Have you ever met someone with INCREDIBLY low EQ?

Have you ever met someone with incredibly low EQ and consideration of others, that you needed to muster all your inner strength to not physically do something about it?

I didn’t do it simply because it’s illegal to assault someone and this would likely result in me having to interact with the person a lot more than I’d fancy.

Today, M and I went around shopping for a few things for our new home – one of them was a digital door lock. (Yay, so excited for our new home!!)

When we arrived at the shop, we made it just in time for a product demonstration with a few other groups of customers! So, we guai guai just stood there and listened to the salesman. And you could hear from his voice that he was probably having a bit of a flu. During the demonstration, one customer raised his hand a little bit to ask a question. Which he barely managed to answer fully, before he excused himself… turned around (back facing us), pulled down his mask and was grabbing a tissue to clean his nose, while sneezing.

It was during this 10 second window, Mrs Incredibly-Low-EQ-Why-Did-You-Spawn showed up. I inserted “why did you spawn”, because she was there with her 2 children. For convenience, I’ll shorten it into Mrs Low EQ for the rest of this post.

So, imagine – the man turned his back toward you. He was coughing a little. He then proceeded to pull down his mask, and reached for a tissue…. What does this tell you? He’s currently unavailable and we need to excuse him for a bit, right?

Mrs Low EQ: Excuse me, I got question.

Salesman: *coughing into tissue, blowing nose*

Mrs Low EQ: *raises her hand and voice* EXCUSE ME!!

Salesman: Sorry, please give me a moment.

Mrs Low EQ: But I have a question!

I was flabbergasted. It was probably obvious from my face lah, I actually rolled my eyes and my mouth gawked a bit. Cannot imagine if she is someone’s boss man. Even if the poor fella is dead, she will go to the funeral and rap on the coffin, “Hello. You’re dead? But I have work for you to do.”


But, okay guys. Maybe her question is suuuuper important and earthshattering, right? Omg, maybe she discovered a large loophole in the demonstration that could’ve endangered life as we know it!

Shame on me for being such a judgy b*tch about her?

Well, here’s the question she asked, “You said can use the RFID card to unlock, right?”

Salesman: Yes. You just need to use your phone app to authorise the card.

Mrs Low EQ: So, like that if my neighbour also got your same lock, how? They can open my door?

Salesman: *confused* Err…

Mrs Low EQ: If my neighbour also got RFID from your company, does this mean they also can open my door??

Goodness me.

May as well go to your neighbour and say, “Omg, your lock uses a key. Mine uses a key too!! Can you enter my house using your key?!?!”


Okay, to be fair – if she was someone that I felt was genuinely oblivious and a nice person… I wouldn’t be so judgy about her question. Hey, we all learn something new everyday, right? But she was clearly someone very entitled and rude.

Even as the demonstration progressed and she was standing right in front of me (for those who don’t know, I’m not very tall… lol), she kept on blocking my view. She just kept shifting and swaying her body around, saying mean things about the salesman to her husband.

I even said, “Excuse me” one time when I got fed up of always having to readjust myself to see the salesman. She just turned her head toward my direction (didn’t even look at me) and went back to doing her inconsiderate swaying around! Oei, I know I’m not tall – but I’m not short until cannot see, okay?? 🤬🤬

But I just didn’t bother saying anything. Maybe I’m super tired out already and any interaction with such people simply has no ROI. Or maybe I just know full well that she’s a lost cause and people like her rely on the law, religion and inner strength to not get hurt by people around her.

Heck, even her husband turned to me and mouthed, “Sorry.”

No, dude. I’m sorry for you. You signed on a document and married that walking-shit-show (who actually looks as ugly as her behaviour, if I’m being honest), plus you spawned with her. Okay, he owes a huge apology to society as a whole then. Not just me.

But anyways, I’m still happy that today we managed to pick out a bunch of stuff! YAY!! 🥳🥳


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