9 Worst Things To Happen In The Shower

All of us in this first-world country shower, yes?

*Sincerely hopes that there is a 100% agreement…* If you don’t, might I kindly request that we avoid being in close proximity of each other.

But in any case, I should be able to smell you from a mile away- so no worries.

#1 Forgetting The Towel 
If you’re lucky, you’ve just stripped off your clothes and still dry… So you can just put on back some clothes to run out and get it.

If you’re already all soaped up & wet…

When this happens, I mentally draft out an escape route in my head to my room from the toilet… Praying hard as hell that no one else will happen to witness the scene of the crime.

#2 Realising You Forgot To Turn The Heater On 
You’re all naked & ready to go… Then you realise you turn the water on & realise you forgot that one damn simple thing.

#3 Realising Some Genius Turned The Heater Off For You 
And you swear you just might kill that ass.

#4 Suddenly Thinking About Life Itself 
Worst time for that to happen.
You’re (usually) alone, listening to the sounds of flowing water…

#5 Getting Soap In Your Eyes 
Probably one of the greatest torments of our daily lives.

#6 Forgetting To Lock The Door 
…and having someone else open the door.

And not like I’m entirely comfortable with people seeing my naked body…

#7 Singing Loudly Because You Thought No One Was Home 
Some people don’t care if others hear them singing in the shower, but I get kinda shy…

I guess because I sing my own totally fail ‘mash-ups’… Of my favourite random songs & only God knows what the hell I’m trying to sing.

#8 You’re All Soaped & Suddenly There’s No Water 
Seriously, it’s literally the worst thing that could happen.

The only water supply available would probably be your tears, which are insufficient to wash off your soap.

Then you start wondering if someone didn’t pay the utility bills, or if the country suddenly suffered a major water shortage.

#9 Using Your Shampoo On Your Body, Or Body Soap On Your Hair 
Did it before… Weirdest sensation ever.

And I weirdly can admit that I have personally experienced each & every one of them.

Story of my life…


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