I’m a Christian Who Basically Dislikes Christians…

 Let me put this out clear- I am Christian.

I believe in Jesus Christ, He died on the cross for our sins & all that jazz.

However most Christians don’t consider me one of them because I’m not a familiar face in church (among several reasons, alongside that I’m a total bitch, slut etc).

I’m not going to lie- I really dislike going to church. I’ve been to churches before and it really isn’t the boring services that turn me off… It’s the Christians. And sometimes when I look at them, I’m almost glad they don’t regard me as a Christian as well. If not it’ll just be downright insulting.

Disclaimer: Before countless people go on & take this personally… Not every single Christian is like that. I’m not pinpointing at anyone in this post. But hey, if the shoe fits… I’m not going to stop you from wearing it. *smirk*

1. They Have This ‘High & Mighty’ Perception Of Themselves 

I don’t know why. But apparently being Christian makes you a lot more worthy than other people.

So yes, you believe in Jesus. So what? What does that mean to other people?

It’s like you taking a SGD100 note and paying for something in Europe- and expecting them to understand & accept the value. Guess what? They don’t! Because they have their own concepts of value.

It doesn’t make them any less human- they’re just different.

2. They’re Usually The Most Judgemental Lot 

Thou shalt not judge! Oh please, Christians are usually the one to go around criticising the deeds of others.

Lets just take homosexuality for an example. I’m completely open to it- I don’t mind. Even though it is supposedly against the word of God, but I’m not going to try and stop them.


Everyone has their reasons. Everyone has been through their own experiences. You weren’t there all the time now, were you? There’s no way you could’ve been. So what gives you the right to tell people they’re ungodly for being attracted to someone of the same gender?

Heck, if my own child is gay- I’ll be totally cool with it. And if I have a husband who wants to disown the child- I’ll divorce the shallow bastard and take care of my child. Pure & simple. But I know so many Christians who go ballistic every time they know that someone is homo.

And homosexuality is just one of the many examples…

3. They Give Almost NO REGARD To Other Religions 

They basically believe that other religions are false.

Yes, I believe that my God is the almighty and He is the creator of Heaven & Earth… Blah blah blah. And inside my heart, I do believe that He’s the only God.

However I don’t go around telling people their own gods are fake! It’s just downright disgusting. Why would you do that?

Again- people feel the same way you feel about your own god as well. So what do you want? You want all the gods & deities to come down, go into an arena and battle it out?

Sheesh man. Even if you don’t believe in other people’s beliefs, you jolly well at least respect that people have their own choices! If God gave us all freewill, who are you to take it away from them?

4. They Often Force Christianity On Others 

Like force feeding someone. I’ve been to churches that are almost like those pushy sales people selling packages in beauty salons.

It can be quite scary. And downright sickening.

In a way, I always felt it was a like a violation of personal beliefs.

5. They Don’t Like Hanging Around Non-Christians Much, But Expect To Influence Non-Christians

I can’t even…

How does that work?!

First off, they usually put themselves above others. Then they build this barrier that differentiates them from non-Christians. But at the same time, they want to influence people to believe in their faith.

Ha! People don’t even have basic sincere friendships with you- leave alone really take into heart their beliefs.

6. They Basically Love Condemning People To Hell 

Last I checked, the only one eligible to make that decision is God. So what are you trying to do now? Play God? Isn’t that against your beliefs itself?

The last time some hardcore Christian girl said that to me… I replied, “Damn, even after I’m dead I still have to see you?”

Took her a while to get it. I was laughing horribly by then.


Sometimes I just get really annoyed with those preachy Christians. To get people to have faith in something, you need to get to their heart. At the rate some Christians are going, they’re only going to get to fists.

I’m not saying to deny others Christianity- but don’t force it down on people! God will work in His own way, so stop screwing up with the plan.

When you interfere like that, people will have their hearts even more locked up against Christianity.

And to some point- I’m also against it. I just believe in God.

Sorry if this post seems kind of ranty… I saw this video on Facebook about this Christian lady and found her actions to be repulsive! It really stirred me up.

You can view the video here.

But after all this, I’m going to clear the air by saying that I did have the blessings to meet some awesome Christians who really helped in making me believe that not all Christians are complete assholes.

So, thanks, you guys. 🙂


5 responses to “I’m a Christian Who Basically Dislikes Christians…”

  1. GOD, regardless of religion is about LOVE. There are no prejudices, differences or judgement. To believe in GOD is to be able to LOVE ALL despite what they may have done to us. Definitely not easy! Afterall, we are only human. But remembering GOD and have faith that GOD is with us always, should give us the wisdom and strength to share his LOVE.


    • Since when do humans love without prejudice? Since when is it advisable to treat everything and everyone “equally”? Do we feed our children boulders? Do we take showers in our own bodily waste? Should we invite Charles Manson in our homes and allow him to interact with our loved ones? Should we allow our friends to drink and drive? Should we give a suicidal person a gun and help them pull the trigger? Is love without judgment truly love? It never is. Love without judgment is tantamount to murder or at least complicity to murder, both of which legally carry a similar punishment.

      When Jesus said judge not lest ye be judged, he did not mean “Let everyone do whatever they want.” He meant not to enact punishment on others when the same fault lies in you as well. “Vengeance is mine. I will repay, saith the Lord.”


      • Well, there are countless views on this matter and it can literally take till the next coming to listen to them all. But I like how you voiced out your thoughts so openly! 🙂


  2. I’m with you on that. The way I see it, the problem isn’t that not everyone is Christian. The problem is that we exist in this state which is called “sin” Biblically, and we’re always trying to justify our actions. Christians think that by dressing modestly and behaving modestly and thinking narrowly that it controls how much this state of the world affects them. Actually, according to The Bible, it makes them worse for it. It makes them hypocrites, because they clean the outside of themselves, but refuse to acknowledge the filth inside. They separate themselves, but in doing so their pride makes them feel special for something which every single person on Earth does naturally (i.e. thinking themselves better than others, at least to some degree or another). We’re all pretty shitty people. Christians, unfortunately for Christ and the profoundly uniqueness of his message, are merely the modern day High Priests of hypocrisy which Jesus spent most of his ministry railing against, and I doubt Christ would feel much at home in a modern day Christian church at all. He would probably take a bat and start smashing all the pretty shit and driving out all the horribly plastic people that populate those dungeons of consumerism disguised as God’s House.

    I am a rather recent convert to Christianity, and I understand intimately the views of other religious and spiritual disciplines, and while I wish and had wished for a long time that it were not so, there are false paths to God out there…. many more false paths than true paths. In fact, there are no paths to God. We don’t travel to God because we are incapable of it. God comes to us. Most people don’t have experience of this, so if they are a Christian, their judgment is based upon dogma and not upon any sort of substance. Also, a typical Christian just has not experienced life outside of their religion, or if they have they now use Christianity as kind of a shield of denial to keep out the true grit of what is really going on. It’s a fantasy, based upon scripture but without any substance, so the idealism of the human heart comes in and turns Christ into a cartoon that kills everything they don’t like and justifies their warped version of a perfect life. That’s not reality. The reality of the situation in which we are immersed is far darker and more convoluted than any cartoon Jesus movie we’ve seen as kids makes it out to be. I don’t mean to be a buzzkill, but it’s the truth of our existence.

    We should question the claims of other religions, as Christians. If we don’t do that, we’ll never notice whether or not all roads lead to truth or whether truth is singular and absolute, rather than plural and relative… which, in the latter case, would it cease from being truth, and become merely a matter of opinion. All points of view being considered valid actually accomplishes the opposite and invalidates any point of view whatsoever. This leaves us with a very large problem, considering that we exist in a cosmos which contains universal underlying principles of operation. If truth were not absolute, discovery of the arts and sciences would become impossible, and ideas of law and morality would not gain any ground. In fact, existence itself would cease to exist, because there must be an absolute foundation upon which all life is created and maintained, or else the forces of nature would never be realized, nor would they be actualized, because there would be no reason for them.

    Christianity provides the only consistent and coherent answer to that conundrum. An impersonal God who does not interact with creation in a direct way is no god at all. Any religion which worships nature, multiple gods, or spirituality without God is found to be devoid of an actual foundation, and therefore is destined to degrade into nihilism.

    However frank these observations may be, it doesn’t indicate a hatred or intolerance for PEOPLE. It indicates a search for truth, a way once realized and accepted, by which to measure relative error against absolute truth, and a need out of charity to share this truth with others.

    But the nature of forgeries is to be so closely comparative to the genuine article as to be superficially indistinguishable. Would you be angry at a man who could prove that all the money a person had just given you for a valuable item (your soul) was counterfeit and worthless? If that man could show you how to reclaim that item you had sold for worthlessness? Of course not, if you could accept that there really was a whole lot of fake money out there, and a whole lot of people using it. Look at bitcoin and the likes… it’s worthless unless you can dupe enough people into accepting it, and then suddenly everybody’s making up their own little private economies based on nothingness and hype.

    That’s the reality we live in and we know it. There are very few ways to live, in reality. Plenty of ways to die, but very few ways to live. Now… whether someone is a butcher or a baker or a candlestick maker, they all need to eat and drink and be loved. Can a piece of dog poop feed you? Can you be refreshed by motor oil? Of course not, but similarly that is what this new world order is all about. Making people drink motor oil and eat shit, in a manner of speaking. Yes, there are many unknowns out there, many possible things to experience… but 99% of them will kill you. To tell someone that the knife they are about to swallow isn’t a hot dog is an act of compassion, and who could argue with that gospel? Knives are not hot dogs. Amen to that?

    Similarly, Hinduism is not Christianity. Witchcraft is not Christianity. Kabbalah is not Christianity. Pick and choose spirituality is not Christianity. Jesus is not Buddha. Satan is not Jesus’s evil twin brother. Lucifer is not God. Uncreated light cannot produce love. Imaginary icons cannot be a source of comfort. All cannot be God without nothing being God… and God must exist in order to give people purpose. Christ must also, by necessity of the fault in our state of existence be real, because people cannot reconcile themselves to God, and God by His nature cannot stand the state of Sin. Also, if people do not understand the nature of Sin, they will also fall into error in regards to perceiving the justice and mercy of God. All other religions preach at most that sin is just an incorrect mental state that we can fix with practice. It is not. It is the nature of our bodies and our minds in their totality. We are totally corrupt in mind and body… and the only redemptive quality is that spirit by which God animates us and gives us the ability to choose. Do we accept our own righteousness, or do we deny it? If we deny it, then by only the righteousness of God are we saved, through Jesus Christ. On the nature of how or when we accept Jesus Christ, I can’t clearly say either. All who call on the name of the Lord shall be saved, but the question remains: When do people truly ever call on the name of the Lord, except in times of absolute existential distress. If you go your whole life convicted to Islam and Allah, and at the very last moment you sit before judgment and realize it was all bullshit, is that your fault? Are we to think that God doesn’t consider anyone except Christians? I don’t really know, but that’s kind of the point. On final judgment, I cannot say. On the nature of each individual’s spirit in relation to God or a false divinity, I cannot say.

    It’s simple just to have faith, yet also very hard to understand because of our nature, and I understand the resentment, but I also completely am convicted to the fact that all churches and most who find fellowship there have counterfeited these concepts for their own financial and social benefit… and therefore who is truly with Christ I cannot say, and it is not my place to say. I can discern, I can preach, yet I cannot pronounce any final judgment. All I know is that I don’t have any Christian friends. I find more in common with neo-pagans than I do with Baptists… but that doesn’t mean I agree. It just means that I find neo-pagans to be the more honest of the two, however resistant to the gospel they are.


  3. I guess the short version of my whole point would be this: We are sick. The sickness is not our fault, but if not cured and instead aggravated, we will die. The world is sick. Instead of recognizing this sickness, the world glorifies it, turns bile and puss into gold and silver. The world is governed by this sickness, and therefore the world will succumb to the sickness, and all who follow the sickness as absolute truth will succumb with it. Imagine if a doctor, instead of treating cancer, praised cancer as good. Imagine how many would die preventable deaths if doctors ignored sickness and death because it was too negative of a viewpoint, too judgmental. This is a picture of the world, and Jesus said that who would be in need of a physician but the sick. That ancient saying that the sickness is the cure is the ultimate deception of the sick mind that devised it, and it is that mind that convinces the world that if we’re just good people, we’ll cure the disease of sin. Recognition of sickness as a disease is the first step towards seeking a cure. Christ is the cure… and the cure is not of this world but of one no man can become aware of but by the grace of God.

    An interesting observation: Tibetan Buddhism and other ancient mystery religions identifiy the four elements with bile, phlegm, puss, and blood (some replace puss with yellow bile)… that sounds very encouraging, doesn’t it?


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