4 things every cat owner MUST HAVE!

I’ve had my cats for about 2 years now and I haven’t been happier! ❤❤❤ And through my experiences, I have these 4 things that I swearrrr by.

Little background on my cats: I adopted 3 babies! First adopted the 2 boys (Oreo and Milkie), they’re from the same litter. Then Mark and I adopted our naughty little black beauty, Meowster! Here’s a picture of them sleeping on my legs. This is why I don’t feel my legs in the morning.

So lets get down to the list!

#1 The Spill-Proof Water Bowl 

Image Credit: http://dogculture.com.au
Image Credit: http://dogculture.com.au

It’s a friggin’ godsend, I swear.

Especially when Oreo and Milkie were still kittens; they were bouncing off the furniture like EVERYTHING was a spring pad. It was insane. And when we brought home Meowster, she is another bundle of energy.

Don’t let her little size and cute face fool you…

That girl spells d.a.n.g.e.r.

This bowl is simply amaaaaazinggggg!!! Because of it’s multi-layer and curved-in structure, water really hardly spills out. Which really protects my precious wood flooring!

I say ‘hardly’ because there was once the 3 of them somehow went absolutely ballistic and Meowster somehow landed her paws into the bowl and water splashed out in large amounts…

But I was grateful that the bowl kept in quite a portion of the water.

Bought from: Pet Lovers Centre
Cost: >S$10

 #2 Odour Lock Litter

Image Credit: http://boutiqueamibouff.com
Image Credit: http://boutiqueamibouff.com

Now this one is quite pricey compared to other litter – but Mark and I always found it well-worth the buck!

Why? Because the litterbox is in our room itself, so we really need something that can control the poop and pee smell well. And so far this product has been doing an awesome job! We haven’t switched since we tried it out since!

Bought from: Pet Lovers Centre
Price: about S$20

 #3 IKEA Lint

Image Credit: www.bidorbuy.co.ke
Image Credit: http://www.bidorbuy.co.ke

All furkid parents will know – our babies don’t just shed fur; they MOLT!!!

My leather furniture becomes scratched & furry furniture with those meowing wankers around. And don’t even get me started with the clothes!!! Omg, and especially on the black ones… 😫

Mark and I have tried quite a number of different lints from different brands – but found the IKEA one to be the most effective and economical choice! It’s really quite good stuff. The stickiness of the tape gets the job done very nicely and each roll lasts an okay amount of time.

So we have a couple at home and 1 in the car! 😄

Bought from: IKEA (duh)
Price: S$1.90 (basic) / $4.90 (4 refills)

#4 Collapsable Carrier 

My own is the Travel Master carrier!

Image Credit: www.petplanet.co.uk
Image Credit: http://www.petplanet.co.uk

Why I say this is a must-have for cat owners?

Well, I think every pet owner needs a sturdy and quality carrier. But cat owners don’t have the need to bring their cats out as often as they do for dogs. Like when I had my dog in the past, he would be packed into the carrier or bag at least once every month to go to the groomers.

But cats don’t really visit the groomers. And therefore their need for a carrier decreases substantially and having a bulky carrier really gets in the way.

This carrier is totally collapsable without compromising on sturdiness! It’s a HUGE plus for me, because my Oreo and Milkie aren’t small cats… Some vets were convinced they have tiger genes. 🐯

For those who want to see how the carrier collapses, here’s a video!

Bought from: Pet Lovers Centre
Price: S$89

Alright, these are 4 of the absolutely must-haves for cat owners! Do you guys have anything else to recommend?? I’m constantly on the lookout! 😁

I’ll end this post with this image. This is what I go through almost every morning…

Keep in mind this was taken like a whole year ago… My babies got heavier.

Ugh, my poor blood circulation…

Till next time, you! Thanks for reading 🙂 In the meantime, take care & go be happy!


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