My 3 Most Interesting Uber / GrabCar Rides

I’m sure you’ve taken an Uber or GrabCar at least once in your life. Even though Singapore is mighty tiny and we have a well-established public transport system, Singaporeans still love the comfort of a car ride. 😬 And despite already earning my car license (oh, thank God… FINALLY), I still use Uber or GrabCar a fair bit. […]

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Singapore – in all its bustling tininess, has developed quite a significant amount of content around our favourite areas like food (omg, soo much food), travel articles and local news with a quirky (and sometimes controversially-hilarious) take. For the longest time, Singapore often read up on stuff from websites with foreign-based content… So it’s amazing how we […]

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Travel the smarter way with cashback, coupons and many more at ShopBack!

A while back I was invited by the awesome people at ShopBack to try out their service! I’ve heard tonnes of things about ShopBack – about how it’s great for online shopping. Basically with ShopBack, when you buy things from one of their listed merchants, you get cash back! So here’s how the process works – ShopBack actually earns commission from […]

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KnocKnocK! Who Would’ve Thought Laundry Could Be So Easy!

Sponsored Review Let me show you this cool new app I have on my iPhone. It basically does my laundry. KnocKnocK is Singapore’s first on-demand laundry app! You place the order, they come when you want them to, do your laundry and return it to you when you want them to. It’s a friggin’ godsend for busy people like […]

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Behold The Ogress of Singapore

This video of a woman berating a cleaner has been going viral in Singapore, taped by Euphemia Lee: Love her name, btw! 😀 Basically the video is this crazy woman screaming shrilly at a meek older man who is a cleaner at the food court. She was angry that he had cleared her food even […]

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Probably the Most “Feel Good” Massage in Singapore

I never knew that Singapore had something like the blind massage in Vietnam or Thailand! Mark and I were having dinner at Great World City and the man really wanted a massage. The stresses of work, he says. So being the dutiful fiancée that I am *shameless grin*, started Googling for massage parlours in the building. And I […]

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Traditional taxis need to start learning from GrabCars and Ubers

Lesser than 5 years ago, Singapore’s public mode of transports were the trains, buses and taxis. Pretty much like any other developed city in the world. Today, customers have the option to book a GrabCar or an Uber. For the benefit of those who aren’t familiar with the concepts of GrabCar and Uber; it’s a booking platform […]

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