Nude & Protected with b.glen


If you were thrown onto a tropical island 🏝️ and by some diabolical twist of fate, could only bring one skincare product – pleeeeease bring a broad spectrum sunscreen.

That’s right, not just any regular sunscreen. You want to make sure you have broad spectrum sunscreen.

But, Gera, why?
Great question! There are basically 2 types of UV light that can harm your skin – one’s UVA (prematurely ages your skin) and the other is UVB (can burn your skin). Both are bad because they can cause skin cancer. SPF only protects you from UVB, whilst broad spectrum SPF protects you from both! πŸ‘πŸ»

Achieving great skin is just the beginning, you need to take care of it too! So, sunscreen is a mandatory step for me – even when I’m staying at home in front of the computer. Don’t underestimate your computer’s rays and the sunlight that peeps through your windows!

Let me just rave a little bit now – I absolutely love the folks at b.glen!
Not because they gave me amazing products to try out (okay, that’s a huge factor), but because they really listened to what I want.

So, on top of luminous glass skin, what else do I want for my skin?

You guessed it – I want a broad spectrum sunscreen.
On top of that, it’ll be nice if it can smoothen out my pores and keep my skin hydrated. 🀩

I have absolutely no makeup at home and sometimes the hubbster wants to bring me somewhere nice for dinner. He tells me I don’t need makeup, but I think he just says that so he could stay alive. #happywifehappylifeSTAYALIVE

Image Credit: imgflip

Then beloved Akimoto-san said their Nudy Veil would be amazing!
I didn’t think it was possible; but she was actually even more confident of this product than their Luminous Glass Skin set.

(Most Japanese I meet are excessively humble and modest, but Akimoto-san has been refreshingly different~ 😝 If she’s reading this and is feeling offended… ごめんγͺさい! It’s actually meant it as a compliment!)

So, did their Nudy Veil live up to expectations?

Before Nudy Veil

Here’s my skin after my morning skincare routine! 🌞

I personally don’t have any real complaints lah… just that my skin gets easily flushed, so you can see a bit of red undertone.

Pores are up to greet you ‘good morning’ too! Never liked them much, but still tolerable.

An annoying pimple randomly sprouted on my chin overnight, but I attribute that to Pudding 🐱 who insisted on sleeping right next to my face last night.

After applying Nudy Veil

The ‘after’ pictures just blew my mind! 🀯

I took the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures only 2 minutes apart, but it almost looks like I took them with completely different lightings!

(Tried to make the same facial poses, so you guys get a good comparison πŸ˜ƒ)

I did not toggle with the brightness of the camera or did any editing – but just look how much brighter & blurred my face looks! πŸ’–

It even has a slight velvety look without looking too matte.

Where have you been all my life??

Side-by-Side Comparison:

The only thing that threw me off was the texture of the product – it can seem a little rich & thick. But once you work it into your skin, it breaks down into an airy & powdery texture.

You’d really want to put small dots at different parts of your face. It’s not one of those products that you can blend very far, because it breaks down really quickly!

Akimoto-san was really sweet to share a guide for me to refer to too!
(Which I followed diligently only the first couple of times… πŸ˜… but it’s very useful indeed!)

Because I use it so sparingly, I only use about 3 dots each time. So, I think one tube can actually last a pretty comfortable amount of time! πŸ‘πŸ»

Broad spectrum SPF and how it makes your skin look aside – Nudy Veil also has other ingredients we know and love like collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Don’t forget to apply ‘GERA10’ for 10% off your b.glen purchases!

And that’s it for my goodies with b.glen (for now)~ πŸ₯° I’ve had such a great time with them.

Thanks for reading this post and stay tuned for more!

XOXO, Gera

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