Teeth as White as BlanX Space

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What are some of the most unattractive traits you catch at first glimpse?

One trait gets a unanimous agreement – yellow teeth.

It’s not just about getting someone romantically attracted to you. But it boils down to your personal image and how people perceive you.

Imagine if you’re talking to your manager about something super important – but he/she is distracted by the yellow sheen on your teeth.

Not cool. 😫
No, can do. 🙅🏻

However it can get hard – especially when I’m gulping down about 2-3 cups of coffee a day. Staining is almost inevitable… 😣 So I’ve been on the lookout for a whitening toothpaste that delivers.

Behold, the BlanX!

Gera Blanx Product Review

Reigning from Italy, BlanX boasts a range of toothpastes that help tackle just about any tooth care needs. And today I’ll be showing you their non-abrasive whitening toothpastes.

This is the most basic of the BlanX White Shock Range.
If you just want to sample before investing fully in the range, this one will give you a good gauge if it works the same kind of magic for you!

The BlanX White Shock Toothpaste

BlanX White Shock Toothpaste

Unlike other whitening toothpastes, the BlanX White Shock  doesn’t attack the tooth’s enamel – which means in the long run, your teeth will be healthier and less damaged. Which also means that if your teeth get whiter, it’s only because your teeth itself is getting whiter – not just a temporary layer.

To add some more icing on top – this toothpaste also helps to hydrate your gums! 😬

Ooh, but here’s my favourite part! 😍

Within the BlanX White Shock range, is this magical LED add-on! When I first saw it, I couldn’t help but swoon over how crazy cool it is!

The BlanX White Shock Toothpaste + LED

BlanX White Shock LED

It’s essentially the same BlanX White Shock Toothpaste – but with an LED fixture you can add-on to multiply the whitening effect!

The LED light is within this cap that you can twist onto the main toothpaste tube.

This is the first time ever that my toothpaste had light shining out of it! It was like heaven in a toothpaste or something.

BlanX White Shock LED

When I first saw this product, I was wondering, “Waaa, later end up like Ross, how?”
(People who watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S will understand…)

Ross White Teeth

Now, if your concern isn’t so much about whitening your teeth – but actually just making sure they’re healthy and get a star sticker from your dentist every 6 months; then you can check out these out:

The BlanX Sensitive Teeth

BlanX Sensitive Teeth Toothpaste

Sure, it still contains whitening properties – but this one actually helps to reinforce the enamel on your teeth! It might not sound like much, but the enamel is a crazy important part of your oral health.

If you’re one of those people who cringe from tooth pain/numbness when biting into ice-cream or ice kachang – then you really need to try this one out!

The BlanX Intensive Stain Removal

BlanX Intensive Stain Removal Toothpaste

This is for all the coffee-addicts that put even me to shame. Some people drink about 5 cups of coffee just to get through the day – and this ends up staining their front teeth quite nastily. Or even heavy smokers who have quite bad teeth stain.

When your teeth is stained, it’s not just about whitening anymore – you need to start by first removing the stain.

The BlanX Advanced Whitening

BlanX Advanced Whitening Toothpaste

Or if you’d just like something to make sure your teeth are healthy and look dazzling – try out the BlanX Advanced Whitening to clean, protect and whiten!

I’ve been using the toothpastes for a couple of weeks now – and my favourite is definitely the BlanX White Shock LED. Simply because it’s fun to play with the light… Haha! 😅 And the dazzling blue light helps to wake me up in the morning too. Lol.

Here are some other reasons why I’ve come to love the product after using it personally –

  1. The smell isn’t too strong.
    Sometimes using other toothpastes, I can get choked (somehow) by the strong smell. Like, when I inhale too much? Maybe it’s just me… but BlanX toothpastes have a rather subtly refreshing scent to them.
  2. My teeth actually got whiter.
    Really did! And I’m not writing this because they sponsored me the product. My teeth weren’t particularly yellow – but they certainly weren’t dazzling-white sort. Ok – they’re not dazzling-white right now either… but the yellow tones have significantly gone down and my smiles look brighter! Yay! 😁
  3. Numbness when eating ice-cream went down 🍦
    Ordered an ice-cream cone and bit down straight into it – expected a slight sting or sense of numbness in my teeth, but it was not too bad this time. In fact, it was almost negligible.

Amazing stuff and I’m so happy BlanX is available on our sunny island!

Check out BlanX Singapore’s Facebook page today!

Stay happy & keep smiling, everyone! ♥️


Liese Blaune Creamy Foam Color Review

I put it to the test – does it really cover the greys?

Many people already know – I have genetic pre-mature wisdom. AKA, I started growing white hair way too young. So I go for very regular hair dye appointments, but it can get quite troublesome sometimes to commit a couple of hours every month.

And I don’t really want to trouble anyone at home to manually do the colouring for me… 😔

So imagine my elation when I saw this advertisement!

The Liese bubble dye isn’t new in the market; I’ll admit they’re relatively easy to use and the colour comes out quite decently. But they don’t cover my whites at all.

So popped by my nearest Watsons and bought 2 boxes! (S$19.90 each)
I use 2 boxes because I have chest-length hair; 1 box is typically enough for shoulder-length hair.
And this range naturally comes in only darker shades! 🙂

Okay, so the real question everyone is asking here is… “Does it really cover the greys?”

Liese Blaune Creamy Foam Color Review

I didn’t take photos of my roots – but trust me, it was quite bad already. I was about 2 weeks late for my hair touchup, so my ‘wisdom’ was crazy obvious. 😩

Did the usual of mixing the provided formulas and rubbing the foam all over my crown!

Actually 1 box was quite sufficient for me this time, because the texture was a lot thicker than usual. I barely went through half of the 2nd box and my hair simply couldn’t hold anymore foam.

The stinging smell is still around, so make sure that wherever you use this has decent ventilation.

After 20 minutes, washed out the mountain of foam and…

I’m impressed!!!

My roots were very nicely covered! *claps* Which really intrigued me because when it’s a bubble dye, the colour tends to be more transparent and therefore ineffective at covering up whites/greys.

Liese Blaune Creamy Foam Color Review

My sole qualm was I didn’t get every part of my hair – which is no fault of the product. I’m just not too flexible I guess… Need to go back to yoga. Then I can reach anywhere!!! Muahaha.

Don’t know if you can see from this picture; there are some parts which are still a tinge of the golden brown I had previously.

Liese Blaune Creamy Foam Color Review

But still very happy with the product!

Liese Blaune Creamy Foam Color Review

So, does it really cover the greys?

Yup! It worked for me 🙂

I’m so glad that this product worked! I’ll still head to the salon now and then to get treatment done. Hair dying is super damaging and treatment is an absolutely must!

But this means that whenever I’m too busy or a little strapped for cash, I have this as a great alternative! 😍

Thank you, Kao!



Product Review: Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

I first noticed Innisfree while I was in Hong Kong and when it came to Singapore I was quite literally over the moon.

Not because there isn’t already enough beauty brands to pamper our female population; but rather the brand carries quite a range of highly affordable yet rave-worthy items!

One of which is…
Its Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask!

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GEO Contact Lens Lovers, Behold The GEOLICA!

In my personal opinion, when it comes to cosmetic lenses – GEO is one of the big boys (girls?) in the game. Every girl who knows her cosmetic contacts, knows GEO. And GEO has quite a range of different designs!

Then one day I spotted GEOLICA while shopping for my next few pairs of contacts. This particular pair caught my attention because it looks so promisingly natural! Which is what I really love.

It comes in this box and in those plastic containers that you just pull the cover off. Which I really love! Because I find those glass bottles with their metal & plastic caps so diabolical to my nails. 😡  

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Lip Tint Tattoo; The Next Kissable Must-Have?

One of the latest things that has been going on in the cosmetics world is this new baby known as the lip tint tattoo.

The whole idea of this product is to create a lasting & natural colour to your lips.

I was honestly never much of a lipstick-wearer; but I found the beauty pleasure in it. *eyebrows jump up & down*

And plus this lip tint tattoo works in such a unique way!

Step 1: Apply the product on your bare lips
Step 2: Let it dry for about 5 – 10 minutes
Step 3: Peel off a layer that formed
Step 4: Viola! Enjoy your naturally-tinted smoochers! ❤

Photo Credit: en.koreadepart.com
Photo Credit: en.koreadepart.com

I simply had to try it out!

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My Unbiased SK-II Review Is Here! Is All The Obsession Worth It?

To date, there isn’t one girlfriend I know who doesn’t want to try out SK-II at least once in her life simply because of all the aggressive advertising.

They have created an itch deep inside each & every female one way or another; but that itch is easily ignored with their price tags.

It’s pretty obvious that the marketing & pricing of SK-II products are aimed to make females desire for them.

How? Well, quite simple- if you look properly.
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Gera’s Product Review: Rudducks Kleen Kat Litter Box Odour Spray

People have no idea how important good litter box odour control is to me.


Couple of reasons why…

1. I have not 1, not 2… but THREE felines (so whatever stench that emits is tripled, practically)
2. They’re always in my room (and the stench pretty much stays in room, especially at night when I close everything & turn on the air-conditioning)

So while I was in the pet store, I picked out “Kleen Kat” by Rudducks to spray the litter box.

Product Review: Rudducks Kleen Kat

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