Teacher-Student Scandal

I know this is pretty old news…
Probably some time early this year?

I heard about it, but never really went to bother about it.

However I stumbled upon the video by Dr. Phil.

Now, let me start off by saying… I simply love watching Dr. Phil.
He has his ways of twisting a person’s arm to spit out the truth directly/indirectly. And he isn’t those sit-on-the-fence, oh-I-will-be-understanding-to-all-organisms-on-Earth kind of person.

He has a clear standing of what’s right and what’s wrong – and he clearly stands by it.

So anyhow, before I do my usual thing of digressing… Back to this student-teacher scandal.

The student – Jordan Powers.
The teacher – James Hooker.

Heh. Guess she wasn’t ‘Powers’ enough to handle the ‘Hooker’.
Wahahaha! Me so funny!

Honestly after watching the video, I felt like throwing up in Hooker’s face and slapping Powers’.

To those who don’t know the story (lived under a rock for the past year or went on a meditation-retreat or something), here’s what happened in a nutshell:

  • Jordan Powers was James Hooker’s student in Enochs High School (this scandal really got the school on the map, by the way!).
  • They supposedly fell in love and then Hooker decided that he wanted to leave his wife and children for Powers.
  • Hooker has a daughter who is only one year younger than Powers and attending the same High School! (Imagine the social murder on this!)

If you can’t view the video below, click here!

After watching the video, I have a few things to say:

1. Jordan, you never give an official heart-to-heart-talk with a group of people.

I know how the whole atmosphere might be nice & everyone seems like godsend angels to listen to your troubles.

The thing is – they’re not.
That’s the fact. Plain & simple.

Just like girls that have sex with boys so easily simply because, “Oh, it just felt so right!”
Then after everything is done, they regret.

Feelings – are one of the most dangerous forms of indicators ever.
They fluctuate and often die off without resurrection.

And do not think that just because this male is your teacher, he should have some sense in him for not taking advantage of your situation.

Watching the video, it seems to me that Jordan’s father isn’t very active in her life.
I don’t remember any mention of him in the entire video.

Sweetie, I am in world where my father left when I was little. And trust me when I say, men will try and take advantage of that.

Most people would go, “Oh my, I’m so sorry.”
Then there are some who would go on to take this as a weak link for them to break.

I’ve had similar experiences, Jordan. Only difference?
I knew enough to cut off the jerks before they advanced any further.

2. So the whole basis of your relationship is merely because, “WE LOVE EACH OTHER!!”??


Anyone who has been in relationship(s) long enough will know that – love is not the only thing that goes in a long-term relationship.

There are heaps of other things involved!

Love is a great foundation for things, but it is not everything.

Then again, I guess it is enough for Jordan Powers – because at that age, you think it is all that matters.

Watch the video and you can tell oh-so-clearly that Jordan Powers is still like a child!
Just look at her body language!

Anyhow, Hooker is old enough to know that “love” isn’t enough. But it is enough for young Jordan to open herself entirely for his sexual desires.

3. Looking at that Hooker dude, I doubt he loves her.

Though I do think he genuinely loves her willingness to open up her young pussy – to put it crudely.

Just look at the way he looks at her! It screams, “I cannot wait to go home, console her & screw her on the basis of making love.”

When you hear Hooker speak about how love is enough – there was more than just his words going on at that time.

I believe that everyone shouldn’t just listen to what someone has to say, but also how they say it… their body language etc. Those actually contribute more than the mere words.

Dr Phil is right – Hooker is being downright selfish.

Listen, dude. If you love someone, you’d desire for the best for someone – even if it doesn’t involve you!!

When you desire for them to desire you, that’s just loving yourself.

Hooker is obviously using Powers as a tool to satisfy his needs.

Doesn’t even Jordan think for a moment on why he took her back home immediately when she turned 18 (legally old enough to have sex)? I mean, if he really simply loves her… then why wait till she is 18?

If he really loved her, why not just continue loving her without touching her – just to prove that he respected her enough for it?

Guess why not? Because he never loved her in the first place.

Powers should really put aside this “Omg, we are like, SOOO in love! Why can’t everyone just accept it??” mindset and think about the practicality here.

a. If you’re talking like this – expect it to be a short-term fling. 
I’ve been there, done that, bought the t-shirt & probably even opened my own shop on it.
The thing there, there are a lot of things that people around you see – that you don’t! Simply because you’re so blinded by all the passion that you usually only see in the movies.

And this “OH-SO-PASSIONATE” love thing? Doesn’t last forever, y’know. You might know, but you won’t really understand till it happens.

b. If it is a mere fling – you’re a shitty whore to ruin a family for it! 

Fling around, I honestly don’t care.

How you satisfy your sexual desires is entirely up to you. I won’t judge!
Do-It-Yourself, Do-It-With-Another, Do-It-With-Many-Others…fine!

Just don’t mess up others for it. Much less a family!

Hooker clearly has no moral compass, and Powers seems to be the same.

He has children! One of which is only a year younger than her. Doesn’t it seem like he’s screwing his own daughter? That is like some degree of incest here, yo!

And a wife!!

c. If he did it to her – he could do it to you. 

True story.

First off, he said that he loves you – which seems to be good enough for you to throw your youth away for him.


But he said he loved her too!

And he said that he chose you – well, honey… HE CHOSE HER TOO!!

That’s why they got married and even had children!!

Same thing – don’t you see the pattern?

He loved her, he chose her, he had sex with her.
Now he claims he loves you, he chooses you & is having sex with you.

How is that any different?

And don’t give the whole, “He said things with his wife isn’t working out!”

Oh puh-lease, little girl. Grow up & smell the flowers. They’re not all that fresh & sweet!

Every man who is looking for a new fish to fry will say that! It is part of their bait.

When they say that, it is to make you feel like they need you… that you are different

Well, a different target to bed, I guess.

Which marriage won’t have it’s problems? If he married her, had children with her & fails to work things out with her – what makes you think he’ll work things out with you?


On this note, I’ll pray for Hooker’s ex-wife & children. Imagine the emotional trauma the family is going through. Especially the daughter who is almost the same age! And the wife. Good gosh.

I believe that when two people enter the sanctity of marriage – you vow to work things out & life through life together. Even if two adults find it absolutely impossible – do as much as possible to leave the children out of it.

They were made out of love (hopefully), don’t bring them up with hate.

What Hooker did was wrong on several counts; for his profession, to his family, to Jordan & her family.

Jordan – you’re really lucky to have a mother who is getting out there to bring you back home.
You might think she doesn’t understand what you’re going through. No one understands what anyone is going through – because we all lead our own lives with our own perceptions.
But at least she understands that you’re young, you’re being taken advantage of and she’s saving her baby.

Hooker – F**k off.

X.O.X.O. Love Love.

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