DOTS: 11 Reasons Why I Prefer Seo Dae-young Over Yoo Shi-jin

Song Joong Ki is a clear heartthrob of countless swooning females and males everywhere. So it was no surprise when he had a huge fanbase when he played dashing Yoo Shi-jin in super popular Korean Drama, Descendants of the Sun (aka DOTS).

As soon as all episodes were out, I crash-watched the series. (I don’t like to sit around waiting for the next episode… my heart can’t take it.) All my friends were positively swooning their panties and briefs off over Yoo Shi-jin – but I ended up taking more of a liking toward Seo Dae-young… 😌

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Left: Yoo Shi-jin, Right: Seo Dae-young | Image Credit:

#1 He’s a soldier that is fiercely passionate and strict on himself

And we all love a man in uniform. 😉

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Image Credit:

#2 …but he becomes a mushy puddle of goo with his girlfriend 😍

Image Credit:
Image Credit:

#3 He’s a hilarious friend

Remember the scene where Yoo Shi-jin went fishing and decided to call his friend out of boredom?

Image Credit:
Image Credit:

It takes a certain level of bromance to be able to be such an asshole and still be loved.

#4 He took on the role as big brother to a young punk

Even though he stole his mobile phone, he defended young Kim Gi-bum while he was getting severely beaten up by gangsters.

He even paid off his hospital bills and guided him well!

Image Credit:
Image Credit:

#5 When his lovely girlfriend got infected with a deadly virus…

There was a fierce virus that was infecting the area and both the doctors had blood of an infected patient splattered on them.

And results showed one of them had the virus… and they were quarantined till the result was out.

After finding out it was Myeong-joo , he went all “F**k it, I love her!” and hugged her tightly anyway even if it meant he could get the deadly virus too.

Image Credit:
Image Credit:


#6 The utter panic when the girlfriends were about to open a parcel…

That parcel was sent by other girls they sort of dated previously. It was hilarious to see how they could anticipate impending doom and an exploding bomb if they didn’t get to the parcel first. 😂

Image Credit:
Image Credit:

#7 And his flustered attempt to escape from the fires of hell

Image Credit:
Image Credit:

#8 Lets not forget the way he cooked!

He somehow managed to look macho and super amusingly cute at the same time.

Image Credit:
Image Credit:

#9 This kiss…

#10 His dancing is CRAZY CUUUUTE!!!

Just look at his face while doing that boogie!!! Hahahahaha

Image Credit:
Image Credit:

#11 Most of all, how he never stopped loving her

He went through heaps of hurdles (mainly her dad…) to get to the girl he loves – and he knew he wouldn’t give up.

Image Credit:
Image Credit:


I’m so glad to hear that they’re making another one focusing on this couple!

(To Mark if you’re reading this: I love you more lah, okay?)


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