Product Review – Nail that Polish! (The Face Shop)

Hello, beautiful world 🙂 
Today I’m going to share with you all my current fav in nail polishes
Now friends of mine know that I simply love heading down my the nail parlor and getting my digits pampered & beautified. 
However this all stopped when… I absolutely do not have the time anymore. 😦 
I work about 12 hours a day Monday to Friday. 
So unless I can find a nail parlor that opens till late… I pretty much don’t have anywhere to go. 
And (might sound like a brat here) I simply hate going to nail parlors on weekends, if I can help it. 
The crowd! The nail parlor is usually full of people and everything usually becomes a rush job. And my nails get a higher chance of screwing up within 30 minutes of leaving the parlor – because I didn’t have sufficient time under the dryer. 
So I’ve been on the hunt for some decent, reasonably-priced and good quality nail polishes! 
Trust me – it was.not.easy.
I’m not going to list the brands which I tried and were disappointed in… 
I’m just going to share what I love right now. 🙂 
I’m just nice like that. 
…and extremely modest too, no? 😀 
So this is actually one brand which I used to hate using last time! *grin* 
However some friends told me they seemed to have changed or something… 
This brand is none other than – The Face Shop! 
Reigning from Korea (everyone suddenly has faith in it’s beautifying abilities), it was one of the pioneer brands to emerge in Singapore – if my rusty-memory recalls right. 
The shop had an older range of nail polishes – which were the ones I absolutely disliked using! 
Bought about 5 bottles because they were cheap, totally regretted since. 
However now… *eyes sparkle* 
It is like the love-of-your-life who used to be a jerk suddenly becomes a good guy… Okay, awful illustration. -.- 
Eh, a convict turning over a new leaf? 
Sheesh. I’m going to stop here. 
So anyhow, you get the point. 
The nail polishes sucked. 
After years, I decided to give it another shot. 
Only simply because I happened to be in the shop and they had a sale. And I faintly recalled in my head that a friend recommended them.
So here are my little babies! …along with their colour-coding! 
The Face Shop Nail Polishes
I must say, it was utterly and pleasantly surprised when I used them! 
Probably because my expectations were honestly quite low to begin with… 
Anyhow, here’s why I love them:
  • Colours are fairly opaque!

They were not skimpy like some of the others I tried. Even on the first coat, it was rather thick already! :))

Albeit PP405 wasn’t as opaque as the rest… this one really needed 2 coats. 
  • Still as cheap!

Going at $2.90 a bottle! For what you’re getting – I think it’s an awesome buy!

  • Easy to apply!

I don’t know if it is because my skills got better… but the application was quite smooth for me. 🙂 It was hardly chalky and clumpy.

So let me introduce my ultimate favourite of my nail polish stash right now! 
The Face Shop Nail Polish – Wide Nails 

This one is more expensive than the ones on top.

Going for almost $10 a bottle – but well-worth it!

  • The brush is in a wide fan pattern

Explains the name.

This allows for a much smoother, cleaner and faster application your nails.

I swear, getting those corners near your flesh can be suchabitch sometimes! However when I used this – it was really quite amazing!

  • Smoother than the range on top!

I was already pretty happy with the smoothness offered by the $2.90 bottles… but this one was even better!

  • Dries crazy fast!

Okay, it is not an instant dry or anything… but I watched a 15-minute video and it was pretty much set! And no dent marks or whatever when I carried on my usual activities for the day! 😀 Like, wow!

So, Nail Polishes of The Face Shop – I officially don’t dislike you anymore! *grin*

I’ll end this post with something funny.

Y’see there’s this brand of nail polish called Orly.

Orly Nail Polish
So girls like me would Google this.

Mainly looking for the shades and whatever…

Then our screens get bombarded with this!!


Burst out laughing like crazy in the office when Lily asked me to check it out. 😀


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