthood, when we begin to shudder at every birthday. And if anyone asks our age, “20+?”

I’m not lying! I just wasn’t specific.

Hey, I didn’t read the T&Cs. So sucks to be you!

Sidetrack – look at my cute little Pooh Bear at the back of my mobile! Plus balloons flying!!

Given to me by one of my blondes in school, Fifi!

Anyhow, I’m already 22. Well, going to be in approximately 3 very short days, on the 17th!

Mark slept over after a really tiring day of BBQ-thingys shopping & digging for his huge ice box!

It was tucked deep inside some hidden corner of his home. And when we dug it out, you have no idea how many dead cockroaches we found inside!

Like, eww much!!

I must say, I’m such a brave girlfriend! I’m the brave birthday girl!!!


Anyhow~ Look at the ice box! It took up like 3/4 of the backseat!

 Early in the morning, we woke up (really exhausted) to drive his mom to church! 

I swear, I really needed to catch a few extra winks! But poor Mark’s momma didn’t have a car left in the household. It’ll be absolutely be diabolically selfish of me to simply let her take public transport so early in the morning.

So I told her that we’d pick her up in the morning to drive her to church! *beams proudly!*

Yes, what you’ve heard is true – I am a nice person. 😛

It has been eons since I last attended a church service willingly
*Being forced by my mommy doesn’t count. I usually just entertain; thus not even there with the right heart.

I must say, I was appalled at myself – because I actually miss going to church!

Sheesh. I even have problem not poking fun at Wai Soe during lectures in school, because I get restless/bored at whatever new information I’m supposed to be absorbing.

But in church – I felt I wanted to listen. 🙂 So proud of myself!

After church, Mark and I went back to his place to prepare a little genius-of-an-innovation he had in mind for my BBQ!

Anyone who has been around Mark for a long enough time, will know that he doesn’t love me only.

He loves his family (duh), computer (very much!) & mushrooms.

Straw mushrooms, button mushrooms, shitake mushrooms, golden mushrooms… You name it! As long as it is a little stemmed thing with a round roof, falls under the category of an ‘edible fungi’ – Mark’s sold!

Whenever we have BBQ, I swear I’m neglected because of that vegetable on the table.

My hunny-wunny chopping up the mushrooms!

My job? Well, fairly simple.

I just had to butter in cheese into the mushrooms!

Once that was done, Mark would wrap it up in a slice of bacon! 
Like, yummy please!!
If I didn’t need the BBQ pit to start cooking it, I swear I would’ve eaten most of them myself first.
And no one can say anything, because it’s my birthday (celebration)!! 
We loaded up all our wares into boxes & set back to my place! Look at the amount we prepared!
I was super confident that the stuff we prepared would get snatched up quickly!! …well, by me. 
Driving back to my place, I was almost reluctant to go for my own birthday BBQ. I’m actually the kind that loves to just rot at home all day, rent a couple of DVDs and order home some fattening food. 
Mommy went to the market in the morning to grab all the meat & stuff, so Mark and I piled them into the car! I swear, our arms ached like hell… And we had to take 2 trips back & fro to the car.
And of course, my Baby was coming along! As you can tell, Mark gets jealous very easily. 
When we got there, I leashed my dog to a chair. Like the magnet he is, he attracted heaps of attention. Seriously, everyone should just be small & puffy with big eyes. 
Did I ever mention that my dog is a bit of an anti-social? When he saw so many people hover around him, he got a little scared and starting looking frantically for me.
My heart melted! And even when I was supposed to go buy ice, I just had to hug him! 
He just looks like a fur accessory here. 

Once we arrived at the BBQ pit, it was fire-starting time!! Pile in the charcoal & burn the fire y’all!
Letting the men do the work. 😉

Special thanks to my lovely 3rd aunt! She helped me along with this BBQ!

 Despite this being my birthday BBQ, there was loads of curry.
…even though I am scared of spicy food.

Yes, I am Singaporean.

And look at my ice-box! Practically like boy’s heaven, please! Not even a girl’s birthday. 
Look at my boyfriend’s smug face!

I went around promoting the food that Mark & I made! :)) And yes, everyone enjoyed it & kept on asking for more!
I’m going to brainwash Mark into being a chef, so that I can have such good food everyday! 😀 Bwahahaha. He comes up with all these simply delightful treats all the time. 
No wonder I’ve gained so much weight since I became his girlfriend. *sulks* He just feeds me everyday like I’m a Tamagotchi! 

After a while, it began to rain a little bit. And even though I had just organised an event, I didn’t plan a wet-weather programme for this!

Thank God the rain stopped after about 2 minutes. :)) Hallelujah!

Me constantly lingering around Mark to grab food! 

Uncle Ben & Mark spending most of their time at the BBQ pit! Both of them having the same action! So cute!

We had loads of food! 
And I did’t miss out my furry Baby! 
Okay, those avid dog-lovers are going to think I’m trying to kill my dog or something by giving him this. Honestly, I know that this food isn’t the best of healthy nutrition for dogs. But I also know that my dog loves this a whole lot more than his usual dry food! 
Since everyone at my BBQ was going to be stuffing themselves with oily & not-so-healthy food, why can’t my dog enjoy the same? 

My dog puts himself on a pedestal, so he munched on his food a little bit… Then left the rest there for his future pleasure. 
But little did he know that this stray cat wondered in and gobbled everything up in seconds!  

That cat probably had the “I-struck-lottery!!!” feeling, because after it finished my dog’s food – my family went to feed it leftover fish meat, prawns and some chicken. 
Look at the dog my mom is carrying! Not my dog, but same breed! 
It is still a puppy & already pregnant! Aiyo~ They grow up so fast. 😀
And my adorable grandpapa doing this classic hand pose ever since he watched ET. 
Like I said, I never really fancied being around too many people for a long time. After a while, I just went to the playground to sit and munch on a corn. 
But guess who found me?

Well, duh. He always knows where to find me somehow. 
For all I know, he planted a tracking device on me! *horrified!!*

He came & stole my corn!! Roar. So I had to whine…. 

My cousin who took all these pictures looked quite constipated when I whined…
But who cares? Not only did I get my corn back, Mark held it for me too! 😀 

Uncle Ben is so old, he uses smoke signals. 

Time for the cake & pictures with everyone in the family! :)) 

I guess you can count the dogs are very distant relatives…? But they’re so cute! So they got a photo too!

The 3 young couples in the family! :)) 
And I know I look super fat. :((

Cut the cake!!

It was rather delish! I hate fruit cakes, so I always get something along the lines of chocolate or cookies & cream. Hehe. 
While the rest continued cooking/chatting/etc-ing… Kath and I went to the poolside for a little session of photo-shooting! 

Time to head back home with all my gifts & leftover BBQ stuff! Thank you everyone for coming to my little birthday BBQ!!

And lookie at the back! My poor mommy & Baby were sharing the space with the huge ice box! 

I’m totally bushed out!

On my actual birthday itself, I’ll be going out with my cousin! I simply love her! No matter what happens, she’ll always be there. :))

…maybe it’s because we are blood related. Hmm.

Anyhow, I’m going to enjoy my last 3 days as a 21-year-old first!

Virgin Event – Smash the Record!

I prayed & asked God for a few things… And he gave me this event. 
Funny thing about humans; generally speaking – we tend to strive for perfection, but our first tries are always full of errs. However our first tries are always the ones that we have the most sentimental attachment towards. 
It is sort of like a love-hate relationship; you want it, yet sometimes the very presence of it irks you. 
Well, that’s how I feel about my recent event – Smash the Record! 
Basically, it was aiming at promoting recycling to the youths using performing arts.
This was the poster our client finally agreed upon. 
This event was truly my virgin try. So far I have only ever worked in events, but never actually got down to creating one. 
When my teacher (I love this teacher even more, by the way!) described this module to us at the beginning, she summed it all in 6 words – “It’s not going to be easy.” 
Big warning. Huge sign. And a definite challenge. 
My ever-supportive & loving boyfriend (which I’ve come to fall for even more, by the way!), stayed over at my place to make sure that I had my breakfast before the event. 
Now this day didn’t come easy; I swear when I recall the entire process of the event – I actually feel warm tears welling up. *emo alert!!*
It started officially in mid-May – whereby we were briefed on what our client wanted & the class was split into 2 teams; each team presenting 1 proposal to the client. 
I was voted in President, while Germaine was Vice-President. So we both headed our own teams. 
Since then, there were already some issues – but it was well-kept controlled! ….or so it was for that period. 😦
At the end of May, Germaine & I had to go down to our client’s to give them a presentation on our individual proposals. 
On that day itself, our class already had it’s reservations regarding the client. Honestly, I did too… 😛 We had classes from 9AM-6PM practically non-stop. Then a rather big test after that, ending at about 7.30PM. After which, we had to travel from the East side of Singapore to the Central-West to meet them. 
Not forgetting, we even had another morning presentation at 9AM the following day. 
The first meeting lasted till about 11PM; when the janitor chased us out. Thank you, Mr Janitor! ;P 
We were all crazy tired and by the time we got home… It was practically 1AM. 
From what I know, we did try negotiating for another day for the presentation – just so that we won’t get a burnout so quickly. But the client insisted, because they wanted it done ASAP. Bah. 
Plus, I did some homework on checking my client’s reputation. 
Let’s just say, people warned me. So I pretty much saw all the bullets & missiles coming anyhow. 
In case you’re wondering whose proposal they chose… We actually had a combination of both. Which was actually pretty much predicted. 
So June came on; so did all the stress & torture. Being President, I was front-line for all the bombarding and everything like that. And honestly speaking, my class wasn’t all that bonded just yet – so communication was quite a problem. 😦 Soon enough, several other small problems kept on sprouting all over the place. 
I spent many nights staying up till 3AM (the earliest), looking at emails from the client, hounding for replies from my exco heads & trying to reply in the best way possible. 
Not forgetting, doing work for my other modules – which I regret to admit, I have neglected terribly. *guilty pangs* 
Through all those nights, Mark tried to stay over to drive me to school so that I could steal a little more snoozing! If he couldn’t he stayed with me on Skype till I went to sleep.
How can I possibly not fall for someone like that?? He loves me even when I’m down in the pits & utterly troublesome. 
*blushes* Hehe. 
I didn’t cry. I was still going on strong. My mind was still able to think of solutions 24/7 – literally. I would sometimes dream of the problems I had been thinking about when I’m awake, then create solutions in my sleep, wake up and solve it. 
My mind was willing – but my body was weak. 
Within a month; towards the end of June – I suffered a terrible back sprain. 
I was just doing my usual thing of sitting at my table, typing out new information for my client and completing other assignments – when suddenly (literally – it was extremely sudden), I couldn’t move at all without tearing in pain. 
So I decided to just go lie down for 30 minutes before continuing with my work. 
But when I woke up, I practically felt paralysed. 😦 
I swear I never felt anything like that before! It was super scary, okay? I couldn’t even reach for my phone to call Mark or my mom. 
And for once in the entire month – I actually stopped working on the computer for a few hours straight.

*This excludes sleeping hours!

I couldn’t stand/sit/lie down without feeling like my back was going to break. I was so badly hunched, I swear I think I was like a perfect 90-degree angle yo! O.O *freaks out again* 
Mark, my ever-stubborn boyfriend – insisted on coming down even when I didn’t want him to. 
I didn’t want him to see me like that… For once ever, I wasn’t able to protect myself. 😦 I couldn’t do anything at all! Even going to the washroom was a major issue. I had to shower while leaning on the wall for a few seconds, standing up for the next few… Then leaning again. 
Trust me, it was torturous. 
But to Mark, it seemed like a godsend opportunity for me to finally take an official break from all my work. He had been trying to get me to stop thinking/doing work. I think I was a horrid girlfriend through the 3 months of this project. I wasn’t only thinking about the event itself – but also my client, my class, my committee heads, my other modules…
He stayed over just to make sure that he could be around to attend to my every need. 🙂 I’m the luckiest girl in the world. 
And I really couldn’t even use the computer, so he played Monopoly Deal with me all day! 
See? I had to lie down on my sides to find a certain ‘zen’ position; where my backbone doesn’t threaten to break on me. 
This whole backbreaking-drama lasted for about 3 days. 
But actually by the 2nd day, I was already back on the computer doing what I do. 
The beginning of July just proved to be filled with more challenges. I went to meet my client again, but this time – I called for my committee heads. My back sprain was like a last warning alert from my body – so I decided it was time that my exco members faced some music as well. 
And to perk myself up before the meeting, Wai Soe & I shared waffles with ice cream & chocolate fudge! Yum to the maximum!
It was gone in 2 minutes flat! :))
During the mid of July, finer details were settled. 
A lot more problems faced & solved. 
A load more nights with unsound sleep. 
But finally things were beginning to run a whole lot better! Plus, my teacher has been amazing. She always asked about how I was coping & probably something about her… But I couldn’t just simply tell her, “Its fine!” like how I tell everyone else. 
I guess its because I know that she’ll know – so no point lying. May as well just tell her, let out a bit of steam & see if she could give any advice. Through it all, she was very supportive & gave me heaps of advice. So motherly; I love her even more than I did last semester! 
Part of my programmes was a Flashmob, so some classmates were practicing after classes. 
Me, being the busy & stressed President – was left out of it. 😦 I actually really wanted to take part in it! I always wanted to be in a flashmob!! My secret ambition has surfaced!! Wahahaha! 
Anyhow, there I was questioning a fellow classmate about information. I don’t remember what – all I know is, I was pissed. 

By the end of July, approximately 2 weeks away from the event day itself – some of my members had to go down to a school (shall remain unnamed) for a dance demo. We wanted some to take part in our flashmob as well. 
After all, a flashmob is supposed to have a crowd on its own! 
As you can probably tell, I was crazy-super-mad-duper stressed already. By this time, it got to a point whereby I wasn’t able to sleep for more than 4 hours without thinking of a new problem unsolved. 

I know – I had gone officially insane
And according to my boyfriend, I was already on a burnout. Not enough rest, too much work, too much stress. For the first time in my life, I actually felt like my mind was on zombie-mode – I would just keep on going & going, but inside I had already died. 😦 
The experience at the school was nowhere near good. Well, for one – a character there created some problem.
Kind of hilarious, now that I think of it! 😀 
Anyhow, it created a little drama & loads of friction in the school. 
All I can say is, I thank God that Mark was there to stand by me. Without him, I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done. 
Like I said, I was on zombie-mode. I wasn’t myself anymore. I just did what I had to do, because I had to do it – but the fact was, I no longer could. But the harder fact was; I couldn’t just stop. 
I understood that my class relied on me & I saw for myself how the entire event-process had created bonds I never thought could be formed! 
Call me cheesy, call me corny – but it was looking at how happy my class was with each other, that I gritted my teeth & went on with the event anyhow. 
After the incident at the school, I went home & broke down. 
For the first time in a long time, I actually cried due to stress. And usually when I cry, I’d stop within 20 minutes tops! But this one actually went on till that night. 
All I received was one SMS regarding a problem which was rather easy, but I was just so fed up with everything that I just fell on my room floor & wept. I wanted to just call everything off & give it all up – but when my exco had an online meeting & we were chatting like good ol’ friends; I knew it was something that I couldn’t give up. 
Besides, my teacher was right; I had come way too far to give it up. Plus, all over a stupid little prick? Sheesh. 
Come to think of it, when was I the kind of give up? 
So I didn’t. 🙂

And I’m glad I didn’t.

And with the support of my classmates wanting to carry on with the event – we went on! *pom pom!* 
Look at the supplies we brought to our client’s to work on our goodie bags! I swear, I felt like a rag & bone lady! And people kept on staring, please. Shy, much!
Packing the goodie bags!!

Settling emails again!

When you do work with people you enjoy working with – it just gets into heaps of fun! 
Chloe went around tattooing everyone with the chop we used to serialise our coupons. 

Our lion for the Eco-Lion game!

Giving the lion fangs! Roar!

I got soooo bushed out by the time it got this close to the actual event day – I didn’t even bother wearing makeup to school anymore!

But my girlies still loved me much much! *blushes!*

The day before the event, Germaine and I went down to the event site itself to distribute flyers!
When we went to take a peek at our event area, we saw our stage already put up. I swear, I felt this crazy rush of pride within me! I quickly took picture of it & tweeted it to share with my classmates! …but don’t know why my tweet kept on failing to upload. 
Annoying. Roar. 
Lunch break! 

Oh, yes. The curled up hair!
Y’see, just at where we were distributing flyers – there was this girl who was manning a cart that was selling hair-styling equipment. She seemed rather drawn to my hair & wanted to style my hair for free!
So after a while, I decided to take a break & let her play with my hair! Felt like a Barbie doll. 😛 

Germaine had her hair slightly volumised

So 30th July came! The actual day of the event! 
Mark stayed over to drive me for breakfast! Then parked the car at his place and took MRT down to City Square Mall. My poor boyfriend, stayed around that area for the entire time! Just to give me support. ❤
When I entered the event area, I saw the entire setup of the event. And the rush of pride doubled & tripled like crazy! 
I felt so proud of my Logistics crew which stayed till midnight to ensure the setting up went fine. 

A little decoration on the carpet!

My lovely girls at the Registration Booth!

Time for the Flashmob! 

And then, it got to the highlight – smashing of aluminium drink cans, to enter the Singapore Book of Records with the most number of people present! We entered with a record number of 300 people!! *beams with pride*
Our Guest-of-Honour, Dr Lily Neo was present!

I was assigned to host her – but honestly I didn’t really have to! Everyone kept on wanting a piece of her, I didn’t have to entertain her at all! Besides, even while sitting with her – I was running through in my head the programmes & what possible problems could arise. 
We had heaps of awesome performances! 

And to end things off – we had a Fashion Show Competition! Whereby teams would create outfits using recyclable materials. 

I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with many of the outfits!

And the hot favourites were these fighters!!

But the top prize went to these lovely ladies in the crazy gorgeous wedding gown & the cute fairy-like outfit! 

That marked the end of our event!!
And just when I thought everything would take a slow pace downhill from there… More problems arose. 
However, by then I had grown accustomed to getting problems growing out of nowhere & having to get a solution going from somewhere. 
Maybe I was numb, maybe I was too tired or maybe I had become accustomed to it – but I wasn’t stressed during the event itself. In fact, my class ran like a rather well-oiled machine if you ask me! :)) 
I only ran around, ensuring that everything was fine. A few minor hiccups – but everything was fine. 🙂 
I love my class like crazy right now! 

The character that tried to create trouble showed up at the event, even though he wasn’t supposed to! *frowns* He even tried coming really close to me at one point – but I simply disregarded his presence. He is really flattering himself too much if thinks that I would give a hoot about him when I had my event happening before me. Sheesh. 
Anyhow, if you ask me… The event was quite a success! 🙂 I admit, it wasn’t perfect. I spotted flaws which I have learnt from! But we…
a. Successfully conducted the client’s Biennial General Meeting as requested! 
b. Set a record in the Singapore Book of Records with the most number of people crushing aluminium cans! 
c. Got our event featured on ChannelNewsAsia! Some of my friends caught it on TV & I received SMS alerts! Some saw the article online & tweeted me the link!  
Thanks to my family & friends who popped by to show me support! It meant the world to me!! :)) And of course, supporting the sale of my goodie bags! Heh heh. Sorry I wasn’t able to entertain you all for very long! Especially to my family members who had chipped in to support my event, an extra big thanks! 
Thanks to my awesome class for getting in everything together & putting in all the hard work! For a bunch of hi-bye classmates like we were at first, we worked things out really well – if you ask me! 😉 I love you guys so much now, I almost wish that year 3 would last forever! (Excluding the disastrous workload, please!) 
Thanks to my amazing teacher, Ms YC, who was always there for me through it all whenever I needed advice or a listening ear! Not to mention, she had complete & utter faith in me no matter what. Even I don’t believe so much in myself! She gave me the confidence which I actually lost halfway down the road somewhere when I was continuously lashed at by the client. She helped me manage things when I found difficulty with the class. I seriously think I would’ve just crashed & burned without her. 🙂
And definitely, my biggest thanks to Mark. ❤ He stuck through everything with me, I swear. He was with me through everything, he actually knows the event rather well too! He listened to all my endless ranting, he tried to chip in his advice when I was problems, he held me when I broke down & ululated, he cheered me on when I kept on saying how worthless I was, he would gently kiss my cheek whenever I frowned upon opening an email…the list is seriously endless. But the underline is… he still loves me through it all.
To award us for a jog well done, Ms YC treated us to pizza at our next lesson!! Okay, I didn’t take picture of everything because I was simply too hungry! 😛 And we even watched How I Met Your Mother!

And to express my gratitude to the entire class & Ms YC, I gave each one a personalised chocolate from Chocoholic Prints! Plus, attached a little note of special thanks to each individual. ❤ 
I wrote till my hand ached, but I feel nothing is more important than making my members feel like whatever they did – is appreciated. 🙂 

Sigh. As of today, I officially feel like I could breathe again!
No doubt, I’m going to miss this event! It is practically like a baby the class created! From absolutely nothing but a bunch of ideas put on paper – to a period of reality happening before us. 
…and now it has officially become a REALLY long blog entry. 
Anyone sleeping yet? 😛 
I prayed & asked God for a few things… 

“Dear God, I pray that my class would be more bonded.” 

“Dear God, it has been eons since I last broke down & I feel like I’m choking on years of pain – but I just cannot seem to cry.” 

“Dear God, I have a problem… I like taking revenge. That’s not good.” 

“Dear God, thanks for sending Mark into my life. But after all that I’ve been through, I have huge trust issues. What if he’s just another guy that’ll leave me & I end up heartbroken again?” 

And God gave me this event.

My classmates are all much closer to each other now! 😀 We all full of nonsense & we love each other! School has become so much more fun to attend!

I finally broke down & let a dam of years of tears loose. I laid vulnerable & weak for a while; but now I’m back stronger than I ever was. Upgraded version yo! 

Nasty things happened during the event & it was certainly tempting to retaliate. However, God bestowed me the chance to prove that I could be the better person. So, ha! I’m the better one now! Naninani-poopoo! 😛 And may God bless you. 

Through the entire 3 months – Mark wiped my tears away, shared my laughter & smiles and pulled me up whenever I slumped to my knees in agony. I was ugly & angry through this time, but he still held me close & told me I’m beautiful. I guess this merits him a chance for me to trust someone all over again, doesn’t it? 🙂 

The entire process wasn’t easy – Ms YC summed it up really well! 
Gone are the days whereby I just had to solve the problem in front of me – I have to also look into the problems the solutions might bring as well. 
But all in all – if someone asked me, “Was it all worth it?” 
I’d look at my happy class & loving boyfriend – my answer, “Definitely.” 

Goodbye, ol’ Railway

Everyone probably knows by now; our Tanjong Pagar Railway is officially not operational anymore.

It is funny, really. For the longest time, Singapore has been trying to get Malaysia to get rid of that railway track and give that piece of land back to us. Haha! Sounds a bit like a lover wanting his/her stuff back after a breakup.

And for the longest time, I always wanted to see just how the Singapore Government would make use of that incredibly vast piece of land! More high-rise apartments? A shopping centre? A bus interchange?

Or all? Hehe.

I’m no land-surveyor… But trust me, once that land is properly cleared… There is a whole lot of possibilities for that piece of land.

Okay, everyone knows that I’m the kind of person who doesn’t really care much about anything unless it has direct contact to me.

Conceited, much? I totally agree.

Y’see, this railway track has heaps of memories for me.

My grandparents stayed in the houses which are just (literally) next to the railway. There was a period of time when I was left in their care, so I grew fond of the rattling tracks and loud whistling of the train.

I remember feeding the birds early in the mornings; just at the break of dawn. Bah.
Now I can’t even wake up in time to feed myself breakfast. Sheesh.

Anyway after a while when I eventually moved there, it became only normal for me to hear the sounds.

The whole track was like a transition into another world.

Through the front of my home, was an evidently well-developed urban jungle. Then when you look through my kitchen window, you’d see the old tracks and a vast piece of greenery.

The field and the trees; I often wanted to go down there to play. But my grandparents were (and still a tad are…) awfully protective of me. So many a times, I played alone at home.

Don’t pity me. I’m really used to it. My daddy never allowed me to go downstairs to play with the neighbourhood children. So to cater to my ‘child-needs’, I was built an indoor playground.

Yes, I know… I was a spoiled brat. But I dare say that since my life took a turn some years ago, I’ve changed heaps.

So I guess this is how it is with the railway.

It was in the past, had a good purpose – but it would hinder the future.

Trust me, if you knew me back then… Well, you probably wouldn’t want to know me anymore. Heh.

That’s the funny thing about the past, y’see. Be it you think it was better than your present, or worse – the fact is, holding onto it only hinders your future.

I know for a fact.

I laugh whenever people say I have it good – because that only proves that my daddy definitely had a strong baby girl. 😉

Once upon a time, I had a good life. Really, I did.

Even now as I look back, I think that I was one of the most blessed little girls around. But it didn’t last very long. I struggled endlessly to keep smiling and I fought hard to be here today.

The thing is, I think I am a way better person than I ever would’ve become – if I didn’t get out of my past.

As I walked back at the railway today, I realised this – Sometimes you can miss something in your past; but that doesn’t mean you want it back.

I miss what I had terribly so… But that doesn’t mean I would forsake what I have now for it.

I miss all the carefree moments & always-getting-my-way life.

I saw this little girl as she ran around the field & her father was behind her smiling proudly.

That’s what I had; I miss it, I really do.

But I don’t want it anymore.

I’ve found something way better.

No offence to my past; it has made me the person I am today.

I’m not perfect; trust me on that. But I know for a fact, I’m a better person now.

I’m proud of whatever I’ve done for myself through all the difficult times – I didn’t just abandon the idea of life when situations got diabolical. I didn’t just fling myself into the abyss of my painful fate and blamed the world for it.

I stood by me through it all and I’m glad I did.

It’s amazing how one simple trip to the ol’ railway could make me look back like that.

Ever entered a house & only regarded it as home when it had something?

Well, my home was when the sounds of the railway tracks flooded the rooms. Might be something people consider bad…but hey, I like it. So that’s all that matters, right?

I still remember me going to Malaysia for a camp when I was still in CHIJ, I was terribly home sick. 😦

When we took the train back home, I stayed up till my eyes hurt just to wait till the train passed by my home. Once it did, I let out an exhausted smile and went to sleep.

No one seems to believe it… But I’m a home-bird. I love my family, I really do.

Even though many times they annoy me and all, but underline is… They’re still family. 🙂

So the railway is off now! 
It was a good companion through silent & lonely nights. 
But goodbye, old friend – for my future awaits.
To a world of more pain and joy,
that no amount of you could ever equate. 
X.O.X.O. Love Love. 

Dinner in Taiwan!

I wish, really.

I know I already live in a Food Paradise. Singapore does indeed have a very good variety when it comes to food.

But almost everyone goes to Taiwan & comes back raving about how glorious the food there is! Which is why sometimes I don’t really get many souvenirs from them… 😦 Because the best stuff are the food.

F.J.B.F.T (Friend-Just-Back-From-Taiwan): Here’s your souvenir! A bunch of facial masks & some pretty tops!

Me: Wow! Thanks! These are great!!

F.J.B.F.T: Ha! You don’t know whats great about Taiwan till you’ve eaten the food!

Me: You brought back some for me?

F.J.B.F.T: I can let you smell my burps or taste my poo?

Me: *censored*

They do come back with some gorgeous clothes & awesome beauty products, but according to them… Nothing beats the food! …This makes me just all the more pissed off.

That means it is really beyond my imagination! -.-

Taiwan is known for its FOOD!!

Like people go honeymooning in Paris, the City of Love…

Or go for a crazy spree in Soho! 
Especially with all the crazy discounts! 
Or going skiing in Canada!!
This is not helping my bad case of wanderlust. 
God, help me. Even I’m sabotaging myself! -.-
Anyhow, my point is… Taiwan is really known for its food!
To make things worse, I’ve been having an extremely stressful time in school lately. 😦 I’ve been gaining weight, sprouting more pimples, getting dark eye circles… All in all, I’ve just gotten uglier. *sobs*
Today’s Tuesday, lecture & tutorial all together… No lunch break. Ouch. 
So with no time & no food in the tummy, I resorted to a sandwich & drink from vending machines! 
Instant & sucks me dry of my coins! My wallet feels lighter already. 
I haven’t had a decent meal in the longest time, really. It was always something quick & average in taste. 
So when my aunt ask me down to try this new Taiwanese cafe at One Raffles Place, I was over the moon! 
It was like the angels heard my cries! …Okay, I’m a tad exaggerating. You get my point; I was happy
Xiao Bar Wang at One Raffles Place! 
At a convenient location in the CBD area! Plus, by the time I got down there after lessons… Most of the working people already left for home! So it wasn’t as maddeningly crowded as usual. 
The little Taiwanese cafe! A very chic yet cosy little eatery, I think.
I met boyfriend, Mark & one of my favourite friends of his, Anson! 
Don’t think of Anson as a light bulb, please. When it comes to good food, why not share? 😉
My aunt & uncle were there too, anyhow!
I’m a very generous person. *proud beams!*
This place is relatively new, so being one of the first few customers… We got our pictures on Polaroid! 
If you ever go there, check out my picture on the wall!! *more proud beams!!*

The cute little menu that sits on every table! Very easy to read & access, don’t you think? 
Here’s why I generally don’t fancy those booklet-styled menus:
1. So many pages, I have to keep on flipping back & forth to my shortlisted choices; just to look at the pictures again. 
2. The waiter usually takes them back & I have to get their attention again if I want to look at what else they sell. 
If you ask me, this is a lot more convenient! 
The whole place isn’t exactly waiter-style, it is more like fast-food! So no trying to get some waiter’s attention & long waits for your food! 
Simply, order & collect! Now how ’bout that?
Cheap, yummy & fast!

At the counter I saw this crazy cute meow-meow! Chinese believe that this is good for business, because it welcomes fortune. Well, if you ask me… Anyone welcomes fortune, yes? Not just a cat. 
Anyhow, I was told that you could see this adorable meow-meow at every of the Xiao Bar Wangs! Talk about a mass welcome. 

While waiting for the food that took longer to come, I chewed on some tea eggs!
I simply love tea eggs!! Every time I walk pass a tea egg stall along the street, I get this nostril-gasm. 
It has this super-yummilicious smell! I think the bugger that invented tea eggs is a super genius! Appeal to the nose; the most powerful sensor of the human body. 
Whatever goes up the nose, translates straight to the brain!

My hunny-wunny stealing bites from my tea eggs. 😦 
*reminds myself I’m a generous person!* Plus, he’s my lover. So I guess I could close one eye on this!

Anson behind him devouring the potato salad!
This was the potato salad! 
Literally not just potato, but also the other components that make it a salad! I think it looks so pretty! I almost didn’t want to touch it. 
Look at my box of Braised Pork Rice! Super yummy, I swear. Plus, it is so convenient. 
It comes in this cute little box & going at only $4.10! If I work anywhere near there with an anal boss and strict lunch break, I might just get this to-go! 

Want to know how yummy?
This was how the box looked like after 10 minutes with me. 

And of course, another Taiwan favourite – Mee Sua!! 

Almost everything there was so healthy
The succulent meatballs in the Mee Sua! 

Now, don’t go thinking that I was eating there entirely happy! 

I didn’t get to try the Specialty Cold Noodle; which my aunt was raving about, by the way.

If something is average, no problem getting it – but I complain its too average.
If something is good, problem getting it – I complain about not getting it.

And another thing was the Mushroom Pork Porridge!
I simply love mushrooms!! And it was also sold out!! 
Talk about too popular! *grumbles!*

But they made up for it with this! 
The Crispy Chicken!

It looks a lot like the Shi Lin XXL Chicken, I know. 
But I felt that this one tasted a little better. Plus, it comes in bigger chunks at about the same price!

I honestly never fancied the Shi Lin XXL Chicken because of the powdery taste. 
But this one? Now, its totally different! 

Look at my recently-made-Uncle sucking on his drink!
Well, he’s my newest uncle… So I consider him rather recently-made.

Anyhow, he was really enjoying his drink. 
The Taiwanese drinks available!

I already had one during the meal, but I got another one to-go too! 

Another crazy awesome thing about this place? 

I don’t know whether its an academical-hazard, because I study Business… So we do a little accounting.
Every time I see prices, I will add in the 7% G.S.T charge, then the 10% service charge (if applicable). 
Which makes everything just a little bit more troublesome, y’know?
This place?
No service charge!
G.S.T already included! 
WOO-HOO!! 😀 
Okay, I know I’m over-high about one of my new-found food-haunts! But it really was a good getaway from all the usual food I’ve been having in school. Even when I get to a good place with good food, I get a horrible bill later on. 😦 
So this place was mad awesome for me!! 
To my Taiwanese friend, Nien Ting: When are you going back again? I’M COMING TOO!! :)) 
Everyone should totally go try it out! A One Raffles Place, somewhere around basement 1….  
Oh, everyone please remember its Raffles Place!! I went to Raffles City instead at City Hall…. And I swear Mark & Anson were snarling at me for a bit. 😦 
But after eating, they were both happy-happy boys! 
Speaking of happy boys… I made Mark a little happier today! 
Look at what I got him! An Angry Bird!!

Angry Birds is one of Mark’s all-time favourite games. Well, just about anyone’s favourite game. 
The amusing thing is; this is an angry bird…but I don’t feel any tension or anger or whatsoever! In fact, I feel like laughing. 
Somehow he looks like a Pokeball that grew a beak, eyes & a little radar-thingy on his head. 
Mark & I decided to call him: Ba-Boing! 
Please don’t ask why. I’ve concluded that it is impossible to share with others just how utterly lame Mark & I get when we’re together. 
Ah! Its going to be another hectic week…. 😦 I think I’ll reward myself at the end of everything with another visit at Xiao Bar Wang again! 
And I know Mark will definitely have no objections. ;P 
X.O.X.O. Love Love. 

The Budget Stress Kit

Something which has been very close to me lately – stress.

Yes, it has become practically part of my life. So much so that once I complete this big project that I have, I’m going to feel a tad empty.

Mixed feelings, please. I totally want this project to be over because of the massive headaches it is giving me in all aspects possible. *prays that no more will come!* At the same time, it has become part of what I do! So if it goes, it is almost like losing a part of me.

It is going to be kicking off a bad habit, I think. You don’t really want it to be there – you honestly know that it does more harm than good! Then again, you also want it to be there… Because it was responsible for making you feel like you have something to do in life.


Anyways, since as far as I could remember… I always relied on Retail Therapy to make me happy.

Gosh, I sound like a Shopoholic.

It was always just my way of making me feel like I’m getting rewarded for something. So it is a bit like a goal at the end of the day, y’know?

I could even picture a doctor in my head telling me, “To cure yourself, Geraldine, you need RETAIL THERAPY!!!

I didn’t think there was anything really awful about it. I make myself happy, make the shop people happy… Plus, I even help stimulate the economy! 😀 
In the past, I would just (literally) throw myself into a shop and start looking for things I fancy. 
All this was fine & good. 
Problem was, I ended buying things which I didn’t like when I wasn’t stressed anymore. It is kind of like being in a drunken stupor? You wake up with a head full of regrets. And an emptier wallet/bank account. 😦 
Not cool. 
My dearest boyfriend seems to realise this problem of mine & he (literally) pulls me away from the shops. 
Sometimes he dangles something in front of me, just so that my eyes don’t catch sight of the shops. 
I know it looks really disturbing to outsiders. But hey, gets the job done! 😀 
And not to mention, I realise how much money I could save if I were just a little more rational with my spending. 
So lately I have developed my own little Budget Stress Kit!! 

It has been working out really well for me so far! 🙂 
Like how First Aid Kits always have their own little things inside, so does my Budget Stress Kit! 
1. Food!!
Honestly speaking, I think I eat more than the average girl on the street. 
Which probably explains why I’m such a chubby thing. 😛 
The thing is, I enjoy food! 
And the thing is, you’re in Singapore! You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a good meal. 
Sometimes, even some ice-cream from McDonald’s makes me delighted! 🙂 
But nothing can beat my one true tummy-love… 
2. Games
I was never really the gamer sort. I used to play RPG games here & there, but never really hardcore. 
But I’d be the last to deny that it really does help to de-stress. 
I don’t really like any games other than RPG ones. Picky, tsk. 
So Mark (my gamer boyfriend) recommended that I play Maple Story.  
And he let me play his Diner Dash 5!! 😀 
My gamer boyfriend letting me into his gaming world…. *tears well up* I’m so touched. 
His computer is like the other woman, honestly. I sometimes feel like I have to compete with that chunk of metal. 
3. Want a little Instant Gratitude
It isn’t wrong, y’know. I honestly feel that it is fine to want some instant gratification. 
Of course somethings require some investment in forms of time, but why not a little something which rewards you instantly?? 
At least it makes you happy. 
So when I saw one of my tutors put up on Facebook that some students are needed to help with some focus group discussion and participants would be rewarded with 2 movie tickets… 
I immediately signed up!
Talk about cheap-o. 
2 movie tickets at the newly renovated Eng Wah Cinemas! 
Naturally my date is Mark. 😉 
4. Enjoy your workmates
I know this is a tad harder. 
In a perfect world, we would all work with people whom we have absolutely no personality clashes with. 
Alas, this is an extremely imperfect world. 
I guess I’m really lucky to have the most adorable group of girls in my team! :)) 
We have heaps of fun together all the time! 
So much so, work isn’t so bad after all. 😉 
We do stupid things in class too. I just wonder how come I didn’t get scolded yet.
For one of our lessons, we had a simple exercise of designing a rough poster. We drew a bento and I wanted to draw the salad. 
But everyone said my salad looks more like green sperms…. :((( 
One way of acting smart. 

If you are really lucky, you get a friend who does all the whacky nonsense that simply cracks you up every time!
And I’m also really blessed to have the most awesome vice-president in class I can ask for! 
As president of the class, a good vice-president is really important! From what I’ve learnt. 😀 
She is crazy awesome! I love her already!! 
We support each other through all the madness we have to go through & we understand each other. 🙂 
Coolest part is, our names both start with ‘Ger’. So sometimes people call us Double-G, or G-Force. 
I personally prefer Double-G…. 
G-Force is… 
5. Boyfriend
Last, but certainly not the least. If I might say, the most. 🙂 
He has done so much to make me happy. 
On my school funfair day, I had problems from all over already. He came over to make me happy!
With my favourite brownie…
And macaroons!!

When I spent countless nights getting minimal hours of sleep & having to rush to school, he surprised me with breakfast and a drive down to school! 
During nights when I had to stay up till at least 3AM in the morning, he stayed on Skype with me throughout till I got to sleep. 
When I was so upset till I started crying, he was the one who held me & reminded me that I could handle all of it. 
I don’t know what else I could ask for. 🙂 
All my Budget Stress Kit stuff don’t cost me much, really! 
So, c’mon Stress!! Give me your best shot!

The thing about stress is, it is just like any other setback in life – If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger. 
It wasn’t even close to killing me, but it did make me a lot stronger. 😉 
Its going to get even tougher, but deep down I know everything’s going to be fine. 
Life might be tough – believe me, I’ve been through more than anyone knows. 
But I’m still one of the cheeriest person I know! 😀 
Y’know why? Because despite all that life has torn me apart, I’ve caught sight of the beautiful parts of life which I don’t know how to describe.
Guess you just got to be there to find out! 🙂 
In the meantime, stress isn’t the worst thing out there. 
The worst thing out there is you giving up on yourself. 

Reuse them Rags!

The thing about being a female is…. I tend to have a lot of wastage.

Ever realise that a female’s clothing is cheaper than a male’s clothing?

One of my boyfriend’s shirts can easily be about $100.

Mine? Well, sometimes even just $10.

The main reason is because, females change their clothes all the time. We see something new & we like it, we buy it. Boys don’t even look at something new, unless they need it!

So every few months, I clear out my closet of clothes which I’ve gotten sick of wearing.

Y’know the feeling?
You look at it and go, “My gosh. Why did I buy this??”

I’ve gotten that feeling loads of times! And I’m happy!! It makes parting with that clothing a lot easier. 😀

So when my classmates suggested selling handmade bags made out of old clothes, I instantly approved it!!

Every year, my school has an event called Campus Care Network (CCN) Day. Students would be invited to open up booths & sell things. All revenue would go into helping our financially-challenged students.

The whole project made me feel like a saint.

I’m doing business, to earn money for the needy. And I’m recycling old things; helping the environment!! :))

See thy halo? ;P

I have about 3 thrash bags full of unwanted fabrics, but they were kept away in some boxes in a deep, deep corner of a room. So I dug up whatever I could and stuffed them all into this big Watsons bag!

Some classmates & I were going to Arielle’s house to make the bags! I was quite excited…. I never made a bag before!! :))

 Arielle was such a my travel-angel that day!
She drove down to my place all the way from Serangoon to pick me up. Then drove me down to Bukit Timah to pick up more clothes from my relatives. 
I seriously don’t know what I would’ve done without her…. I’m already tired as it it. I surely don’t have the strength or the means to go around with TWO big bags of clothing. 
Okay, I did consider taking a taxi. Just that it would’ve been extremely expensive to travel around Singapore like that…
Small as Singapore may be, it still would be at least a good $30 by the end of the journey. 
Relying on Arielle’s Google map, rather than the lying-GPS on her car!!

We pretty much traveled around the entire Singapore. 
We went to the West, Central, East, North… 
Sigh. It is moments like this I push myself to go get my driver’s license. So next time if there is anything like this, I could just pop into my car!
Plus! Plus!! I could go to drive-thrus & order food!! :))) 
Totally weak reason, I know.
So after all the traveling around, the group of us arrived at Arielle’s house. Letting Ms Si Hui, our shirt-convert-to-bag teacher, show us the ropes!!

Master Si Hui and the bags we made so far! 

 Look at this one! One of my old shirts. 
I wore it only once & decided to throw it out because it looked like some prisoner top. -.-

We ended work a little early, Arielle had to go on a hot date!! 

As for me?

Well, I went to meet Mark, of course. 😉

A few days passed with (literally) a wink of an eye.

When things get so busy like now, I’m beginning to think that one day is a long time. Now I know how those mega-busy people feel whenever they say, “I cannot give you the whole day! I can accommodate you for only 2 hours tops!!”

Good thing I don’t say such things to Mark. 😉

So came the actual day of CCN Day!! We had early morning lecture, which was really quiet by the way. -.-

Well, honestly… I just might skip lecture if I wasn’t class president and had to be at the booth from beginning to end.

Thank God Ferlyn came to lecture too!!

Our spot!

 Muscle-man Yi Hsiang came down early to help move extra furniture!

We accidentally dropped something, Lawson running down to retrieve it for us! 

 Writing up our signboard! No where to hang a proper sign anyhow, so we had to use this clipboard.

We did loads of editing along the way. -.-
Manicure services offered by my dear friend Wai Soe, who is literally crazy with nails. She changes her designs practically every single day!!
The people who were up all night doing up the handmade bags!!
Bags going for sale!! I must admit, some were really cute! I was tempted to self-consume…but my boyfriend reminded me that it was for customers… Bah. 😦

Now to the manicure section. 
Ferlyn & I brought our polishes. All the girly-girly colours, yes?

We paled in comparison to Wai Soe’s comparison!! 

My first customer!! 

 Yi Hsiang!!

 And I painted this multi-coloured one for Ferlyn too! Her fingers look like jellybeans!

And this? Well, it was another guy’s.

I know the painting is really messy…but I was really trying to contain my laughter. 😛

The world is really turning the tables. I actually had just about as many male customers as female customers. O.O

And this one even asked for polka-dots! 
Whats more, he had to go for dragon boating practice on Sunday. ;P He’ll be the hottest guy on the team.

My own manicure tattered because of the manicure I gave people. 😦 

 I was thoroughly well-fed in my booth! 
I honestly didn’t leave the booth. Only for the washroom, of course. No one could really help me clear my bladder, except myself anyhow. 😉 
Fifi treated me to this ever-yummy doughnut!!! Filled with loads chocolate!!

 My daughter (not biological daughter ah!) brought me a can of drink from her booth!

She even brought over sandwiches for me. ❤ *sniff* I'm so touched. Such a filial daughter.

 And I had a pleasant surprise… My boyfriend came over!
Despite me telling him not to come, because I felt like I looked like a positive wreck. -.-
But stubbornness was always one of his traits and I love it. ;P 
Sheesh, talk about bias. 
He went to get my favourite brownies from The Icing Room!

 And he even brought some of my favourite macaroons!!!

I used to always buy the ones from Bakerzin, but since they changed their flavours into some really weird ones… I converted!

Call me conventional, I still prefer those simple flavours.

Mark hung around till I packed up & left! Talk about patience. I’m grateful his phone has loads of his games inside, for him to entertain himself. If not I’ll see a grouchy boyfriend in the car.

After which, he brought me for an awesome meal!

I swear, I’m getting fatter. All because of my boyfriend who is feeding me all the time.


So now I’m eco-friendly & fat.


How many of you spent the past week with sweating so much, like your forehead started drooling or something?

For the past week, Singapore’s weather was… Well, to say the least, hot. From temperatures ranging from 35-36 degrees, I almost felt like I was walking in the Sahara.

…except this Sahara, has loads of trees & grass. No camels, just a lot of cars. (Which add to the heat, by the way!)


Singapore is known for its year-round Summer. Well, guess what? Come to Singapore now, because it is Summer in the Summer!! Double doses!

I don’t know whether this is considered a heatwave….but I think it is. Whatever it is, it is mighty hot.

These are the few things that has been happening through this walk in the desert.

1. I sit in the living room & start sweating!

Wow. Like as if it was some vigorous activity.

Me: I broke out in so much sweat in my living room today! Woo!

Friend: You’re finally making use of your Wii?

Me: No, but I’m definitely lacking in some Wii-nd. (wind)

2. I’ve gone to be lamer in jokes.

(Refer to above.)

Seriously, Wii-nd…? No doubt, my friend broke out in laughter. But after I said it… Gosh, I’m so full of nonsense!

Must be the heat getting into my head.

3. Pimples are sprouting!!

You can almost hear them say, “Hello! I’m here because its so eff-ing hot & you’re not drinking enough water!! HA-HA!!”

And its the kind of pimples concealer just won’t fix! They’re like a little volcano!

Totally symbolic of the heat, I guess.

4. My air-conditioning broke down.

Yes. Out of all times to take leave, my air-con took this appropriate time!!

Its like the workers at a toy factory refusing to work during Christmas season! Its almost like expressing utter animosity to the company!! …And to the children whom want toys from them!

Anyhow, thats totally besides the point.

My air-conditioning couldn’t work….My fan was practically blowing hot air around the room. -.- Not much help.

Imagine my poor pooch & his thick fur. Its like wearing a parka to the beach.

It screams either, “Yoo-hoo, I’m crazy!!” Or “Yoo-hoo, I’m very crazy!!” 

Except for my dog, he cannot simply take it off!

Okay, I shall consider sending him to cut his fur short again!

So every night, I actually sweat myself to sleep. -.- You’d think that the air would be cooler at night? Nope. Not any better. Not any better at all!

5. Perpetual headache, please!!

I think maybe its because of the lack of sleep at night – haven’t been able to sleep in the warm air. 😦 Or its the heat… But I definitely had a bad headache for a few days.

Thus, I’ve been exceptionally grouchy these few days.

Ask the boyfriend. I was throwing temper-tantrum every now & then.

So much so, he has developed a technique to counteract on it. Roar.

6. I’ve gotten tanner!!!

Now this I really don’t like! Even though Mark said he doesn’t see any difference, but I feel like I have!

And I want to be fairer, not tanner! Roar.

But how am I supposed to be fairer when I go out to bake everyday?!

7. Throws off my exercise regime!

Okay, not like I actually have one to begin with…. But I was just getting started on it!

I swear!


Don’t give me that skeptical look!!! I planned on jogging!!

But every time it gets so humid, I decide that I don’t want to risk fainting.

I rather be conscious & fat, than unconscious & un-noticeable skinnier. (Not much would shed after one pathetic jog!)


So basically I survived the week with not one good night of rest!

I was cranky, I was tired.

Good news is? My boyfriend cheered me up!

Okay, might not be helpful-good news to everyone. But at least I don’t go around chewing everyone’s heads off! 😛 He came to school almost every other day to pick me up & bring me for a good meal.

That’s the good thing of having a boyfriend who hasn’t started school yet & is too lazy to work. 😉

Alright, now for some good news for everyone!!!

The weather is supposed to be improving!!

Well, as according to the weather forecast. So if anything cocks up, not my fault!! *puts both hands up*

As according to Singapore Weather on Yahoo, next week will be back to normal! The usual high of 31 degrees, low of 26 degrees.

The kind of weather most (not all) Singaporeans have adapted to & accepted.

I guess I should be happy that all this happened after I got back to school. At least I spend most of my days in an air-conditioned environment! 😀

And good thing this happened after all the election.

Imagine you’re in all the heat & some lorry drives by yelling over the hailer, “VOTE FOR P.A.P!!”
Some people might not vote, just because they feel pissed off.

Hmm… That was already happening. Okay, but in the heat… It’ll be worse! 😛 Citizens might just throw a tomato at them.

Or at the elections centre, while queuing up.

So blazing hot & uncomfortable…. People will write nonsense & majority might become disqualified votes.


Okay. Boyfriend is calling. Bye-bye.