Product Review: Crystal Tomato

Hello there, beautifuls! 😍

Many of you might already know The Crystal Tomato – it’s heavily marketed to be a miracle beauty product somewhat… By promising some really awesome benefits for your precious skin. 😌

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  • Natural Sunscreen
    Absolute dream to have when you’re living in tropical Singapore with the unforgiving Sun. Whenever I head out during lunch hour, I can almost hear my skin cells crying in pain.
  • Brighten, Lighten and Whiten Complexion 
    Okay, one of my major wants in a beauty product.
  • Reduces Dark Acne Scars, Freckles, Dark Underarms and Age Spots
  • Antioxidant Effect and Anti-Inflammatory 

I read so many great reviews online about the product on how it practically changed their lives… So I figured, “Okay, must try.”

Even though it’s bloody costly – at about S$170-$190 for a month’s supply! 💸😱

Now Crystal Tomato isn’t readily available – it’s not one of those things you can just head down to a generic drug store and pop into your basket. No, this one needs you to head down to a specific list of authorised sellers.

And I even bought a 3-month supply – because that’s apparently how long it would take for the skin to rejuvenate and really show results!

I puked blood and went to pluck some grass to eat for dinner when I saw my credit card bill that month.

So anyway, yes I know you just want to know, “DID IT WORK??”

😬 We’re getting there.

First month – skin actually got darker! I figured it was part of the purging process?

Second month – skin was clearing up a tad… and the tone went back to my usual colour.

Third month – “Huh? Got difference meh?” was what a friend of mine said. I purposely wanted to meet her because she’s always the one friend who loves to comment on any changes aesthetic-wise.

If I lose weight, she will comment. If I gain weight, she will imply it’s time to cut back. If my skin looks bad, she’ll ask if I’m on my period. If my skin looks radiant, she will ask for my secret or if I’m pregnant.

Yes, THAT kind of friend.

And when I met her, I was almost expecting a, “WOW!! YOUR SKIN!!!” And then a background of fresh sakura leaves will fall around me as I radiate and giggle in delight. 😌 #mecrazy

But when she didn’t say anything for a couple of hours, I just had to ask her if she noticed anything different about my skin. And her reply was, as above, “Huh? Got difference meh?”

😩 😩 😩

To be honest, I didn’t notice any significant change myself and was almost envious of those girls who apparently experienced a whole galaxy of change!

Albeit there were some little benefits here and there – like how it’s an oral sunscreen. And I have 4 cats, so there are mornings when I wake up with a new scratch somewhere. I noticed they healed faster when I took Crystal Tomato. ✌🏻

However all this doesn’t warrant me parking aside about S$200 for it!!! 🙅🏻

Must say I was massively disappointed… I’ve tried other beauty supplements that were worlds cheaper and gave better and more obvious results.

So not topping up my stash of Crystal Tomatoes. My bank account won’t stand for it – my skin won’t vouch for it.


Product Review: Sephora Color Reveal Lip Balm

For the longest time I never knew how some girls pulled off their lipstick shades so flawlessly… Like, they just look gorgeous. Whilst most of the time I just look like I got bitten by a poisonous snake… *sobs!*

While doing my regular browsing in Sephora, I spotted this little one here.

In a super unassuming design, it looks like just about any other lip product. But what really caught my eye was when it said that it adjusts to your unique pH to give you a customised shade of pink!

I just looked at my friend and went, “Legit not?”

But I knew I was bagging it home anyway – simply had to try!

It’s basically lip balm (chapstick) with a light shade of pink to it.

So here are my photographed results!

So I was honestly quite skeptical about it… but pleasantly surprised! 😀

The shade is natural & healthy-looking. My lips still look dry.. but to be fair, they’ve been peeling like crazy during the haze. So this is already not bad. Heh. Plus I love how there’s no strong ‘balmy’ smell!

This baby is awesome for normal daywear and ladies, don’t ever underestimate how your lips look. With the right shade, your kissers can really change how your face looks. 😉

Crazy love this product. Thanks, Sephora! Muah! ❤


3 Beauty Must-Haves for the Haze

This nasty haze is bad for quite a number of things… General health, country relations…

My lungs have so far lodged a few hundred complaints and threatened to quit a couple dozen times. My throat and eyes aren’t too happy about the situation either… :/

But the one organ that is evidently showing its unhappiness is the largest one of all – the skin. Thanks to this sickeningly horrible air, pimples sprouted out in areas unvisited since puberty.

And to make matters even dandier, my lips joined in the party as well. Drying up, bleeding…

So I decided, I needed to take action! My usual skincare routine is obviously not enough to combat this hazy period. I added these babies to my regime for about 2 weeks now and they’ve worked amazingly!

Good stuff – so, must share. 😉

#1 – La Roche-Posay, Thermal Spring Water

Price: S$39.90 

It can be a tad pricey – but it can last a pretty long time and really works wonders.

Here’s how I use this – after I’m done washing my face and cleaning it with a clean tissue, I will spray this product lightly over and gently tap. Then I start my usual moisturiser etc…

This helps to soothe any kind of irritation in the skin, especially good for sensitive-skin peeps!

It also acts as a first layer of moisturiser before your usual one. This gives you double moisturising without being too heavy, which is great! 😉

#2 – eos Lip Balm

Price: approx. S$12.90

Must be applied every few hours! I apply before I leave the house and after meals. 🙂

Y’see, the skin on your lips are really thin. So you need to be extra careful! And if the skin breaks and starts bleeding in this weather, it becomes super easy to get cold sore.

If anything at all, I don’t recommend too much lipstick at this time – unless your product is really moisturising. Moisture is IMPORTANT!

Of course, don’t forget to drink loads of water.

#3 – Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Watery Essence

Price: S$17.20

Yes, it’s a HUGE plus because it’s watery. The texture is light, easy to apply and adds on to the moisturising.

I really love how there’s no strong sunblock smell too! ❤

But the important thing here is the extra sunblock! Y’see, I already use BB Cream – which by itself has about SPF 30++. And although that’s enough on a normal day, it’s not enough in this weather.

You might say there’s no real Sun… Too much haze! The Sun is perpetually blocked.

True. But that doesn’t mean that the UV rays aren’t around.

During this time, I totally recommend double sunblock! It’s super important to prevent any pigmentation or premature aging signs from emerging.

It’s getting mighty bad out there! 😦 And they say it’ll last till November.


Take care of yourselves, everyone! Drink up lotssss of water!


DuSol Beauty: Finally Going Blonde

Through my coloured-hair- years, I’ve mostly stuck with rather safe colours like dark brown, brown… The most daring I went was red! But to be honest, that didn’t really complement my skin tone too well. 😦

However I was totally blown away by how DuSol Beauty managed to pick out a shade which I had no idea would work for me! This South Korean hair salon is owned by Koreans and hair stylists are Korean as well!

Looking at my “Before”… I’m soooo glad that it’s over. My colours were all over the place!

And it wasn’t the ‘effortlessly stylish’ sort of mess. It was just a mess.

Meet my beloved hair stylist – Sia! From Ulsan, she moved to Singapore to be a hair stylist some months back. Super lucky to have had this tall glass of water as my stylist. 😉 She’s tall, slim and gorgeous – she’s single too, guys! Hehe.

Sia is simply amazing… She actually studied my complexion and customised a shade that would best suit me!

DuSol Beauty has another cool feature.

To protect customers’ eyes from any splattering whatsoever, they stick on this plastic face shield on your forehead! So intrigued when Sia pasted it on me.

And because my hair colours were all over the place… Sia did double bleaching for me. Not once – but twice! How thorough is that. Once simply wasn’t enough for the colours to really pop!

And because of the intense damage caused by bleaching (and double at that), Sia insisted that I had treatment done. It was super comfortable – massage & steam for the head… I fell asleep in this photo.

Looks like I died or something though… Ah well.

So about a week later, I had returned for some follow-up action! Mainly – more treatments! This time I had the DEESSE’s [L.M] 3 + 1 treatment and I’m in love.

The super thorough steamings and expert massages… ❤ I actually felt headaches that I forgot about melt away~

Aaaaaaand… Ta-dah! Sia even cut see-through bangs for me. 🙂

I was super hesitant at first because I didn’t really have a pleasant experience with bangs years back… but Sia totally put my mind at ease.

Completely evenly-coloured; healthy & well-nourished… It was one of those moments when I felt my hair was the best-looking thing I had. ❤ ❤

Left the salon feeling like a million bucks and it was all thanks to Sia! ❤ Crazy love her.

Anyone wanting to do anything with their hair, I fully recommend Sia!

DuSol Beauty Hair Salon
Location:6 Scotts Road, Scotts Square #B1-19, Singapore 228209

Contact: +65 6443 2582, 6538 3977

Thanks for reading! ❤


Product Review: Shiseido Perfect Watery Oil Makeup Remover

Greetings, everyone! It’s been a mighty long time, yes? I still have some travel entries to do from my trip to Japan – but for now, we will be taking a short break from all my worldly rendezvous and look at my other love… beauty.

And I’ll be sharing my reviews on this particular product – Perfect Watery Oil Makeup Remover by Shiseido!

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Eyelash Extensions: True Eyelash Beauty @ Bugis Cube

Singapore is in no shortage of beauty parlours. And since a few years back, eyelash extensions have been a norm among women and an essential for some.

Me included! 😉

And I was initially quite a loyal customer to Carragheen, but after a while I personally felt their service standards dropping while their prices weren’t… And I initially had 1 session left in my package, but was about a week too late to book an appointment and they disallowed me to use it. Even after explaining to them that I was hospitalised for a long time, so getting extensions wasn’t in the question. And to top it off, I have quite erratic schedules – Carragheen charges you SGD20 for every cancellation/change of appointment within 24 hours.

So I just decided to drop them.

Like I said, there are many eyelash extension parlours out there. And granted that Carragheen is one of the more outstanding pioneers in the business and they have a good track record – but just not enough for me to return anymore.
P.S. They did call back a few weeks later, telling me they are willing to let me use my last session out of goodwill. -_- I didn’t fancy the stench of their desperateness. And I was really disgusted at how they handled the whole thing.

Ahem! Okay, so today I’m sharing with my fellow beauty-lovers another cool eyelash place I tried out. 😀


True Eyelash Beauty!

Photo Credit:

Located in Bugis, this new kid on the block is garnering quite a bit of attention. 🙂 So I simply had to try them out.

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Product Review: Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

I first noticed Innisfree while I was in Hong Kong and when it came to Singapore I was quite literally over the moon.

Not because there isn’t already enough beauty brands to pamper our female population; but rather the brand carries quite a range of highly affordable yet rave-worthy items!

One of which is…
Its Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask!

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