The Longest Elevator Ride EVER!

Oh, finally it’s FRIDAY!!!

giphy (1)

This week was borderline torturous; I didn’t know if it’ll ever end! 😱

It’s like as if Mark and I expect every week to be torturous… We have a thing on Fridays whereby we will meet for a nice dinner together to reward ourselves for surviving another week.

Honestly most of the time it’s just us wanting to pig out – most weeks aren’t all that bad…


So we drove down to the shopping mall, and as we took the elevator to the restaurant level.

And that was when my mini nightmare began…

It was after working hours on a Friday evening at a fairly popular shopping mall, so the lift being full was to be expected. No surprise there.

But then as it went down one level, suddenly a horde of people just squeezed their bodies shamelessly in, like it’s the last lift to the reincarnation level… So suddenly the lift became a can of sardines.

I was forced backwards and was pressed up against this other girl.

I was partially quite relieved it was a woman… Until…

giphy (2)

She was looking very intently at her mobile. In fact I noticed she was the only one who didn’t seem at all annoyed at the elevator being the definition of ‘spaceless’…

The woman was right in front of me and it was inevitable that I saw what she was looking at…

Okay, here goes. She was watching a video of a very buff guy taking a shower and rubbing himself all over with pleasure. Honestly it looked like his abs were his erogenous zones. 

Well, I guess if you work crazy hard at getting that body… Touching it must make you feel crazy good.

And as if on reflex, my right eyebrow went up slightly. Like, “Really? Watching that in a place like this??”


Then she looked at me.

“Shit. Okay, look unjudgey… unjudgey… How does even unjudgey look?!”


She gave me those intensive eyes; I couldn’t make out what she was trying to do, but I figured she didn’t appreciate me looking at her mobile phone.

For the following milliseconds, my brain processed the following possible reactions:

Look apologetic?
Or should I smile?
No! I should just act like I don’t care…

Well, after what felt like a million eons… It was finally my level. And I squeezed my way out so quickly like my life depended on it.

A fascinating elevator ride, it was.

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