The Budget Stress Kit

Something which has been very close to me lately – stress.

Yes, it has become practically part of my life. So much so that once I complete this big project that I have, I’m going to feel a tad empty.

Mixed feelings, please. I totally want this project to be over because of the massive headaches it is giving me in all aspects possible. *prays that no more will come!* At the same time, it has become part of what I do! So if it goes, it is almost like losing a part of me.

It is going to be kicking off a bad habit, I think. You don’t really want it to be there – you honestly know that it does more harm than good! Then again, you also want it to be there… Because it was responsible for making you feel like you have something to do in life.


Anyways, since as far as I could remember… I always relied on Retail Therapy to make me happy.

Gosh, I sound like a Shopoholic.

It was always just my way of making me feel like I’m getting rewarded for something. So it is a bit like a goal at the end of the day, y’know?

I could even picture a doctor in my head telling me, “To cure yourself, Geraldine, you need RETAIL THERAPY!!!

I didn’t think there was anything really awful about it. I make myself happy, make the shop people happy… Plus, I even help stimulate the economy! 😀 
In the past, I would just (literally) throw myself into a shop and start looking for things I fancy. 
All this was fine & good. 
Problem was, I ended buying things which I didn’t like when I wasn’t stressed anymore. It is kind of like being in a drunken stupor? You wake up with a head full of regrets. And an emptier wallet/bank account. 😦 
Not cool. 
My dearest boyfriend seems to realise this problem of mine & he (literally) pulls me away from the shops. 
Sometimes he dangles something in front of me, just so that my eyes don’t catch sight of the shops. 
I know it looks really disturbing to outsiders. But hey, gets the job done! 😀 
And not to mention, I realise how much money I could save if I were just a little more rational with my spending. 
So lately I have developed my own little Budget Stress Kit!! 

It has been working out really well for me so far! 🙂 
Like how First Aid Kits always have their own little things inside, so does my Budget Stress Kit! 
1. Food!!
Honestly speaking, I think I eat more than the average girl on the street. 
Which probably explains why I’m such a chubby thing. 😛 
The thing is, I enjoy food! 
And the thing is, you’re in Singapore! You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a good meal. 
Sometimes, even some ice-cream from McDonald’s makes me delighted! 🙂 
But nothing can beat my one true tummy-love… 
2. Games
I was never really the gamer sort. I used to play RPG games here & there, but never really hardcore. 
But I’d be the last to deny that it really does help to de-stress. 
I don’t really like any games other than RPG ones. Picky, tsk. 
So Mark (my gamer boyfriend) recommended that I play Maple Story.  
And he let me play his Diner Dash 5!! 😀 
My gamer boyfriend letting me into his gaming world…. *tears well up* I’m so touched. 
His computer is like the other woman, honestly. I sometimes feel like I have to compete with that chunk of metal. 
3. Want a little Instant Gratitude
It isn’t wrong, y’know. I honestly feel that it is fine to want some instant gratification. 
Of course somethings require some investment in forms of time, but why not a little something which rewards you instantly?? 
At least it makes you happy. 
So when I saw one of my tutors put up on Facebook that some students are needed to help with some focus group discussion and participants would be rewarded with 2 movie tickets… 
I immediately signed up!
Talk about cheap-o. 
2 movie tickets at the newly renovated Eng Wah Cinemas! 
Naturally my date is Mark. 😉 
4. Enjoy your workmates
I know this is a tad harder. 
In a perfect world, we would all work with people whom we have absolutely no personality clashes with. 
Alas, this is an extremely imperfect world. 
I guess I’m really lucky to have the most adorable group of girls in my team! :)) 
We have heaps of fun together all the time! 
So much so, work isn’t so bad after all. 😉 
We do stupid things in class too. I just wonder how come I didn’t get scolded yet.
For one of our lessons, we had a simple exercise of designing a rough poster. We drew a bento and I wanted to draw the salad. 
But everyone said my salad looks more like green sperms…. :((( 
One way of acting smart. 

If you are really lucky, you get a friend who does all the whacky nonsense that simply cracks you up every time!
And I’m also really blessed to have the most awesome vice-president in class I can ask for! 
As president of the class, a good vice-president is really important! From what I’ve learnt. 😀 
She is crazy awesome! I love her already!! 
We support each other through all the madness we have to go through & we understand each other. 🙂 
Coolest part is, our names both start with ‘Ger’. So sometimes people call us Double-G, or G-Force. 
I personally prefer Double-G…. 
G-Force is… 
5. Boyfriend
Last, but certainly not the least. If I might say, the most. 🙂 
He has done so much to make me happy. 
On my school funfair day, I had problems from all over already. He came over to make me happy!
With my favourite brownie…
And macaroons!!

When I spent countless nights getting minimal hours of sleep & having to rush to school, he surprised me with breakfast and a drive down to school! 
During nights when I had to stay up till at least 3AM in the morning, he stayed on Skype with me throughout till I got to sleep. 
When I was so upset till I started crying, he was the one who held me & reminded me that I could handle all of it. 
I don’t know what else I could ask for. 🙂 
All my Budget Stress Kit stuff don’t cost me much, really! 
So, c’mon Stress!! Give me your best shot!

The thing about stress is, it is just like any other setback in life – If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger. 
It wasn’t even close to killing me, but it did make me a lot stronger. 😉 
Its going to get even tougher, but deep down I know everything’s going to be fine. 
Life might be tough – believe me, I’ve been through more than anyone knows. 
But I’m still one of the cheeriest person I know! 😀 
Y’know why? Because despite all that life has torn me apart, I’ve caught sight of the beautiful parts of life which I don’t know how to describe.
Guess you just got to be there to find out! 🙂 
In the meantime, stress isn’t the worst thing out there. 
The worst thing out there is you giving up on yourself. 

Reuse them Rags!

The thing about being a female is…. I tend to have a lot of wastage.

Ever realise that a female’s clothing is cheaper than a male’s clothing?

One of my boyfriend’s shirts can easily be about $100.

Mine? Well, sometimes even just $10.

The main reason is because, females change their clothes all the time. We see something new & we like it, we buy it. Boys don’t even look at something new, unless they need it!

So every few months, I clear out my closet of clothes which I’ve gotten sick of wearing.

Y’know the feeling?
You look at it and go, “My gosh. Why did I buy this??”

I’ve gotten that feeling loads of times! And I’m happy!! It makes parting with that clothing a lot easier. 😀

So when my classmates suggested selling handmade bags made out of old clothes, I instantly approved it!!

Every year, my school has an event called Campus Care Network (CCN) Day. Students would be invited to open up booths & sell things. All revenue would go into helping our financially-challenged students.

The whole project made me feel like a saint.

I’m doing business, to earn money for the needy. And I’m recycling old things; helping the environment!! :))

See thy halo? ;P

I have about 3 thrash bags full of unwanted fabrics, but they were kept away in some boxes in a deep, deep corner of a room. So I dug up whatever I could and stuffed them all into this big Watsons bag!

Some classmates & I were going to Arielle’s house to make the bags! I was quite excited…. I never made a bag before!! :))

 Arielle was such a my travel-angel that day!
She drove down to my place all the way from Serangoon to pick me up. Then drove me down to Bukit Timah to pick up more clothes from my relatives. 
I seriously don’t know what I would’ve done without her…. I’m already tired as it it. I surely don’t have the strength or the means to go around with TWO big bags of clothing. 
Okay, I did consider taking a taxi. Just that it would’ve been extremely expensive to travel around Singapore like that…
Small as Singapore may be, it still would be at least a good $30 by the end of the journey. 
Relying on Arielle’s Google map, rather than the lying-GPS on her car!!

We pretty much traveled around the entire Singapore. 
We went to the West, Central, East, North… 
Sigh. It is moments like this I push myself to go get my driver’s license. So next time if there is anything like this, I could just pop into my car!
Plus! Plus!! I could go to drive-thrus & order food!! :))) 
Totally weak reason, I know.
So after all the traveling around, the group of us arrived at Arielle’s house. Letting Ms Si Hui, our shirt-convert-to-bag teacher, show us the ropes!!

Master Si Hui and the bags we made so far! 

 Look at this one! One of my old shirts. 
I wore it only once & decided to throw it out because it looked like some prisoner top. -.-

We ended work a little early, Arielle had to go on a hot date!! 

As for me?

Well, I went to meet Mark, of course. 😉

A few days passed with (literally) a wink of an eye.

When things get so busy like now, I’m beginning to think that one day is a long time. Now I know how those mega-busy people feel whenever they say, “I cannot give you the whole day! I can accommodate you for only 2 hours tops!!”

Good thing I don’t say such things to Mark. 😉

So came the actual day of CCN Day!! We had early morning lecture, which was really quiet by the way. -.-

Well, honestly… I just might skip lecture if I wasn’t class president and had to be at the booth from beginning to end.

Thank God Ferlyn came to lecture too!!

Our spot!

 Muscle-man Yi Hsiang came down early to help move extra furniture!

We accidentally dropped something, Lawson running down to retrieve it for us! 

 Writing up our signboard! No where to hang a proper sign anyhow, so we had to use this clipboard.

We did loads of editing along the way. -.-
Manicure services offered by my dear friend Wai Soe, who is literally crazy with nails. She changes her designs practically every single day!!
The people who were up all night doing up the handmade bags!!
Bags going for sale!! I must admit, some were really cute! I was tempted to self-consume…but my boyfriend reminded me that it was for customers… Bah. 😦

Now to the manicure section. 
Ferlyn & I brought our polishes. All the girly-girly colours, yes?

We paled in comparison to Wai Soe’s comparison!! 

My first customer!! 

 Yi Hsiang!!

 And I painted this multi-coloured one for Ferlyn too! Her fingers look like jellybeans!

And this? Well, it was another guy’s.

I know the painting is really messy…but I was really trying to contain my laughter. 😛

The world is really turning the tables. I actually had just about as many male customers as female customers. O.O

And this one even asked for polka-dots! 
Whats more, he had to go for dragon boating practice on Sunday. ;P He’ll be the hottest guy on the team.

My own manicure tattered because of the manicure I gave people. 😦 

 I was thoroughly well-fed in my booth! 
I honestly didn’t leave the booth. Only for the washroom, of course. No one could really help me clear my bladder, except myself anyhow. 😉 
Fifi treated me to this ever-yummy doughnut!!! Filled with loads chocolate!!

 My daughter (not biological daughter ah!) brought me a can of drink from her booth!

She even brought over sandwiches for me. ❤ *sniff* I'm so touched. Such a filial daughter.

 And I had a pleasant surprise… My boyfriend came over!
Despite me telling him not to come, because I felt like I looked like a positive wreck. -.-
But stubbornness was always one of his traits and I love it. ;P 
Sheesh, talk about bias. 
He went to get my favourite brownies from The Icing Room!

 And he even brought some of my favourite macaroons!!!

I used to always buy the ones from Bakerzin, but since they changed their flavours into some really weird ones… I converted!

Call me conventional, I still prefer those simple flavours.

Mark hung around till I packed up & left! Talk about patience. I’m grateful his phone has loads of his games inside, for him to entertain himself. If not I’ll see a grouchy boyfriend in the car.

After which, he brought me for an awesome meal!

I swear, I’m getting fatter. All because of my boyfriend who is feeding me all the time.


So now I’m eco-friendly & fat.


How many of you spent the past week with sweating so much, like your forehead started drooling or something?

For the past week, Singapore’s weather was… Well, to say the least, hot. From temperatures ranging from 35-36 degrees, I almost felt like I was walking in the Sahara.

…except this Sahara, has loads of trees & grass. No camels, just a lot of cars. (Which add to the heat, by the way!)


Singapore is known for its year-round Summer. Well, guess what? Come to Singapore now, because it is Summer in the Summer!! Double doses!

I don’t know whether this is considered a heatwave….but I think it is. Whatever it is, it is mighty hot.

These are the few things that has been happening through this walk in the desert.

1. I sit in the living room & start sweating!

Wow. Like as if it was some vigorous activity.

Me: I broke out in so much sweat in my living room today! Woo!

Friend: You’re finally making use of your Wii?

Me: No, but I’m definitely lacking in some Wii-nd. (wind)

2. I’ve gone to be lamer in jokes.

(Refer to above.)

Seriously, Wii-nd…? No doubt, my friend broke out in laughter. But after I said it… Gosh, I’m so full of nonsense!

Must be the heat getting into my head.

3. Pimples are sprouting!!

You can almost hear them say, “Hello! I’m here because its so eff-ing hot & you’re not drinking enough water!! HA-HA!!”

And its the kind of pimples concealer just won’t fix! They’re like a little volcano!

Totally symbolic of the heat, I guess.

4. My air-conditioning broke down.

Yes. Out of all times to take leave, my air-con took this appropriate time!!

Its like the workers at a toy factory refusing to work during Christmas season! Its almost like expressing utter animosity to the company!! …And to the children whom want toys from them!

Anyhow, thats totally besides the point.

My air-conditioning couldn’t work….My fan was practically blowing hot air around the room. -.- Not much help.

Imagine my poor pooch & his thick fur. Its like wearing a parka to the beach.

It screams either, “Yoo-hoo, I’m crazy!!” Or “Yoo-hoo, I’m very crazy!!” 

Except for my dog, he cannot simply take it off!

Okay, I shall consider sending him to cut his fur short again!

So every night, I actually sweat myself to sleep. -.- You’d think that the air would be cooler at night? Nope. Not any better. Not any better at all!

5. Perpetual headache, please!!

I think maybe its because of the lack of sleep at night – haven’t been able to sleep in the warm air. 😦 Or its the heat… But I definitely had a bad headache for a few days.

Thus, I’ve been exceptionally grouchy these few days.

Ask the boyfriend. I was throwing temper-tantrum every now & then.

So much so, he has developed a technique to counteract on it. Roar.

6. I’ve gotten tanner!!!

Now this I really don’t like! Even though Mark said he doesn’t see any difference, but I feel like I have!

And I want to be fairer, not tanner! Roar.

But how am I supposed to be fairer when I go out to bake everyday?!

7. Throws off my exercise regime!

Okay, not like I actually have one to begin with…. But I was just getting started on it!

I swear!


Don’t give me that skeptical look!!! I planned on jogging!!

But every time it gets so humid, I decide that I don’t want to risk fainting.

I rather be conscious & fat, than unconscious & un-noticeable skinnier. (Not much would shed after one pathetic jog!)


So basically I survived the week with not one good night of rest!

I was cranky, I was tired.

Good news is? My boyfriend cheered me up!

Okay, might not be helpful-good news to everyone. But at least I don’t go around chewing everyone’s heads off! 😛 He came to school almost every other day to pick me up & bring me for a good meal.

That’s the good thing of having a boyfriend who hasn’t started school yet & is too lazy to work. 😉

Alright, now for some good news for everyone!!!

The weather is supposed to be improving!!

Well, as according to the weather forecast. So if anything cocks up, not my fault!! *puts both hands up*

As according to Singapore Weather on Yahoo, next week will be back to normal! The usual high of 31 degrees, low of 26 degrees.

The kind of weather most (not all) Singaporeans have adapted to & accepted.

I guess I should be happy that all this happened after I got back to school. At least I spend most of my days in an air-conditioned environment! 😀

And good thing this happened after all the election.

Imagine you’re in all the heat & some lorry drives by yelling over the hailer, “VOTE FOR P.A.P!!”
Some people might not vote, just because they feel pissed off.

Hmm… That was already happening. Okay, but in the heat… It’ll be worse! 😛 Citizens might just throw a tomato at them.

Or at the elections centre, while queuing up.

So blazing hot & uncomfortable…. People will write nonsense & majority might become disqualified votes.


Okay. Boyfriend is calling. Bye-bye.

May Day with an Old Friend

When I say old… I don’t literally mean that she is old.

She is actually the same age as me! …which by certain standards, is already considered old. 😦

Sigh. Oh well, I can’t stop time. May as well embrace it yo!


Means we can vote, tick ‘Adult’ on any forms, get married without parental consent & of course watch porn legally.


I love it when I want to catch an R21 show & the teller lady gives me that skeptical glare.

Skeptical lady: Can I see your IC please, young lady?

Me: *beams!* Sure!!

I must admit, I always kind of hope they would ask.

1. Gives me this tinge of sadistic satisfaction when they got me wrong – that I’m not some horny underage girl. If I’m horny, its legal! Ha!

Okay… That doesn’t sound very right.

2. Means I look younger than I am!! Which is always a plus for a girl!

And of course, several other perks.

This old friend has been a good friend to me since 9 years back! Gosh. We are getting old.

My good ol’ girlfriend; Geradine Ker!

We have almost the same name; hers doesn’t have the ‘L’. Unique, eh? 
We first set eyes on each other when the teacher called out ‘Geraldine’ on the attendance list & we both raised our hands. Then we turned & looked at each other in shock. 
I thought it was kind of rare to have another girl named ‘Geraldine’! 
Only to realise, when we got to secondary 3, there were 3 Geraldine-s in class. -.- Some teachers had a slight thrill of calling ‘Geraldine’ and seeing all 3 of us respond at the same time. 
Those buggers. Tsk! 
Anyhow, because of our very similar first names… She & I have gone all Westernised and call each other by our last names! 
She’s Ker, I’m Sim. 😉
And since we became good friends, we would celebrate our birthdays together every year without fail. And even exchange Christmas presents! Sometimes we even celebrate Valentine’s Day together. 
As friends! I have no lesbian tendencies, like my boyfriend might claim. -.- So ironic, a boyfriend claiming that his girlfriend has lesbian tendencies. That makes his competition level twice as high. 😀
Ker’s birthday is actually in January. So technically, we are a few months late! 
The last time I met her was before her birthday, then after that we both got so busy with all our own things… We just kept on putting the meeting off! 
I bought her present already & it was sitting in my room rotting (literally) for 4 whole months. It got so dusty, that when I tried to clean the dust off the wrapping paper, it tore. Like, gosh. O.O 
Anyhow, I still managed to get the present nicely wrapped! 
I got her this super-cute coffee face scrub from Tony Moly! 
I know that she gets awfully tired from work lately. Her twits floods my timeline with complaints about work sometimes! So I got her a little beauty treat! 🙂 
This is an adorable item. I swear I almost just wanted to keep it for myself. 
It comes in this coffee cup-like container & the metal spoon sticking out can be used to apply the scrub onto your face! 
And she came back from Hong Kong with my all-time favourite cosmetic product – Mascara!! 
I can never get enough of mascaras, I swear. 
And the one she got me is simply amazing!! Its separates my lashes really well, which is what I always want of my mascaras!
Lunch at one of our all-time favourite haunts!!

Mos Burger!! And I think Mos Burger likes me too, because my hot dog (bottom-right picture) has a smiley face on it!! :))

Little bit more of us!

A little more walking, a lot more chatting… And we went off to meet our boyfriends! 
I must be a pig, because I had another meal with Mark before we had dinner with his family. 
We went to try to Spicy McNuggets! I have to say, it is not bad…but then again, I cannot take spicy stuff. So too bad for me, I guess. 
Mark had to force me to try one. -.-
Me: “Please don’t make me eat the SPICY nugget!!!”

School has officially started!!

Wish me luck, its going to be quite a heck of a semester! 🙂 However, I must say… I LOVE MY CLASS!! So everything is going to be cool. 
And to my darling boyfriend, I’ll always love you. *cuddles & kisses* 

90th Day of saying "I Love You!"

My gosh, time really flies. 
Okay, technically 90 days (3 months) isn’t exactly a very long time. However, considering that we spend practically every single day together; and we’re still not sick of each other! Especially me, I get bored of things really easily & enjoy the luxury of always having new things. 😛 
Oh no, Mark is going to get worried when he reads this. 
Well, I’ve had two years as friends to get sick of him…but never did somehow. So you’re good, honey. You have no expiry date on you! 😀 In fact, the more I got you; the more I want you now. 😉
Mark told me to get ready by 8.30AM. Gosh… I better get used to such timings since school is starting soon!
I even had a dress code to abide by!
1. Prepare for outdoor activities. 
2. Wear covered shoes. 
3. No accessories!
So I pulled out my Nike sneakers, wore a tank top & shorts… And the most important? I applied SPF50 sunblock!! Muahahaha!! 
So, bright & early, both of us whisked off in his cute little red chariot. 
Look at what I prepared for Mark for our 3rd month!!
I printed out a letter, rolled it up & placed it into a test tube! I spent quite a bit of time on this letter! There were so many things I wanted to say, but didn’t know how to say it… And without sounding too long & everything. 
And… I prepared some almond bit chocolates for him!
Okay, it has melted a tad in the photo… It was supposed to be heart-shaped! 
I slogged in the kitchen for a good 2 hours to prepare this!
My present really pales in comparison to what Mark gave me. 
While we were driving to breakfast, he pulled out this from his bag & said that it was his surprise present for me. 
Tickets to Universal Studios Singapore!!!! *squeals in delight!* 
No wonder he said ‘covered shoes’. If not my flip-flops might end up flying in the air…. Going home will be an issue. And of course, bless the person who gets hit on the noggin by it. 
Some people know that I’ve been there twice already; which is more than most of my friends.
Today, I went again!! And I was really happy! 
When I opened the paper & saw it, I was crazy-dazy happy!!

Mark & I actually planned to go together even before we got together, but he wanted to wait till the Galactic ride was officially open.

That kind of freaked me out…. As much as I like the thrills of such rides, that ride was crazy!! You literally turn around & around & around~ In other words, not to be taken on a full stomach… Unless you wish to give the people around you a taste of your partially-digested food.

And not to be taken by the faint hearted, of course. Wouldn’t want anyone fainting or having a heart attack up there!

Before we headed to Sentosa, Mark brought me for breakfast!

At my favourite fast food; Subway! And for the first time ever, I ate Subway’s breakfast!!

I love Subway, I just never wake up in time for the breakfast.

It was really yummy! *slurp* 

Off we drove into Sentosa for a day of fun & entertainment in the USS!  

Mark pulled out a packet of juice from his bag. So cute! Like those little children going for some excursion trip and they carry juices in their little bags. 

Tip: Always make sure you have some cash in your wallet when you’re in USS! They have ATMs inside, but it is a whole lot more convenient when you have the cash just ready in your wallet. 
Honey drawing some moolah, me looking at the map of Sentosa. 

We parked at a different car park. So while walking there, we got to enjoy loads of sights!
Okay, this isn’t technically a sight of Sentosa…. 

The Merlion!
Walking into Resort World!

Fountains! Every time I see one, I keep on trying to deduce why is it located there & if it has anything to do with the Chinese Fengshui stuff. 

And we have arrived!! 
Sadly we couldn’t take picture of the classic Universal Studios globe. 😦 It was under construction. 
There was unexpectedly heaps of people there today. So much so, Mark & I had to queue up just to enter!

But it was all worth it! 
USS it like a whole new world on its own. :)) 

And the first ride of the day?
My sadistic boyfriend dragged (literally) me to the Battlestar Galactic ride. 
FIRST ride! You’d think he’d let me warm-up with something not-so nerve wrecking. No~ He said we have to hit it hard & fast!!
The red tracks are called Human. The blue tracks are called Cylon. 
And the Cylon is supposed to be a whole lot scarier, because it does multiple corkscrews & stuff like that. 
God must’ve heard my prayers; Cylon had a freakishly long queue!! So Mark agreed to settle for the Human ride first. 
Which is not exactly ideal for me! But it was a good compromise between both parties. 
…And I almost died. 
I screamed till I swear my lungs feel exhausted. 
When I came off the seat, I felt so grateful to still be alive. 
Haha! Okay, not that bad. However I really was freaked out! My boyfriend, on the other hand, was yelling in joy!
As if I wasn’t shaken badly enough, he insisted the next ride we took was the Egyptian one; Revenge of the Mummy. 
I swear, this ride was the scariest when the Battlestar Galactic wasn’t open yet. The previous time, my cousin & I yelled like as if we were holding onto our dear lives. -.- 
So was I really annoyed with my boyfriend? Yes.
Was I really scared & worried for my poor heart? Yes. 
Did I still go in the end? Yes. 
So… Bah. -.-

I love the decor though! And this attraction is probably geographically located at the hottest part of the park, because it is always scorching there!

My boyfriend sitting on a Fallen Mummy.
After 2 sets of traumatic experiences in my life, I came out & thanked God I lived. 
No, literally. Once I alighted from the ride, my heart literally went, “Thank God!!” 
The scary thing about the Revenge of the Mummy ride was, it was pitch black dark; so you really don’t know what is going to happen next! 
I was glad that my adventurous boyfriend finally agreed to mellow down the whole agenda. So we went to take some fun shots at some cute stuff we spotted!
Us working with the movers!

My boyfriend; the peeper. Tsk tsk. 

The classic Marilyn Monroe pose! 

To put a slower pace to our day, we went to catch the Monster Musical!
It is one of my favourite attractions! All the classic monsters of Universal Studios would come to life on stage & perform little dance numbers! So cute!
All set for some fun entertainment!

Scheduling all the shows, we were in time for the next stage-performance!
Making our jolly-way there!


When honey & I were walking in, we realised we knew both the ushers there!! 
I knew the girl, he knew the guy. And we wanted to ask for some *ahem* favours… Like maybe giving us the express entry…? *shameless pangs* But their supervisor was there! Dang it! 
 I don’t know how many of you have actually watched the show, but it was rather good. Its a really old show…but good!

Warming up the crowd before the show!!

This show is definitely one of the must-go’s in USS!! The effects, props & performances are superb! Highly interactive & very fun to watch. 
The sights around USS builds such a fantasy-like ambiance; its no wonder I never get sick of going back. *swoons* It is an ideal quick escape from the hustle & bustle of reality…. Okay, I know I’m still on school vacation and I’m not working… But I still enjoy it! 
The Madagascar vessel that rammed into some random innocent island.  
The random innocent island then got dominated by a bunch of really annoyingly cute penguins, which somehow are absolutely fine with the humid tropical weather. 
And as if things weren’t colourful enough, the island also suffers from a really egoistical possum. 

The human skeleton hanging by the tree. This cartoon has somehow made something so gruesome actually look funny. And if you look closely enough, this skeleton is actually smiling

My boyfriend thoroughly enjoying himself at the gift shop. 

Shrek’s swamp home!

Shrek’s palace home at Far Far Away!!

Welcome to the Potion Shop! This place is filled with adorable Shrek stuff, plus a little bar counter that serves drinks with cute names. 

Princess Ogre?

The real Princess Ogre. 😛

I think this cup totally suits Mark. The cartoon & him almost look alike!
This is how I’ll perpetually look if I actually end up with ogre twin babies – “Oh sheesh!”


Shrek’s Far Far Away is probably my favourite part of the entire USS, because it is so medieval-like!!
Everything looks so rich & happy! :))

Shrek’s Walk of Fame!
My boyfriend – the dragon. 
AKA, Donkey’s wife. Oh gosh, I’m attached to a female reptile. Nice. 

Shrek’s frog dad-in-law! 
I love Mark’s sunglasses when they give off reflection. Its like an instant mirror everywhere we go! 

Finally, we decided to head for some lunch!
Instead of heading down to the pizza place like I did the other 2 times, Mark brought me to this groooo~vy looking place! It was crazy crowded though. 
Outside are some really awesome classic cars!
Who could forget the jukebox? 
Even the flooring is so 70’s!! It was back to the good ol’ swinger days or jukeboxes, bell-bottom jeans & loads of hairspray! 
We were really lucky to be able to get seats! Not inside the restaurant though…but under a nice shady place outside. 🙂
I sat there, reserving the seat & blotting my face off its heaps of oil. 
I fully enjoyed myself, but under all that heat… My face was generating more sweat & oil than usual! Phew. 
Mark finally brought the food over!
Look at my burger!! Kind of messy, but definitely yummy. 
This place is not only known for its classic 70’s American style decor & food, but also some entertainment outside. Okay, Mark was watching the performance. I was engrossed in taking a picture of our reflection. 😛
They have different ‘Live’ performances every now & then!
At first it was a group of sexy waitresses!!
This time, it was a group of swinger-boys doing a little song & dance number!
This little boy was crazy cute; dancing along with the performers on stage!

Hey Mr Postman! 
After lunch, guess where we headed to? 
Back to Far Far Away! Look at Puss in Boots!!

Not because I really love the place; but because we wanted to catch the Shrek 4D show!

A little warm-up session before the actual show. 

It was really fun! I enjoyed it so much!!
Okay, Mark & I had a deal. 
He really wanted me to sit on another round of the Battlestar Galactic. This time, Cylon. Which is the one that could potential stop my heart from beating forever. 
And I really wanted to sit the Shrek dragon ride & the Madagascar merry-go-round. 
So we had a deal….. 
He sat with me the dragon ride, we’ll sit Cylon. Then we’ll go for the merry-go-round. 
So all set for the dragon ride!

This ride is actually nowhere near scary…but its good for a nice swing-around in the air. 

Another one of the good attractions is definitely Steven Spielberg’s “Lights Camera Action”!  
It is basically a mock studio, or you could called it Sound Room; where all the movie effects come to life right before your eyes! 
Starting with a little introduction by the man Steven Spielberg himself (not in real life, of course), then into a bigger room where you witness a Catergory 5 hurricane happening before you! Expect minor startles & scares, but overall it is more insightful than anything else. 

And I used this attraction to help calm my nerves a little bit before I was brought to Cylon! 
This attraction is located in the streets of New York! It is beautifully designed, if you ask me.  

My boyfriend swingin’ it in New York! 

I was already exhausted, really. Look at this picture. Totally candid, but totally truthful as well!

Amidst all my tiredness, my boyfriend gingerly led me to the Futuristic section of USS. Which is sponsored by Panasonic, by the way. My classmates will understand… We all have a thing with Panasonic now. So every time I see it, it feels like I’m back to the project days. 
Not a good feeling when I’m on holiday!! 
The Futuristic section (sponsored by Panasonic!), has whacky mascots like these! 

However what really drew my daredevil boyfriend back there was…. 
The Cylon ride!!!

We initially went up the red tracks, now it was time for the blue one. 

I don’t know whether it was because I was just really tired already, or I was getting accustomed to the rides… I was actually looking forward to this ride! O.O 
Start of the day: I was hyperventilating at the sight of the tracks, refused to sit the blue one! 
Middle of the day: Still hyperventilating, my boyfriend literally had to drag & carry me there. -.- 
Getting to the ride: “Woo-hoo!!! Lets do this thing!!”
Now you know why I’m amazed when Mark seems to understand everything I do; because I myself don’t understand myself sometimes.  So props to the boyfriend! 
The ride was really fun!! We stood in line for about 45 minutes, not because of the queue… But because of a technical error. Which was really scary! Apparently, one seat was quite loose. *shivers* 
And I ran into one classmate, Henry in the queue! Apparently he had sat the ride many times & when I asked him if it was scary or not, he went to freak me out again by saying its super scary!! 
Mark had to attend to my attempt to escape. 
No thanks to Henry! 
Speaking of classmates, I bumped into quite more friends as we walked around! Singapore is a small island; so I guess when people from Singapore get onto a smaller island like Sentosa… We’re bound to bump into each other! 😀 
Anyhow, the ride was good! The twists & turns was crazy awesome! And I like it a lot more than Human, because the seats feel a lot more secure than Human. 
If you ask me, I actually felt less scared on Cylon than on Human. -.-  Totally the opposite reaction from most people. 
And my boyfriend was utterly proud of me! *beams!* 
So to reward me… Plus, he promised me already anyhow! We went to sit the Party-Go-Round!!
Look at this cute little thing on my ride!!
Getting ready to part-aye!!! 

My boyfriend shockingly enjoying himself. I thought this ride was more of like, merely entertaining his childish girlfriend. 

One thing I love about this ride?
You get to camwhore…. 
And camwhore….

And… Oh yes, CAMWHORE!!!

In a nutshell, I loved it!!
We are penguins!! 

Look at the vast difference. 
On the left, the ancient times.
On the right, the futuristic times. 

Pretty soon, it was time to go! Both of us were already bushed out. 
So one last stop at the souvenir shop!  

I ❤ USS!!

Speaking of which, I really want the shirt that says I ❤ USS. 😦 I shall return! Just to buy the shirt. 
Adorable couple-penguins!! 
Leaving the USS. 😦 
Suffered from mixed emotions, really. I wanted to go because I was tired, but I really wanted to stay because I was thoroughly enjoying myself! 
Mr Thinker; Miss Headache.

Okay, I don’t know if he is tired… Or he’s drooling over that huge bottle of delight. 


The actual Merlion looking like a statue. 

We walked back to the car, piled it…. Ah~ Rest. 
Well, at least for me. 😛 Darling Mark still had to drive. 
And it was back to mainland Singapore!!

Honey kept in store for me a 2nd surprise for the day! 
I tell you, I’m such a lucky girl to have someone so amazing so in love with me. I don’t even know what he loves about me… -.- Whats more, he was with me through all my ugly, horrendous & absolutely unglam parts – and he still fell in love with me. 
So its either I’m super blessed, or he is super unblessed. 
Okay… Just to give myself some credit here! I know I make him very happy. 🙂 
The surprise was… He was buying me dinner at the place where we had our first dinner as a couple! 
I still remember exactly 3 months ago when he picked me up from school, he first drove to this place – Buckaroo. However it was a tad too early for dinner, so he said he wants to drive around first. 
Me, who always trusted Mark even from way back, didn’t even question. I just smiled & looked out the window. Like an innocent lamb into the slaughter…. Heh. 
I love this place!! The food is superb, the service is friendly & of course the sentimental value adds to it! 

My adorable boyfriend. 

The thing about this place is – everything is in huge portions! So you could really just share
The must-have mushroom soup!! If you eat the bread, this soup could actually account for an entire meal. 

And this Buck Combo!! With chicken & steak, plus a little Cesar salad! Like, yummy please!

The sauce is positively orgasmic! It was actually for the steak, but because I loved it so much… I even dipped the chicken chop in it!
Of course not the salad, that’ll be just…. Against the world of salad…? *shrugs*
After dinner, Mark drove me home & sadly we had to say goodbye. 😦 
On that note, I think I’ll be seeing him again tomorrow. 😉 
I love you, honey. 
This is my new Facebook profile picture!! 
And it really is to compliment one of Mark’s favourite shirts.
It has this printed on it….
When he just asked me to be his girlfriend, he said that the heart came to me. 
Come to think of it…. Humph! Means that he has two other hearts to give away?! Roar. I’m so pissed right now. 

Happy Birthday to my Boyfriend!

I have a boyfriend. 
And boyfriends have birthdays. Oh yes, they do! 
I love birthdays! Especially when its my own. ;P 
This was actually my first official time spending Mark’s birthday with him. The other times as friends…. My gosh. I never spent his birthday with him! O.O 
Lets break it down a little bit. 
April 2009 – We weren’t all that close yet. After all, we knew of each other’s existence only about 2 months back. I’m pretty sure I wished him on MSN! 😀 
April 2010 – We were at a mutual friend’s birthday party, so I just assumed it was a combined thingy. After all, he was just so busy in NS… So I didn’t really bother. 
My, my. I was a horrible friend. Whats more, I caused him so much inconvenience… The least I could do was to give him a birthday present!! But noooo~…. I just saw him at the party, someone told me his birthday was the next day or the day before or something… So I went over, “Hey, Mark! Happy birthday!” 
*lowers my head in guilt* ….I’m a horrible person…. 😦
However, I’m pretty sure that I made up for it this year! After all, he is my boyfriend now. 
The main present that I got him was a little webcam! 
Screenshot from the video I prepared for him. 
Okay, honestly… I liked this one because it had nice designs on it. Haha! And also, it was really just for Skyping purposes. 
My darling boyfriend, as much as he is an IT-person; ironically doesn’t own a webcam.
So imagine how I feel every time we Skype together. He can see me doing my nonsense in my room, while I just see this:
Gets a tad annoying after a while. -.- Especially when he took countless screenshots of me! And I cannot take a single one!! Roar. 
Oh yes, let me tell you a little more on the video I made for him! 
Y’see, I have written love letters before. However, I have never done a love video before. 
Something different, eh? 😉
It was really lame. Trust me. 
When lil’ lame me says it is lame, it must be a heck load of lame. 
I had birthday greetings from my cute pooch. Which Mark gets annoyed by, by the way. 😉
I even impersonated Mark in the video, to show how wonderful our future Skype conversations would be – thanks to the webcam I got him!
Yes, I look ridiculous. 
Continue reading when you have finished laughing. 
My boyfriend got a tad irritated when he saw this part. Hahaha!! 
The part of the video which took most effort was this: His birthday song!!
I was singing & playing the piano at the same time. Plus, I rewrote some of the lyrics specially for him! 🙂 My gosh, I’m so sweet. Heh! 
Y’know why it took the most effort? 
I didn’t touch my keyboard for such a long time!! 
So I slogged on the keyboard practically overnight, just to make sure I was able to play at least decently. I must say, I failed. -.- The video wasn’t all that fantastic. 
With that cross behind me, it almost looks like I’m playing in a church. 
Mommy will be so proud. 
Speaking of Mommy, when she knew that I was going to celebrate Mark’s birthday today… She bought back some awesome chocolate cake! 
I know it looks like nothing, but this baker is *drool~*…. He’s not hot… Okay, not that he is ugly… I’m just digging a deeper hole with this. 
His pastries!! …Ah yes, are wonderful. 🙂 He used to be a chef at Shangri-La! And he retired & opened a little bakery in my humble neighbourhood! 
And Mark’s present. Nicely wrapped up in Japanese wrapping-cloth! 

Did I ever mention that my boyfriend is annoying?
If no, let me inform you. 
If yes, let me remind you. 
He is soooooo annoying!! He saw the present, looked so excited, picked it up & kept on fiddling with it…. Next thing, he blurted out the exact things I got him!
“Its a webcam & a DVD!!” 
I don’t know what to do with this boy. He’s too smart for his own good. He beats me at all the games we play in the arcade, he anticipates all my moves…. Sickening. 
But I lovey-wovey him~!! 

For lunch, we went to a place of nostalgia!

Well, not for me. I’ve never been there! It was for Mark, though. Apparently, he & his buddies would come here very often last time. Then when they all slowly moved out, they just stopped going so often.

It reminds me a little of those eateries at the top level in Far East Plaza. Small, humble & serving local delights! 
A plate of Kampong Fried Rice!! Which was spicy, by the way. 

I cannot really eat spicy food…. So I was best friends with my cup of Milo throughout the meal. 
I was bloated. I don’t know if it was really the rice, or it was just loads of water. Regardless, Mark remembered something I said, “I want to get my driving license so I can drive to a drive-thru!!” 
Its a really bimbotic reason, I know. Even I think its stupid. 
If I told Mommy that was my reason to get a license, she’ll never sponsor me. 😦 
Anyhow, Mark being the sweetest boyfriend ever; remembered what I said – so look at where he brought me to! 
A Drive-Thru!!!! 

Quite a sight! Usually you don’t see taxis going to drive-thrus for their passengers. The passengers ordered a heck load of stuff!! O.O 
Anyhow, we queued up in the drive-thru… Only because I wanted to go to a drive-thru. -.- 
So just to make everything a little more logical (even when I know its not), I ordered an ice-cream. 

We went to play some pool! 
I know I’m not very good, but I’m proud to say…. I managed to tie the score!
1 – 1!! :))) 

On that note, I was actually losing terribly….but luck was on my side! When Mark was going to win the whole thing by shooting the black ball in, the white went in as well! 
Making me the winner by default! 😀 
I love you, honey!

Dinner time! He invited his close friends from JC days to one of our favourite eateries; En Japanese at Crown Centre. 

I like his friends! They’re all so friendly & cute. 🙂 
This is Anson & Jun Yong!
Especially Anson, who is endlessly amusing! 

He actually tried cooking his meat in his spoonful of hot soup. 
Things weren’t working out, so Mark poured in some S.O.S. Rescue soup to help complete the operation!

Well, not like I didn’t do anything weird…. I was talking to Mark when a grain of rice flew out of my mouth. He even took a picture it. -.-
This is why you love buffets! Everyone just dives in shamelessly.

Sabrina & JiaHao finally joined us! 
Totally unglam picture of me, but I think Mark likes this one because of my hamster cheeks. 

When people are full, we do different things. 
Jun Yong sat down in satisfaction, Anson was doing the boogie!! 😀

Our super long bill. 

Dinner was simply great. I love eating at that place! 
Mark brought me there just before he popped the question, on our Valentine’s date & now for his birthday! :)) 
So all 6 of us cramped into Mark’s car. The good thing about being the driver’s girlfriend is, you get to sit on the passenger seat in front! 😀 …While the others just have to make do with the space behind. 
One of his friends, Jordan; is really tall & has really long legs. I almost felt guilty sitting in front, because he had to cramp up behind. 
Then again, for all that he does to bully me… I don’t feel guilty anymore!! ;P 
One of our favourite games! 
Wore one of his shirts to be a little more comfortable! 

Jordan on the massage chair feeling way comfortable!

At night, it was time for their mahjong session! 
I don’t know why some people simply assume I know how to play mahjong. 
“But Geraldine, you look like you’re going to be a tai tai!!” 
Well, I guess I don’t qualify then. 
So before they officially began their game, Mark drove me home first! 
On the way home, we saw a roadblock at the other side of the street. Mark looked at me and I already knew what the glint in his eyes meant. 
We took a detour to go by that road & we were stopped by the roadblock. 
We were checked & everything. 
Got back into the car….
Well, all I can say is… Mark & I enjoy doing things together! 
My boyfriend brought his present along, so that he could open it in front of me. 

He getting oh-so-super excited!

The DVD I made for him! Which I kind of guess he seems to like a lot more than the webcam. 

Honey, whatever I wanted to say… Its already been said in the DVD. 🙂 
But I’ll say it again!
You make me unbelievably happy. 🙂 

And I love you so much. 
Maybe its because you….
Wiped away my tears when I cried,
Stood up for me when I was bullied,
Held me when I was scared, 
Irritated me all the time, 
Cracked jokes to make me laugh, 
Tolerate my lame crap, 
Stayed by me through thick & thin….
Or maybe its just because you’re you. 😉 
Happy Birthday, honey! 

#GeraTravels: Krabi Krabi

It was so nice, I had to say its name twice in the title. 😛

I won’t be shocked if most of you have never heard of it, because I haven’t before this trip. -.- And I have rather interesting friends…

Me: I’m going to Krabi!

Friend #1: Krabi? You going crabbing ah?

Friend #2: I think you got conned, no such place.

Friend #3: Oh gosh, sounds like those kind of place that you need to cycle to pump your electricity.


It has been literally eons since I last traveled and I’ve been down with a bad case of wanderlust. 😦 And really, I was actually not planning to go for this trip initially.

Mark asked me before, but I just declined. However at a dinner with his friends, the invitation was extended again… And might I add, my boyfriend kept on pushing it. 😛

So I eventually agreed! And I’m so glad I did. I had so much fun! I was actually able to take a breather again. My gosh.

It was my first time taking a budget airline.

Trust me, for this trip… I did a lot of homework! I actually went to research on Krabi – the place itself, the eateries, the reviews, the weather & climate, the people, the prices… Etc. Probably something which is highly advised to do in the first place, but I did it more because I was scared! O.O

Because believe it or not, its my first time (again) traveling without my family.
So I was afraid of countless things! Like insufficient funds, being bullied by locals, being cheated… All that nonsense.

But every time I hesitated & hyperventilated, Mark always knew what to do to appease me. So all was fine & good.

Besides, his friends all seemed nice. 🙂 Sabrina, Jia Hao, Jordan, Jun Yong & Wei Hao!

22nd March

I packed up last night & was all ready to head out!

Look at my enormous bag. Looks more like I’m running away from home or something… -.-

It is actually bigger than my dog.
Heck, its even bigger than me!

Of course my dog was the one that I was going to miss the most in the house… My cute little puff-ball!

Before I knew it, Mark called to say that he was coming over soon to pick me up to the airport!
Did I mention I was scared? In the car, I kept on going through in my head whether I brought everything that I needed or not…. Whether I know how to react under what circumstances… Blah blah blah. -.- Seriously, like some paranoid freak.
At the budget terminal!
Getting ready for boarding!


Well, despite all my hyperventilating on if-I-forgot-anything… I actually did forget something. 😦 And that was to take my air-sickness pills.
Y’see, my ears hurt horribly whenever I take the plane. It clogs up & sometimes lets off a screeching sound. Once when I flew to Australia, the pain was so bad that it shot down a nerve to my collarbone. My entire shoulder was in pain.
So I was pretty much screwed.
Plus, I couldn’t bring any water up the plane.
So once we boarded the plane, Mark bought me a bottle of friggin’ overpriced bottle of mineral water.
This little bottle here costs SGD3!! -.- I can get this for lesser than $0.50 at my supermarket please.
Practically everything was hideously overpriced on the plane! A cup of instant noodles was going for SGD5!! O.O
So I guess when the tickets are cheap, everything else becomes expensive. Like a seesaw; one goes down, the other goes up! Wayyyyy up!!
Left – Singapore
Middle – Midair
Right – Krabi
My boyfriend can sleep just about anywhere.
Mark & JunYong sleeping up a storm!!
It was really beautiful midair… 🙂
Though we were hit by a really bad turbulence! It went on for a good 10 minutes & I literally felt like I was taking a bumper-ride. Scary much.
Landed in Krabi, Thailand!
When we got to the airport, my ears were still horribly clogged. 😦 Chalk that up to my forgetfulness & lateness of taking the pill.
All that felt a whole lot better when we got onto a comfy big taxi that drove us to our gorgeous villa!
Apparently, we booked a smaller unit. However it was having some utility problem… So we were upgraded to a bigger one! :)))
I must admit, I was thoroughly impressed! I was expecting some chalet-looking place with not much decorations. But this place was nice!


After slouching around in the villa for a while, we headed out for a meal on a Tuk Tuk! I love our Tuk Tuk uncle! He is super nice, super friendly & super cheap! 😀 I guess the last feature is the most appealing.
He charged us only 200baht for every ride we took around town. Then again, the rides weren’t that far…
We went to this place called Nana’s.


Once I stepped into the place, I realised that Krabi was flooded with Caucasians!! Literally, flooded. I swear sometimes I feel like there are more Caucasians than there are locals.
Our food!
Which was really disappointing, by the way. No spices used at all! Or probably it is our Singaporean taste buds that demanded for more flavour! But seriously, I’m scared of spicy food… And I was able to drink the Tom Yam soup. -.- Which means it really is not hot at all!!
Even my pineapple rice was a disappointment. I could even tell you a place in Singapore which sells better Thai food than the ones they sold there.


Another annoying thing was, I got shot in the head.
No, literally.
And no, this is not my ghost typing this entry. I’m very much alive, thank you.
This bottle cap came shooting my way from the bar! Hit my forehead & landed on the table.
I think most people would agree – something about the way I glare at people when I’m pissed. I was pissed.
I was tired, ears were still a tad clogged, hungry, unhappy with my food… Now a bottle cap from that place came to shoot me in the head.
Like, @^&#!!!
The man (eff-ing culprit) who did it, didn’t even dare to look at me when I glared at him. When I told a friend when I came back, she said, “Please loh, you look damn scary & fierce when you are pissed at someone. I won’t dare to look at you also!”
Tsk. Do I really??
I was going to tell him that it was okay! Provided they gave a huge-ass discount on our bill, or I was going to complain to the Singapore Embassy.
Haha!! Kidding. Like I would bother so much. -.- I was more focused on trying to relax.
The group of us!


So their food was tasteless, their service was slow, they shot me in the head… Next was, they forgot Mark’s order!!
We decided to cancel his order & roam the streets.


Honestly, the food there was so bad…. Even this roadside uncle sells better treats!


After a while, we all separated ways. So Mark, who was left unfed… 😦 Was starving. We decided to go for something safe! Like Burger King!!


It wasn’t any cheaper than Singapore’s price, honestly. I think they are all pegged to the American rates. They did have some burgers which we don’t have in Singapore, though!
23rd March
We were all tired out.
Okay, at least I was tired out. 😛
The next morning we were on the Four Island Tour! Sounded so exciting!
Whats more, I did research & apparently the Four Island Tour is one of the most popular attractions in Krabi. So I couldn’t wait!
The van that came to bring us to the ferry dock, bright & early in the morning!
The beach was stunning! Much cleaner & nicer than the beaches in Singapore!


We all piled into the boat & were ready to set off on our tour!
First stop was really just a sand bar. -.- However, it was a spot for snorkeling!


I wasn’t able to participate in any water activities. 😦
Its a girl thing. 😉
Everyone getting ready to go down into the water.


My adorable boyfriend! 🙂


High & dry; and lovin’ the view! I even brought my story book. Haha!
Sabrina occasionally coming back to shore! 🙂


The deepest I could go. -.-
All of them getting ready for some water action!
When you’re sitting on a sand bar as nice as the one I was sitting on…. A book somehow doesn’t cut it. I love my book, but I preferred to do something on the sand.
So I wanted to write for Mark something….
Before I knew it, Mark came walking back up to shore to see me.
So I had to quickly erase it!! Then instead, my honey wrote this for me…. *blush*
After he went back into the water, I continued my usual plan!
I love you, honey!!
Back on the boat & take a look at Chicken Island!! Because it really looks like a chicken.
Over here, we were given pandan-flavoured bread to feed the fishes!
I love this picture! Because Jia Hao looks like he is wiping his armpit with the bread! 😀
Took this picture of Jordan; he looks like he wants the bread too!! 😛
Some of the boys doing jump shots!
Poor Jun Yong had to jump for me 3 times… because I kept on missing him. 😛
I was almost envious of everyone… I couldn’t go down into the water at all. 😦
But I guess the gorgeous views made up for it! 🙂


And Sabrina staying up occasionally with me. So it wasn’t so bad!
And my boyfriend coming back at the end of everything!
All of us having a mad awesome time!


Jordan cut his leg. All the tour guide could say was, “I told you to stay away from the rocks!”


Something about the waters, it just makes you hungry!! So I was really happy to get to our lunch stop!
It was basically like home-cooked food! Yummy, yummy.


Jordan looking super sexy. 😛


Munchin’ time!!


Wei Hao had an overload!!


Pac Man, fruits version!
Just look at their fruits! So lovely & vibrant in colours!


Gosh, it was such a long time since I had set foot on such an environment.
Proof that I indeed did set foot! 😀 Okay, this is really for myself to see.


Yet another gorgeous beach. My gosh. I almost don’t want to ever go to East Coast Beach back in Singapore ever again.


It is really holiday paradise over there!



Show you something crazy cool. Jun Yong found his own little chicken island! So cute!


On to the next island!
Okay, I’m going to be honest… I don’t remember any of the names of the islands. Only the Chicken Island…. -.-
Quite some stuff there!! Look at the gorgeous scenery!
And some daredevils were rock-climbing.


Mark & me’s footprint!


I buried my boyfriend’s feet in the sand. And ran off!
But he caught up practically immediately.


And when you walk further down the beach stretch, you’ll find boats selling yummy treats!

And of course, more corn please!!



Something about the waters, but it just makes you extremely exhausted!
After heading back to the villa for a change of clothes, we headed out again! Ah, its good to be young & lively.
Something that you must do every time you get to Thailand is…?
Because there were too many of us, so we had to go upstairs & down these corridors.


Mark & I were brought into this little room. Kind of dodgy… but the massage was fairly good! 😀


The masseuse was really friendly, she kept on talking to me. My boyfriend fell asleep & snored. So ended up both masseuses started chatting with me.
After massaging, we went to the Walking Market!! Which is really much like a Pasa Malam back in Singapore.
They just sell a whole lot of interesting-looking stuff!




Look at the cute rabbits!!! *squeals*
Friends: Lets buy one!
Me: How to bring back to Singapore?
Friends: We can set it free! Like doing some charity.
Me: With all the cats outside our villa, it’ll be eaten!
Friends: Then its doing charity to the cat!!


Bah. Cute little things, good thing you weren’t bought.
After a few short hours, it started to pour! My gosh. It didn’t help that we all split up to browse by ourselves; so we were each pretty much hiding under different stalls’ umbrellas. Roar.


It was freezing! Before I left for Krabi, all my friends were warning me about the humid weather.
Some told me to even get the 130SPF sunblock. -.- Good thing I didn’t listen! I just stuck to my 50SPF!
Pretty soon, we all umbrella-hopped to get some snacks for dinner & we gathered under a huge umbrella! All the stalls were slowly packing up, which also meant that our ‘shelters’ were depleting!
So we decided to call our trusty Tuk Tuk Uncle!
Just a side note, they have those colour-me-ringtones in Thailand as well. And the Tuk Tuk Uncle’s song is…. Roar!! I complain every single time I call him.
Uncle: Hello?
Me: Hi Tuk Tuk Sun! (Sun is his name.) Can you come and pick us up?
Uncle: Okay! Where?
Me: We are at the Walking Market! Please come find us!! We are in the middle of nowhere under a big umbrella.
-.- Nice to know I amuse people everywhere I go.
You have no idea how relieved I was when Mark confirmed that it was his tuk tuk that pulled up nearby! The villa never felt more like home. In fact, I was getting really used to living there! 🙂
24 March
I was pretty much looking forward to today. There was still going to be a little bit of water activity….but I had about a 40% chance of being able to take part! 😀
However, looks like there was going to be more water activity than what was in our tour itinerary. Look at the dark skies so early in the morning!
Today was another day packed with fun! We were going to visit some hot springs, pools, temples & elephants!!
Loading up the van & ready to head off!
The first stop was a hot spring. Which I wasn’t able to go into… 😦 I had nasty cramps!
Walked past these little shops at the hot spring, thought they were really cute!
So everyone went off to dip in the hot spring, I was sitting in the shelter. After a bit, I got really restless.
No doubt I was in discomfort, but I didn’t drag my butt out of Singapore after so many years just to sit by a shelter and watch the rain fall.
I got up & went to take a look around the place!
Really glad I talked myself into taking a walk! It was such a lovely place.


I look like some sick thing…. Which I was for those few hours.
When we headed off to the next pool… Believe it or not, I was able to go into the water! Probably I was really upset that I wans’t able to take part in the fun…. 😦 So my body decided to take a break off the nature grid! Haha!
The 2nd pool, didn’t bring my camera…But it was fun! And it was super hard to climb up with all the algae stuck all over.
We had to walk a good 20 minutes down the muddy path into the pool! And it was so muddy, my slipper kept on flicking up mud on my shorts. 😦 I had a polka-dot ass.
I love country rides! Its really something you cannot do in Singapore….
Anyhow, what makes a ride even better?
If there is good food waiting at the end of it! 😀
Imagine munching on some local delights with such a view!
This place had quite a cool washroom. I felt like I had to take a journey just to get there!


Well, I never had to actually walk down the country to use the washroom before! So it was kind of new to me. And I was really amused.
I took so long at the washroom, my boyfriend had to come & look for me.
Check out this crazy adorable cat. Apparently, she dominates the dogs there! O.O
Lunch was simply delightful!
We were driven to see some temples! Check out this one, it is actually built in a cave.
Those are actually cactus!
We were sent on a journey into the wilderness! Without our tour guide!!
I guess it was really too tiring for her to do it all the time.
So basically, we had to climb up a long flight of stairs… Enjoy the view.


After climbing such a flight, I better enjoy the view. Heck, I’ll enjoy just getting on top even without a view.


I know it doesn’t look very long here… but once you climb it, your muscles somehow just gets spasms.
No wonder the character on the map went, “Wow!”
Because when you get up there, its really… “Wow!! I’M FINALLY UP!!!”
This is where the monks rest!


Some metal thingy.


There were loads of big trees in this forest.



Didn’t expect to see a lamp post there! O.O


See the tree in the middle of it all? That was another big tree! It was so tall, I couldn’t see the head.


Time to ride some elephants!!
Shockingly, it didn’t stink at all! I was expecting some horrendous stench or something.



My driver, such a young fella!


Walked through the rubber plantation.


Suddenly, my driver decided to just hop off her head! O.O So my elephant went on auto-pilot.


Quite honestly, I was scared. Elephant walking alone without any directions…. Scary!!
But I looked down, my little driver was walking by our side. I don’t know how he does it! He just walks through the tall grasses, muddy grounds… He doesn’t seem to mind! In fact, he seemed to be having fun taking care of Mark & I.
Apparently, he was rather amused at how Mark & me behaved. -.- Don’t ask.


Jun Yong looking like some king.


And because we didn’t want to put our dirty slippers on the elephant, Mark & I decided to go barefooted!


Just look at the gorgeous view!!


Then my little driver decided to get me to sit on the elephant herself; not on the seat! So exciting!


Then Mark came down too. So we pretty much spent our entire ride without the seat. -.-


It was crazy fun!! And kind of prickly, the hairs on the elephant was kind of coarse. I was really secure though, because my legs were behind her ears!
Speaking of ears, she kept on flapping her ears… They kept on hitting on Mark’s legs. 😀 But because of her flapping, I also didn’t get a single mosquito bite!
Elephant poo poo!


We went inside a lake & I already freaked.


The ride went by a little fast… I guess because I was really enjoying myself! But just like every good job done, a good reward should follow after.
What other better way to reward my elephant than with bananas?


Mark & I feeding that big beautiful girl!


I didn’t know, but my elephant was the matriarch. I love her!


I kept on telling Mark to get her for me so I can bring her back to Singapore.
And all Mark kept on replying was, “Anything for you, darling.”
Okay, but honestly… If I saw an elephant waiting for me at home, I’d freak out.
If an elephant could even get up to my apartment, I’d freak out.
Show you something really cute.
Left picture: Elephant under punishment because he misbehaved during a ride
Middle picture: Children feeding another elephant bananas.
Right picture: Punished elephant couldn’t stand the temptation, he just walked over to join the party!


His trainer kept on yelling at him, but he was too busy gulping up the bananas. Haha!
That night, we went to this place for dinner!


Okay, it really was just snacks first!


Because before dinner, we wanted to enjoy a little bit. The boys went for their massages, Sabrina & I went for a manicure & pedicure!


Mark took this picture of me & said I look totally like a tai tai. -.-


Honestly, I was very unhappy with my manicure & pedicure.
The paint quality wasn’t good, her strokes weren’t nice & my French lining was messy. 😦


Oh well, on the bright side… It was cheap!
On a brighter side, great good beckoned!!


Mark & I were so addicted to pancakes, we actually ran to buy one before our tuk tuk arrived. We love them so much we had such spastic faces while eating.


P.S. I wasn’t digging my nose!! Just scratching it.
25 March
Last day in Krabi!
I was almost depressed. 😦 It was going back to the stressful & realistic life back in Singapore.
As my new friend Jordan said, “Its back to reality!!”
-.- Yea, like that helped.
Something about travelling, you always think that someone might be out there to want to kill/sell you. So when we saw this taxi who had a knife behind his sign, all of us freaked.
Like a bunch of losers we were.
No doubt, I was going to miss the place. Though I’m a home-bird & all, but sometimes a getaway is really desirable.


Our little brunch!
Yes, more pancakes!! Mark & I were gravely addicted.
Oh, did I mention? I simply love their fruit juices. You can actually taste the fruit! Not like in Singapore, taste more ice (or water) than the fruit. -.- Whats more, so much more expensive!


We trying to enjoy our last day!


Because each of us wanted to do different things, we each went our different ways. So it was really my last time to enjoy the surroundings! Ah~


And guess what I say?
My favourite…. Subway!! Good thing I didn’t see it earlier, if not I would’ve forsaken all local delights.


But nothing could really beat the corn there!! Mark & I bought yet another one!


McDonald’s doing Thailand pose!


Peeping into Mark’s eyes. 🙂


Mark & I enjoyed our little frolicking around town for the last hour. And pretty soon, the taxi came to the villa to pick us up!


Arrival at the airport. I could almost sense Singapore coming back to me.


Look at what I found inside the feedback box! 😀


This time, I remembered to take the air-sickness pills. So kind of explains why I look so friggin’ tired in this photo. The medicine makes you really drowsy…


Time to get onto the plane! I swear, this trip was the first time I actually had to walk to the plane on the ground; not through some constructed passage.


Singapore, here we come!!


I slept like a real pig throughout the entire flight. I actually fell asleep on Mark so many times, he had to cramp into weird positions to make sure I was comfortable. 😦 Feel so bad…
And he also had to pull out my gigantic bag from the top.


We’re back in Singapore!! Ah, it felt good to be home!


And the first place we headed; Subway!!!!
P.S. Its not that fantastic a Subway outlet, despite it being in the airport. It was really slow, I actually waited about 30 minutes to be served at this “fast-food” joint. And the bread was so tough, you would’ve thought they kept it for me before I flew to Krabi. -.-


Instead of taking a taxi home, Mark & I decided on the train! And we spent the entire really long journey chatting about the trip. To think we spent the entire trip together practically all the time & we still chat non-stop. 🙂 Ah well, he is after all my (male) best friend as well. Hehe.


And despite me not being able to bring the elephant I wanted back…. Mark got me this instead! 😀 Its proudly stuck on my fridge now!


Mark sent me home & had such a hard time getting home himself.
My dog was absolutely elated when he saw me come home! And truth be told, I missed him heaps too!
Came back, a little jet lagged… And seriously needed some rest.
26 March
So now that Mark & I are back in Singapore, we went to do something we love doing.
Japanese shabu shabu steamboat, to be exact. Over at Vivo City.


I know Mark & I have been together for 4 days straight already & some people are expecting us to get sick of each other.
But y’know what?
This trip has brought us even closer. 🙂
It almost seems impossible for that, but we manage! 😀
And for my first time leaving the country without my family, I think I did pretty good! Loads of credits to my boyfriend, please. He took splendid care of me! 🙂
Of course, his sweet friends. 🙂
Now I’m suffering from wanderlust. Someone help.
It is good to look at the world once in a while to remind yourself the reality of your reality.
Sometimes you live your life so much, you get too used to it. Since your life is within a box, you think the world is within that box. That is perfectly understandable; we’re all human… Its almost impossible for us to comprehend what the entire world is like.
However its good to know a little here & there. Every bit helps! 🙂
I must say, the one thing I really experienced was not the country itself.
Instead, it was the way I was actually so scared of leaving without my family but chose to trust Mark. It was being around people I didn’t really know, but I trusted Mark. 🙂
It was scary, but I’m glad I did.
So next time when I remember Krabi, its not going to be about the whole flood of Caucasians, the crazy fun tours we went to or the delightful treats we ate! …Maybe not even the elephant I simply adore.
Rather, it is going to be that I have finally learnt to trust the one that loves me from the bottom of his heart. 🙂