#GeraTravels to 四川 (Si Chuan):Posh Hotel, Jades & Kisses Goodbye

12-13 December 2014

This is officially my last entry for my trip to China last year.

Yes, it’s already the middle of the following year… Each day was just filled with so much uniqueness, they earned their own standalone blog entries! So anyway, here goes!

Before I jet off for my next holiday… The last lap in China was super relaxing; well, compared to the previous constant climbings.

I swear, I did more exercise within those days than I have in an entire year. And because I have a pedometer in my phone, it was constantly praising me on how I’m turning up my game. Sad news for you, pedo-app… Okay, not pedo-app, that just makes it sound like a child pervert.

Okay, well… Sad news for you pedometer-app, I didn’t up my game. I merely went for a climbing expedition. Following the days after my trip, it kept on sending me notifications to be like the previous few days…

Bah, whatever.

Anyways, the last day we went to stay in the Hotel Intercontinental at Chengdu which was GORGEOUS to say the least. Apparently it is quite internationally known – this specific Intercontinental. Continue reading #GeraTravels to 四川 (Si Chuan):Posh Hotel, Jades & Kisses Goodbye

#GeraTravels to 四川 (Si Chuan):Witnessing Chinese Ingenuity

9 December 2014

As much as people these days complain about the public mannerisms of the Chinese from mainland China, you cannot deny their rich history of brilliant ingenuity that has made practically everyone else in the world gawk in awe.

And till now, my badass ancestors are still doing this whole ‘make others scratch their heads over our ingenuity’ jazz. And it’s one of the reasons why I’m proud to be Chinese. *proudly beams* I got brainy genes! …albeit I don’t think much came to me. :/

I was pleasantly surprised when there won’t be any hiking involved for the day! 😀 In fact, there was going to be shopping! WOOHOO!! So anywhere, here was the entrance of the Chinese ingenuity- which we will get into later. 😉

Be prepared to be WOWed!

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#GeraTravels To 四川 (Si Chuan):My Journey To The Heavenly Temple

8 December 2014

It was one hell of a looooong journey.

I climbed painfully for about 2 hours – it was so challenging that my grandparents weren’t allowed to join us on the climb. And at so many points during the climb, I felt I should’ve just joined their club.

But then I saw sights like this…

Imagine the background was all just clouds…

So worthwhile.

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#GeraTravels To 四川:3 Generations to Subdue a Sea Monster

7 December 2014

It was yet another early morning… But I was quite hyped up to see the Buddha carved out of a mountain!

We were up even before the Sun. And the hotel was closed… Before operating hours. I was a little shocked when I walked into a dark lobby, with absolutely no personnel.

Never encountered such a hotel before, but that’s just how places like that do things.

Up earlier when I’m on holiday than when I’m actually at work

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#GeraTravels To 成都:Going Rural

6 December 2014

It was going to a long bus ride, we were warned- but well-worth it!


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#GeraTravels To 四川:Let Me Bring You To 九寨沟, The Playground Of Fairies!

5 December 2014

Out of all the things to see on the trip, THIS was my most anticipated one.

Probably because prior to the trip, my dear uncle spammed me with some breathtakingly gorgeous pictures of the place. I simply couldn’t wait to see it in real life!

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#GeraTravels to 四川: Smitten By Pandas

4 December 2014

My travel post to Chengdu is eons late… Mainly because my dearest cousin took forever to filter the photos from her camera. *glares* But they were worth the wait! I felt soooo happy just looking back at the photos!

But next time, I’ll make sure to have my own camera handy.

It was a midnight flight, so my dearest boyfriend drove me down to the airport for our “last” meal together before I jet off. He was mighty unwilling to let me go.

I think it’s more because I’m the one in-charge of clearing the cat litter box every night, so when I’m gone- he has to do it.  While I happily get whisked away to a winter wonderland with my family!

Queuing up at Swensen’s with my trusty adorable suitcase!

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