Having an Ulcer in the Throat

This ulcer didn’t just grow in the usual regions… 

This 3mm asshole had to grow in my throat

I started feeling a little bit of discomfort in the throat – so I did my usual; downed about 1L of juice a day, while I type away like the hard-worker I am in the office. 

Then, it didn’t go away… In fact, it got worse

One day during lunch, I ditched the idea of heading to the gym (glances guiltily at my waistline) and made a beeline to my favourite clinic near the office. 

“Need an MC?” the doctor asked sweetly. 

“Naah, I’m good. I just need the meds and I’ll still be a happy worker!” I said dumbly

Because as the day went by… my throat just got worse. The doctor gave me some anti-inflammatory medicine; but somehow it made even breathing hard! 

Every breath I took came along with a piercing pain in my throat – it was like having a bigass fish bone lodged in my throat the whole time! 

I felt so awful, I could hardly speak without being in pain. So needless to say, I had to cancel teaching that night.  

The next morning, I called in sick and went for a 2nd opinion. 

Doctor: Ah, yes… It has grown to a nice 3mm! 

Me: Thanks. I hope it grows up to be healthy and strong. 

Doctor: Bad news is, you cannot put any medication down there. 

Me: Goodness, no. I’m not cut out for bulimic kind of stuff. 

Doctor: Good news is, you have an excuse to not talk too much. 

Me: *looks away defiantly* 

Doctor: Anti-inflammatory is hardly enough. I’ll have you on antibiotics. 

Me: *nods my head* 

Doctor: Good girl. 

Bah. Doctors.  

So I basically went about my entire day with sign language, it was relatively amusing. 

What I tried to say: I’m hungry. (Rubbing my tummy and frowning)

“Omg!! You’re pregnant?!” 

What I tried to say: I’m hungry. (Part II) (Opened my mouth and pretended to be putting something inside)

“No, babe. Not a good time to be giving a blowjob.” 

What I tried to say: I need to take my medicine. (Opened my mouth and pretended to be putting small things inside)

“What? Indian language of eating? No, no! Popping tic tacs?” 

What I tried to say: I’m bored not working. (Let out a sigh, did a cross sign and wriggled my fingers like typing on a keyboard)

“You are sighing because there is no piano…? You stopped playing the piano for eons now!” 

What I tried to say: Nothing, really… I was just stoning. 

“Omg, you’re high on drugs!” 

So, all in all – I am so happy to have my voice back again!! 
It was still painful to speak for a bit… but I tolerated the pain. 

Because sometimes listening to what people interpret from my actions just becomes even more painful… *sob*
And of course singing a birthday song for a special person. 🙂 Worth the pain. 


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