Zula.sg – Singaporean Ladies’ Sacred Web Space

Singapore – in all its bustling tininess, has developed quite a significant amount of content around our favourite areas like food (omg, soo much food), travel articles and local news with a quirky (and sometimes controversially-hilarious) take.

For the longest time, Singapore often read up on stuff from websites with foreign-based content… So it’s amazing how we managed to create a whole bunch of exclusively-Singaporean content that tap into our kiasu-laksa-loving hearts.

Now I’m immensely happy to have discovered Zula.sg!

It’s awesome because it really feels like a super exclusive space that not everyone will be able to relate to!

How so?

Well, for starters – Zula’s content is very much meant for Singaporeans. Which pretty much cuts out the rest of the world and leaves us with our teeny-tiny island. And the content is meant for female. Not just any female… Gen-Y females.

Which is really pretty awesome, in my honest opinion. Because it’s practically everything I want to read about; or at the very least, can relate to.

But what I really love about Zula is how clean their webpage is!
All that white space!!! 😍 😍 😍

You might notice that some of the pictures seem quite unprofessional – but I really think it’s just a teething phase with newer webpages. I’ve learned that actually getting quality images is no easy feat.

I’m alright with closing one eye to images for now – because they have some pretty good articles that I’d spend some time reading.

This particular one on “Why Minister Grace Fu’s “20-20” Target Is More Demoralising Than Empowering From A Girl’s Perspective” caught my attention almost immediately. I’m Singaporean, I’m female – it pretty much affects me directly what happens to Singaporean women’s empowerment!

Speaking of women empowerment – I couldn’t not read the article on “This Singapore Girl Fixes Planes Instead of Flying In Them“. While so many girls I know flock to being flight stewardesses, this lady took the road less travelled (by others her gender) and became an aircraft technician! Although I already read this article somewhere else, I love reading it again from another writer’s POV… ☺️ Gives me this warm, fuzzy & proud feeling inside. Like, “YEA! GO, SINGAPORE GIRL!! WOOT!!!”

And of course lets not forget the beauty-related stuff!! 💄

I’m currently carefully studying “5 Amazeballs Mascaras Under $10 For Singaporean Girls Who Spend Too Much On Makeup” because lately I’ve spent a bit on mascaras – but none seem to work for me! 😭 😭 Darn these oily eyelids… I always end up looking like a racoon by lunchtime. Plus a couple of those weren’t exactly economically-priced! It’s great to find cheap alternatives!

So if they work – SUPER YAY! If they don’t – oh well. Doesn’t hurt too bad.

But honestly, the MOST IMPORTANT one right now is… Zula.sg Revlon Warehouse Sale


Revlon has some pretty awesome stuff like their Balm Stains! So definitely worth checking out.

Zula has some great content – and it would seem like they’re building up more! Already ‘Liked’ their Facebook page; and waiting for more updates!


Travel the smarter way with cashback, Booking.com coupons and many more at ShopBack!

A while back I was invited by the awesome people at ShopBack to try out their service!

I’ve heard tonnes of things about ShopBack – about how it’s great for online shopping. Basically with ShopBack, when you buy things from one of their listed merchants, you get cash back!

So here’s how the process works – ShopBack actually earns commission from merchants when they refer you to shop at their site, and they share that commission with you!

How does Cashback work?

I simply love it because of the awesome merchants! My personal favourites are Jetstar and Sephora 😍 My two favourite things! Travelling and beauty… And I still get some monies back!

Merchants at ShopBack

For my travelling-loving readers, you really should check out the latest Booking.com promotions! One of my friends was positively elated at how much he saved when he went for a 2-week holiday.

Swear I’m crazy in love with ShopBack now.

They also have The Book Depository! It’s my favourite site to buy books. ❤❤ I made quite a large purchase from them previously… WITHOUT GOING VIA SHOPBACK!!! *regret pangs* Could’ve saved a substantial amount right there! 😭 And you can book your Cathay Cineplexes tickets there too!  There are really crazy loads of stuff to shop and they all have cashback! Click here to view more.

My current favourite is the GSS Sale 😍… but I’m sure many of you are looking for great gifts for Father’s Day. Here are all the deals from ShopBack’s Father’s Day Gift Guide! Pretty sure you will find some awesome things to pamper your pops!
Have loads of fun shopping at ShopBack!

KnocKnocK! Who Would’ve Thought Laundry Could Be So Easy!

Sponsored Review

Let me show you this cool new app I have on my iPhone. It basically does my laundry.

KnocKnock Laundry App
My KnocKnocK app!

KnocKnocK is Singapore’s first on-demand laundry app!
You place the order, they come when you want them to, do your laundry and return it to you when you want them to.

It’s a friggin’ godsend for busy people like me! It’s AMAZINGGGG!!!

For a number of years I’ve been living independently and my biggest problem has been… laundry.

After work, I really have no energy, time or mood to do anything other than nua. During weekends, all I really want to do is nua also. Or there was once our washing machine was down… The backlog of laundry was insane!

actually had NO clean clothes to wear for the weekend. Legit. I actually walked around the house in my underwear just doing laundry that weekend. 😩

Imagine if I had KnocKnocK back then, life would’ve been so much easier!

Just by tapping on the KnocKnocK app, my laundry backlog would’ve been easily cleared!

And maybe it’s just me, but I like the whole personalised service everywhere I go.

With KnocKnocK, you get to create a personal profile that’s owned by just you.

KnocKnock Laundry App
Used my favourite pic taken in Otaru! 🙂

Maybe I’m just being narcissistic, but I like seeing something like, “Hello, Geraldine!” Really beats something that goes, “Hello, customer!”

So even though you’re using a machine, it still feels personable somehow.

KnocKnocK is all about making it super simple for customers to get their laundry done. 🙂

You, as the customer, really only have 4 steps to worry about.

Step One: Enter your pick-up address, date & time!


KnocKnocK has pick-ups/deliveries from 9AM till 9PM, at 2-hour slots.

Step Two: Choose the items you’d like KnocKnocK to clean for you!

I found the app to be extremely intuitive and what’s more, scroll down and see the very comprehensive range of items they can handle for you!
KnocKnock Laundry App KnocKnock Laundry App KnocKnock Laundry App KnocKnock Laundry App KnocKnock Laundry App KnocKnock Laundry App

Plus you’ll also find that they have quite competitive pricing as well! Check out their price list here.

Step Three: Do your payment!

The cool thing is, I wasn’t asked to pay when I placed my order… They asked me for payment after the inspected my item! So no paying for service that I’m not going to get. I only pay for it when they know they can deliver it.


Their payment system is super convenient as well, because you get to store your card details. Meaning after you’ve keyed in your details once, you don’t have to keep on pulling it out again.


And it’s even better that they have ultra secure payment systems as well! 😉

Step Four: Get your stuff ready for collection

KnockKnock Laundry App

A super friendly and smiley gentleman showed up at my doorstep that morning, ready to do my laundry! What a beautiful world this is. 😄

Another thing you’ll love about KnocKnocK is that it always keeps you in the loop, without being too spammy! I got comfortably regular updates on how my laundry process is doing.

KnocKnock Laundry App KnocKnock Laundry App

And as if the updates weren’t enough to appease you, the app has a tracking process. So you can see immediately at which stage your laundry is at! It’s almost like real-time tracking. 🙂

KnocKnock Laundry App

Here’s another thing about KnocKnocK – they listen to what customers need/want!

So while we cannot deny the convenient mobility of our cell phones; it cannot beat the view of a desktop screen. Now you can order your KnocKnocK on a desktop too!

Check out: https://order.knocknockapp.com/login.html

KnockKnock Laundry App

And for those of you point-collectors, you can earn LinkPoints on KnocKnocK too! 🙂

KnockKnock Laundry App

KnocKnocK app is available for download on both the App Store and Google Play! 

This has all saved me an immense amount of time – especially with the winter coats Mark and I wore to Japan. The trip was about 3 months ago and we still didn’t bring our coats to the cleaner.

Why? Because we work long hours and bringing the coats to the cleaner is actually quite inconvenient. But KnocKnocK comes to my stated address and time to pick my bulky stuff up! And brings them right back. If you bring your laundry to the shop yourself, you have to take a million things into consideration. Packing them up into a sturdy bag… Getting a car/taxi to bring your bags to the shop… Then filling up all the endless forms! (Another thing I love is that the entire KnocKnocK process is paperless!)

And that’s only half the journey! You still have to go back again, to bring your clothes back again in a car/taxi! KnocKnocK takes away all that headache for you. ✌🏻

Imagine not having to work your hours around the opening hours of the cleaners – you have it your way with KnocKnock! Simply get the app and place your order anytime. 😉

You can choose the “Normal” way, which gets your laundry done in 5 working days. Or “Express”, which is at a super speed of 2 working days!

No time to waste! The mountain of laundry isn’t going to do itself. Time to get someone to KnocKnocK!

And to sweeten the deal a little bit… Get S$5 off your first KnocKnocK! Enter code: WELCOME5 😁 (Limited to first 200 users)

KnockKnock Laundry App
Thank you, KnocKnocK!


Behold The Ogress of Singapore

This video of a woman berating a cleaner has been going viral in Singapore, taped by Euphemia Lee:
Love her name, btw! 😀

Basically the video is this crazy woman screaming shrilly at a meek older man who is a cleaner at the food court. She was angry that he had cleared her food even though she didn’t want him to.

This was a recount from Euphemia Lee:

The cleaner misunderstood her grunting when he asked if he could clear her tray for affirmation. She abruptly exploded into cursing and violent upper body actions. She then told him that he should go and die and should not be given a coffin. She then continued eating until her husband returned, after which she insisted her husband drag the old man back to their table to APOLOGISE to her.

It was then that the manager of the cleaning company stepped in to explain that said old man was BOTH DEAF AND MUTE. In the video is what ensued… In a nutshell, her saying that old and disabled people should not be given employment nor forgiven for their mistakes. And that they should just be beggars and wait for the government to feed them.

Ahem. I don’t mean to sound mean or anything…

But honestly… When you look practically deformed outside, you shouldn’t be so ugly inside as well. Now you just seem like you have nothing going on for you – which probably explains why you’re so angsty!

The most beautiful smile will eventually look ugly when there’s an ugly heart. The scariest sneer becomes kind when there’s a kind heart. Simple theory, woman. You should try it some time. 😌

Honestly, watching the video Euphemia caught really got my blood boiling! 😡 How can such monsters still be alive?

Cannot tahan that my country has such idiotic wankers.

#1 She screamed, “I don’t want to understand! My food leh! I want him to apologise!”

HELLO, BITCH! Didn’t you see him bowing his head? He’s dumb, of course he cannot verbally apologise to your sorry fat arse. But he was clearly apologetic.

The very fact that you didn’t regard that as an apology, clearly states that you weren’t looking for an apology. You were just using the poor man as your own personal punching bag!!!

#2 She continued screamed, “If you’re deaf don’t work, go home and sleep. That’s for the Government to feed him. Go and be a beggar! I don’t care. He took my food!”

Well, if you’re so ugly and rude – don’t exist.

Go and be a swamp ogress! I don’t care. You made me angry!

😒 Sickening bucket of lard.

#3 She still continued screaming, “Are you telling me that he is old, he is deaf, he is dumb, I must give in? I must understand? Are you trying to tell me that?”

We’re saying that he’s obviously your elder – RESPECT THAT. Especially since you’re Asian.

We’re saying that he’s deaf and dumb – RESPECT THAT. Especially since you participate in charity events, at government-related charity events to boot. If you don’t respect yourself enough, at least respect the government’s image.

#4 Then she goes on to give lame excuses. “At that point, I didn’t even know he is deaf”. Then saying that she was unwell with a flu and the medication caused her to be unable to think straight.

Excuse me. My bullshit mentor is going off the roof!!!

You CURSED the poor man for just being deaf and dumb. Now you want to play the ignorant card?? Don’t you realise you just contradicted yourself? Seems like you’re sicker than with just a flu, my dear.

And I simply don’t understand.

If your medication was that strong to make you actually unable to think straight… (Although I very much doubt your initial ability to even think in the first place) Then how are you so full of life in the video? It’s just yet another contradiction.

#5 “I couldn’t tell if he was disabled as he was not wearing a tag.”

No, he didn’t have to wear a tag.

YOU should be the one wearing a tag saying, “Disabilities: Lack of compassion, humanity and possibly mental wellness.”

In some latest news, she said she’s thinking of making a police report about all the lashing she’s getting online. *roll eyes* Saying, “Singapore has laws.

HA! Please. It’s because Singapore has laws and those laws are enforced; that’s why people like you are still alive – walking the streets, making lives for the rest of us miserable. People like you are still alive because it’s illegal to kill. And I think for that, the law has done enough for you.

Ugh. And what’s this about she and her husband also terrorising property agents? This couple is just out destroying people trying to make a living!

Omg. Keep on seeing her annoying face on my feed. Excuse me while I barf.


Probably the Most “Feel Good” Massage in Singapore

never knew that Singapore had something like the blind massage in Vietnam or Thailand!

Mark and I were having dinner at Great World City and the man really wanted a massage. The stresses of work, he says. So being the dutiful fiancée that I am *shameless grin*, started Googling for massage parlours in the building.

And I found this little gem!

My Foot Reflexology Great World City
My Foot Reflexology @ Great World City #02-01

I was a little thrown off by the name, but they actually offer full body massages as well – which is always a huge plus for me. 😌

This was the therapist assigned to me – Angela!

Pai seh about my face… Slept face-down for over 60 minutes. Cushion + bloated face 😛

Initially I had no idea the Angela was partially blind. I just picked up signs like when she welcomed me to enter the room when I was already right in front of her. And that her watch reads out the time to her.

Apparently My Foot Reflexology hires only handicapped individuals! It was giving them a trade where they could earn some income to get by their days – which I find absolutely amazing!

Haven’t even told you the best part – I’ve been to countless places for massages. But I can tell you that Angela provides spot-on massages. My theory is that due to her lack of sight, she is therefore stronger with her other senses. So she was able to feel my tension in specific points and knead them away.

Plus her hands are crazy strong!

Mark sung praises about his massage too! He came out looking like a happy groggy baby. ❤

It was an awesome experience! The massage was great and at the same time, my purchase helped someone in need have a job.

Looking at it from a business-y point-of-view, I felt like I bought 2 things with the price I paid –
1. A really good massage
2. A small step in making the world a little happier & better

Y’see, when you go to large massage chains – the profit they earn off you will probably go into buying their big boss a new summer home. But at such places, you’re helping someone in need put food on their table and a smile on their faces.

Here’s their menu:

My Foot Reflexology @ Great World City

So the next time you’re around Great World City and need a little quick fix – be sure to pop by My Foot Reflexology! 😉


Address: 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #02-01 Great World City, 237994

Contact: +65 6738 6235


Traditional taxis need to start learning from GrabCars and Ubers

Lesser than 5 years ago, Singapore’s public mode of transports were the trains, buses and taxis. Pretty much like any other developed city in the world.

Today, customers have the option to book a GrabCar or an Uber.

Uber Grab
Image Credit: http://www.gadgetren.com

For the benefit of those who aren’t familiar with the concepts of GrabCar and Uber; it’s a booking platform that enables car drivers to get passengers like they would in taxi bookings. It’s basically commercialising their own private mode of transport for cash.

Which is actually a brilliant idea! And people loved the idea of being able to earn the extra buck, or some of them made it a full-time job for themselves.

However tension sparked when taxi drivers found that GrabCar and Uber drivers were threatening their rice bowls. And in full honesty, I worry for them as well. But I don’t advocate the whining and just expecting all this to stop – taxi drivers shouldn’t take for granted that they have the monopoly of commercialised car transport in Singapore.

And I’m sure many people will agree with me on this – taxi drivers have taken customers for granted in the past. Simply because if you want a comfortable air-conditioned car to yourself, or need to get somewhere in a hurry and you don’t have your own car; you need their taxi service.

Let me give you an example.

Last time I was waiting for a taxi at HarbourFront Centre, and thought it should be pretty fast. There were streams of taxis around, it was a sea of blue (ComfortDelGro) and yellow (CityCab). However to my horror, there was still a looong taxi queue! No taxis were coming forward!


The taxis didn’t want to be ‘flagged down’; they were waiting for people to book taxis so they can earn the extra booking fee.

It was quite blatant. I saw some people clearly in a huge hurry and just started calling for a taxi. Then the taxi right in front changed his sign to “On Call” and drove around to pick up the passenger. IT WAS RIDICULOUS!

And it wasn’t the only time. It became a norm that such things happen with taxis; and they were no longer a reliable mode of transport at touristy areas or during peak hours. Simply because they weren’t willing to be flagged down.

Sometimes even booking the taxi itself was an utter nightmare! Before the phone app was created, calling in was a tiring process on its own. 😫

Another experience I had was when I was in Holland Village and wanted to take a taxi ride to Commonwealth. The distance is super short and will cost me about S$5. I was lugging some heavy stuff then, and taking the bus would be a nightmare.

I was at the taxi stand in front of Cold Storage and it was my turn to board the taxi. After I got on the taxi with my shitload of barangs (baggage) and told the driver my destination, he actually told me to get out! “Too near lah! Don’t want! Don’t want!” And simply refused to drive me, so I had to alight.

The taxi drivers started choosing their customers based on if their destinations; if they found that journey to be adequately profitable.

Once again, IT WAS RIDICULOUS!!! The uncle clearly saw my bulky bags, and common sense will tell you that’s why I needed to take a taxi. Not because I’m some lazy rich brat who cannot stand a 20 minute walk or 5 minute bus ride.

However to be fair, the taxi behind took pity on me and helped my stuff onto his taxi instead. Which was really sweet! He did tell me that he would’ve preferred not to take me because he won’t earn much, but could see that I really needed a ride.


There was clearly a market gap, yes? Consumers needed a more reliable form of car transport, that would bring them where they want to go; without the judgement on if it was worth it for them.

Then Uber came! And I absolutely fell in love with the idea.

Then GrabTaxi came up with GrabCar! It was awesome.

But not everyone loved the idea – taxi drivers and some of the public hated how taxi drivers had to fight for their rice bowl like this. They already had to fight with each other for passengers; now they had additional people to fight with too.

Sure; I’ll admit it’s tough. But I’ll also say this, “You asked for it.”

When taxi drivers started being choosy about their customers, customers started looking for alternatives. And the whole idea of having another alternative gave birth to concepts like Uber and GrabCar being so readily accepted by the public.

I’m not saying that all taxi drivers are bad, I met some really nice ones before; even before GrabCar or Uber came into the picture. However there was no denying that it always lingered at the back of people’s heads, “What if the taxi doesn’t want to take me? How will I get there in time? Is there a better way?

Taxi drivers should rightfully feel threatened that their rice bowl is taking a beating – but instead of being angry about it and trying to shut down the businesses in Singapore, how about learning what they’re doing right.

It’s all super simple.

Taxis have lost touch of their customers; they fail to see that they’re selling an experience. An experience of convenience, via a mode of transport. Much like the brick and mortar businesses; people are readily flocking to e-commerce sites because they don’t see an experience worth buying anymore at brick and mortar shops.

Plus the fact that Uber and GrabCar are price-competitive as well.

9 out of 10 times when I’m in a GrabCar or Uber, I feel absolutely comfortable. (1 out of 10 is usually just average, like a usual taxi ride)

They greet me happily when I board the car and thanks to the app, they also know my name. So it gives a lovely personalised experience. It’s somehow heartwarming to hear a smiling person go, “Good morning, Geraldine! Going to work now?” 😌 “Good evening, Geraldine! Going home after a long day?”

This happens to me probably only 1 out of 10 times when I board the traditional taxi.

And the GrabCar and Uber drivers actually express interest in making my ride as comfortable as possible. Which is an amazing experience for me! And because of this, my automatic first choice when I need a car is always to book a GrabCar or Uber – not a taxi.

And that’s not all – there was once I made a complaint to Uber about the driver taking 20 whole minutes to get to me, even though the app said 8 minutes. I got a reply within that night; telling me they understand how frustrated it must’ve been for me, they apologise and will look into the matter.

Again, I must reiterate – not all taxi drivers are bad. And I’m sorry that they’re taking a beating because of Uber and GrabCar; and I’m also sorry that I’m contributing to it. However please understand from a customer’s point-of-view: it’s not me, it’s you.

Taxi drivers just lost touch with their customers and they ought to see how GrabCar and Uber did what they couldn’t. Otherwise the taxis could be facing dark days ahead and will have no one to blame but their lack of ability to adapt.


Why Wisma banning construction workers from using toilet shows our ugly Singaporean hearts

Singapore is known to be plenty of things – we are a nation of kiasu individuals who have a crazy passion for food and shopping. This might be just my own stereotypical opinion, you can have you own.

Whatever it is, I love my country.

The one huge issue I have with the culture is the whole “holier than thou” sort of mindset. It’s super rampant in this country, I’m often guilty of it myself honestly.

And one standard often used is one’s occupation.

How many times have you heard parents go,
“You don’t want to study now? Next time you grow up be cleaner!”
“If you continue misbehaving, I’ll call the bangala come to take you away!”

Honestly. What the royal f**k kind of threats are those.

“You don’t want to study now? Next time you grow up be cleaner!”

What’s really so wrong about being a cleaner? They play an integral part in our society.

It didn’t ring bells for me till I was in Japan and I saw for the first time in my life, cleaners doing their tasks with so much pride! The bench cleaner at the Tokyo DisneySea park wiped the benches with so much fervency; the janitor at the train station even individually wiped the tracks on the ground meant for the blind.

And they didn’t look like they were humiliated by their jobs. More importantly, no one treated them like dirt. They were respected for their work, therefore they also respect their own work.

“If you continue misbehaving, I’ll call the bangala come to take you away!” 

For the benefit of those who don’t know – ‘bangala’ is a short-form Singaporeans use for Bangladeshi people who are here to work at construction sites.

This already sets the tone to the child that bangalas are to be avoided and shunned away from.

When they’re not! They’re normal human beings just like you and me. And if anything at all, they’re going through shit here. They leave their families and homes to come here and slog for money in hope to give their loved ones a better life back home.

And what do we do to them?

straits times, news, singapore
Screenshot taken from: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/malls-toilet-ban-for-construction-crew-raises-a-stink

This just advocates snobbish locals that they are better than hardworking construction workers. 

The local is probably there to shop. And Wisma Atria has so many other washrooms! The basement isn’t the only one. If they can get their arrogant asses from home to Orchard Road, I’m sure taking the escalator to a different level’s toilet won’t be much of an issue.

While the construction worker?

He didn’t ask to be stinky. If he could, he would be wearing that cologne as well. If he could, he’d also be leisurely walking around an air-conditioned shopping mall.

But he’s not.

He’s away from home, in a foreign country that openly expresses their disdain for him. He’s slogging his guts out to build buildings for those very people who despise the nature of his work.

Do you see the irony here?

The very community of people who are despised, are the ones who are integral in building our nation. The very group of individuals that built those shopping centres (along with the toilets) are not allowed to use them, because they don’t smell good enough.

And not only is there a ban, there’s also a potential fine and expulsion.

Does it have to be so harsh?

If it wasn’t for these people, we wouldn’t even have those toilets! Bloody wankers.

The crew shouldn’t be the ones punished. If you ask me, (other than the royal ungrateful wankers who complain), it should be the construction developer who didn’t provide proper facilities for them.

Some of those facilities are worse than pig sties. It’s repulsive. You cannot blame them for wanting to use something better! And they probably didn’t expect Singaporeans to be like this.

But I’m so sorry… They are. 😔 As much as I love my country, my people often aren’t the nicest lot.

If the construction crew had their own proper facilities to use, they won’t be pushed to use others. And even if they did use others, what’s so wrong about that? It’s not like they’re doing anything that would hurt anyone. They’re helping to build our society and yet we mistreat them.

They’re doing work that we Singaporeans are too proud to do.

Are we too proud to show our thanks too?