5 Most Difficult Things About X’mas Gifts

Christmas is a yearly thing- and regardless of whether it’s the actual birthday of Jesus or not, it’s still an actual big event practically all over the world.

Even though it happens yearly and I’ve already had 25 times of this tradition- there are always these few things that I find difficult (and honestly, quite a pain in the ass) during the festive season.

1. Decide Who To Buy Gifts For 

This is quite a slippery slope…

Once you buy for Person A, then Person B will expect one too. 🙂
And since you’re getting something for Person B, it’ll only be fair to get something for Person C. :/
And oh, you can’t possibly leave Person D out! 😥

So from just intending to buying a present for one person- it can escalate to 3..4..5..10? Who knows!


2. Deciding What To Buy For Each Person

This has always been hard for me- especially when it comes to guy friends.

And of course, a budget applies when it comes to mass gift shopping! Which makes things all the more difficult.

If I had an infinite supply of money, I’ll most probably just buy all my guy friends some new gaming console or whatever.


For girls, I can usually just pick out some gift pack from The Body Shop if I really can’t think of anything else she might want. 🙄

3. Actually Getting Down To Buying The Gifts 

Maybe it’s just me… There are some people who enjoy the fierce Christmas season shopping.

I don’t.

I don’t like to be around so many people; shoving & pushing around. It’s like standing in the morning rush hour train AND trying to shop in it.

How does that work?! 😕


4. Opening Presents Up 

Sure, this can be mighty enjoyable. 😀 It’s definitely one of my favourite parts of Christmas!

But if I’m doing it in front of the giver… I think it’s polite to react nicely. Most people should agree with me on this.

You just need to get ready at the back of your brain to at least act like you really like the gift, even though you don’t!


5. Seeing Your Gift Receiver Open His/Her Present

I always get a tad worried during this.

“Will he/she like it at all?”
“Will he/she be just faking that smile like we all do?”
“Omg, he/she will think I don’t know him/her at all!”

And I’ll be hoping deep inside that he/she will like the present- or at least can find something to like about it… :/


However through my years of growing up & being forced to be entirely independent- I realised that the actual gifts themselves really don’t matter. ^^’

Granted… There are still some gifts that make me go, “:? Wtf was this person thinking buying this for me?” (I do it deep inside)

But nevertheless, I’ve grown to really understand the statement: It’s the thought that counts.

Just the idea that my family/friend bothered to actually spend time, effort & money to give me anything at all- a card, a gift or even a greeting… Makes me feel all warm & fuzzy! 🐻

Correction- just having those people in my life is already heart-warming enough.


I might have lost a lot, but I managed to pick up a lot more along the way. 🙂 And I have some of the world’s most awesome people around me. You know who you are! 😉 Thank you. ❤


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